My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, March 31, 2013

easter happenings

Heber Valley Easter Egg Hunt....seriously amazing!  Kids got more candy than Halloween in about 3 seconds.

Dying the Easter eggs. 

Our Easter photo shoot attempts.  Hey, we did the best we could.

Monday, March 25, 2013

house pictures

Here are some pictures of the house.  I took them after we put blue tape on all of the places that
needed touch up paint, so there is blue tape in some of the pictures.  I also didn't post any picts. of the master bedroom, the boys bedroom, or the guest room.  I just didn't have time to take all of them.
It was an exciting, exhausting, awesome, stressful, and very busy week with the move. We are finally almost all the way moved in, and every morning I wake up feels like Christmas!  I walk out of our room and see our home and just grin.  It really is a dream come true!

family room


view from upstairs

kids upstairs bath

Master Bath

view from our back window

part of Mary's room

loft...the kids room, guest room,  and bathroom surround the loft

kitchen cabnets


laundry room
LOVE the red door


Tuesday, March 19, 2013


At 2:00pm tomorrow, this house will officially be ours.  We have the moving crew all lined up, a few boxes packed, and ants in our pants.

I honestly can't remember being so excited for something as an adult.  My wedding day is the closest I can compare it to.  The past few times we have been to the house, I end up tearing up out of gratitude and happiness.  I have literally had butterflies in my stomach and have gotten the chills just thinking about our home the past few weeks. I smile every single time it is on my mind.

This is our home.  We designed it, we picked the location, we were led to this place, and it already feels like "us." 

It is finally here....we are home.

sew much fun

This past weekend, I had a much anticipated for weekend with my family.  The purpose of the weekend was to sew a bunch of pillows and cushions with my mom.  And boy did we ever create!

It was an absolute blast.

I brought Mary and Luke with me, in order to ease the load on Ben, and because I knew Mary would have a great time.

We drove to Pocatello Friday morning, and as soon as we got there, we picked up my mom and headed to Idaho Falls where we shopped and shopped and shopped.  It was so much fun!

I literally got butterflies in my stomach when we finally found the fabric for the couch cushions, that I fell in love with.  My mom is a genius when it comes to matching colors and patterns, and she put together the cutest things.  I found myself grinning from ear to ear, and suppressing the urge to squeal several times.

We also went to Target and found some really fun stuff there too.  Mary picked out some crazy sunglasses, and promised that she would actually wear them....and she does.  Crazy girl!

At Target, we met up with my sister Kelsey and had a little snack. 
We then headed off to Red Robin where we met up with my brother Devin and his wife and son.  We celebrated Devin's Birthday, and had fun eating too many sweet potato fries and catching up on life.

After Red Robin, we drove to Rexburg to watch my sister play in a basketball game at BYU-Idaho.  Mary got totally into the game, and was literally biting her nails when it got close at one point.  It was hilarious.  It is always fun watching Kelsey play basketball, and we had a lot of fun cheering her on.
We are still trying to figure out how she was able to play such a fast paced game with a stomach full of Red Robin.

After the game, we drove around Rexburg for a while, and I told Mary stories of my time there.  I showed her where Ben and I had our first kiss and where we met for the first time.  It was pretty crazy being there and explaining to my daughter all of the things that feel like they happened just yesterday.

We went to Kelsey's apartment and she showed us all of her nursing stuff.  The poor kid is studying like crazy, but she is doing really well.

We then drove back to Pocatello and finally got to bed around 1:00am.  Whew!

The next day we went to more stores to get some more fabric and stuffing.  We may have gone to some clothing stores along the way.  :)

And then it was time to sew!  It was so much fun putting this and that together, adding a thing here and there, and brainstorming all sorts of ideas.  I got all excited over each one.
Mary and Luke were good sports, and Mary is an awesome button sorter.

My mom did the majority of the work, because I was ping ponging back and forth between kids and sewing.

We watched movie and movie, and I had to do a midnight formula run to Walmart, where I almost was held for shoplifting, but that is another post for another time.  :)   I finally caved in and went to bed at 2:00am.  When I went to bed, we had the pillows for the bench in the hallway all done, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
When I woke up the next morning around 7:00, I found my mom sitting in the same spot, wearing the same clothes, and with the same show on, sewing away.  She had not gone to bed!!!!  And she had all of the couch pillows done! To say I am in love with them would be an understatement. 

\ One of the pillows has little flowers on it that my great grandmother, and my grandmother made.  With my mom, me and Mary also working on it, it is a 5 generation pillow.  VERY COOL!
We finally finished everything Sunday afternoon, and I headed back to Heber with a car full of treasures and a very happy heart. What an awesome weekend, and amazing memories made that I will cherish forever. Every time I will look at the couch in our living room, I will always remember this fun weekend with my mom.
I can't wait to put everything in our house when we move in...TOMORROW!