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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

yummys for everyone

The Christmas season is always full of hustle and bustle at our house.  Naturally, it can get extremely busy for me, and for the most part I embrace it.  I love the excitement in the air, the planning and thinking about gifts for my family and friends, the decorating, the Christmas cards, the parties, and so on.

The one thing that seems to grow each your though, is the number of goodies that need to be handed out to teachers, bus drivers, friends, neighbors and ward members.

The more friends my kids make, the more engrained we become in the community and the ward, and the more people we get to know, the more names are added on the Christmas goodie list.

Each year, I try to find something that I can make a ton of, and that is fast and easy.  Each year it gets harder and harder to do.

This year we decided to go candy sleighs for the all of the boys friends (21 total),

the sleighs were a HUGE hit, and they were really fun and easy for the boys to make.  Pretty sure this treat will be a keeper for next year.

and caramel, chocolate dipped pretzels for everyone else (about 250 total).

Believe it or not, after making 250 of these pretzels, we still fell about 10 families short!    I love that this means that we are making more and more friends, but holy crap, I was totally pretzeled out by the time all was said and done. 

Guess I need to try to find something else for next year.

I did have the two cutest delivery boys every though.  William and Luke loved delivering the goodies to our neighbors and friends.  They laughed their heads off and grinned the whole time. 
And lets be honest....who wouldn't want some yummy pretzels delivered to you by Batman and a grinning boy in  snow boots and shorts!

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