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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, March 29, 2010

Woah Momma

Lots of things are going on around here lately. Most of them were unexpected or last minute, but either way, it has been quite the past few weeks to say the least.

Both kids have gone from this...

To this.

In a matter of minutes.

Sam got it first. He was playing around one night, being silly and laughing. He was in a great mood. He was making his way up the stairs, laughing at something, and he just stopped in the middle of the stairs, grabbed his head and started sobbing. He cried and cried and cried. It scared Ben and I to death. He ended up with a fever hovering between 102-103 for the next two days. We had NO idea what could be wrong. Then he started saying that his teeth hurt. We figured he must be getting some random molars or something, so we fed him lots of medicine, Jello, pudding and yogurt for the next three days. We also had a lot of snuggle and movie time. Aside from lots of diarrhea a bloody noses, he seems o.k. now.

Mary was in the middle of gymnastics class on Monday and just started crying. She came up to me and her body was on fire. By the time we got home she was close to 104 and was starting to get delirious. The next two days we alternated motrin and tylenol and could barely get her down to 102, if we were lucky. Mary and I got 3 hours of sleep in 2 and 1/2 days. I spent an entire night kneeling on the floor next to Mary holding a wet cloth on her forehead, giving her medicine and calming her down from one nightmare and hallucination after the next. I cried right along with her. It was horrible!!!! Yesterday Mary said she couldn't swallow and then started bawling every time she swallowed. I took a look in her throat. AAAGGGHHH!!!
We took her to the doctor where they swabbed her throat and came back with a positive strep test. No surprise there.
The doctor was probably 80 years old and he spent literally 5 minutes just filling out the prescription for her. He made each and every letter perfect. I was about to rip my hair out. The whole visit was over an hour long, and we were the only patients there!
He moved slower than mud. By the time we got out of there and made it to Walgreens, they looked at the prescription and informed us that the medicine he prescribed was taken off the market 10 years ago!!!
We spent the next 45 minutes at Walgreens with them on the phone with the doctor getting her a new prescription. The new prescription was penecillin, which Mary is allergic to, so it was back on the phone again. gggrrrrr
Mary just lay there in my arms and whimpered the entire time. It was awful.

Mary is still incredibly sick, and it is breaking my heart, but at least we have something to help her now. The trick is getting her to take it. I am not kidding. She HATES medicine with a passion, and it takes her almost 40 minutes to get 1 1/2 tsp. of medicine in her. It is a constant battle and it is exhausting to say the least.
I have tried pill form (in a piece of candy), I have tried a syringe, I have tried putting it in Jello, we have forced it down her throat, I tried bribing, I have tried it all. Nothing works.
The prescription tastes terrible and it took us over an hour to get it in her last night. Mary was sobbing and exhausted by the time she took the last sip. I could hardly stand to watch such a sick kid be so miserable. And I HATED being the one to make her keep drinking the nasty stuff. She even had nightmares about taking medicine last night. I went to bed crying, feeling like the wicked witch and feeling so frustrated, I just wanted to scream. Mary finally slept through the night, right next to me. Thank Heavens.

I have since looked in Sam's throat. It is really red, but it does not look like it has or had pus pockets all over it. I really hope he didn't have strep too and we just missed it. I would feel terrible.

Next item of business.....the Ultrasound.

I had my ultrasound yesterday. The one the doctor prescribed without telling me why it was so "necessary." I have been pretty nervous for this.
The only thing the ultrasound tech commented on were his cheeks. My little guy has some massive cheeks!
Mary and Sam both had enormous cheeks and I have really been hoping that this little guy would follow the same path. I am pretty excited.
The pictures are hilarious. There is this cute little face and then these extra large circles protruding out either side of his face. It is ADORABLE!!! I am in love.
The wait for my actual appointment seemed to take forever. It was only 4 hours, but it felt like forever.
When I finally got in to see the doc, he said the same thing. He walked in the room chuckling and then proceeded to tell me that our baby has some serious cheeks on that face of his.
I then learned the reason for the ultrasound.

I guess I have lost 7 lbs since I have been in the 3rd trimester. When they weighed me yesterday, I had lost 4 since my last visit. I had no clue! I don't pay attention when they weigh me. Who wants to see the scale when you are carrying a bowling ball in your tummy...not me. Believe me, I feel plenty big.
The doctor was worried that the baby had stopped growing.
No worries there, my little guy is pushing 4 pounds already! He is just dandy. One lb. of which (according to the ultrasound tech) has got to be his cheeks.

I am measuring fine and the baby is fine. We aren't sure why I am losing weight.
I do work out several times a week, but I am careful. I stay within normal pregnancy guidelines. The doctor said I am o.k. to continue my workout program.
I was just told to eat when I get hungry.
Again, no problem there. I already do that.
My gallbladder is most likely the reason for the weight loss, and there isn't much we can do about that at this point.
So..all is well. Baby is fine, I am fine, and I got to see our precious little guy again. It was great.

Our ward boundaries were changed this past Sunday. Every ward in the Stake was effected. Our family was not effected, but some friends in our ward were. Change is bitter sweet.

Next up...
We found out Monday that Ben has a business trip in Utah this week. We decided (before Mary got sick) to make a family trip out of it. After she got sick, I have been very back and forth on whether or not we should all go, or if Ben should just fly. We are SOOOOO ready for some sort of trip/break though. I decided to bite the bullet and do it. It will be fun once we get there. It is just the getting there part that is so hard for us mommas. It is a lot of work to get the whole family packed and out the door, especially when all time and energy has been spent with sick kids, and when the husband has to work up until the last few minutes before it is time to go.

We plan on doing some fun things in between work meetings, and it really does sound like a lot of fun.
We will also be able to see my family! We didn't decide on this until yesterday. We will get to see my sister participate in the Jr. Miss pageant, we will celebrate my dads Birthday, we will see my newly engaged brother, and we will also be able to spend Easter morning with my family, before we head back home. I am so excited for this added detail to our trip!
We are actually leaving today. Yup, today.
Like I said...this is a very last minute trip.
And here I sit blogging, when I haven't even begun packing. The laundry is not done. The house is a mess. The kids need a bath, and I need to go shopping. All before 4:00. Boo!
I just want to go to sleep and wake up in Utah tonight. Where are you fairy godmother????
I am excited though, and I can't wait to see my kids healthy and happy and enjoying some of the things we have planned.

Before Mary got sick, she nailed 5 solid cartwheels on the olympic size high beam in gymnastics the other day. It was awesome! She has since done them at every class. She and her coaches are pretty excited.

Last, but not least.
A good friend of mine (who already offered to make a carseat cover for me, and who watched Sam yesterday while I went to the doctor) approached me on Sunday and offered to do a baby shower for me (some weekend in April). This girl is incredibly selfless and so ready to serve.
It took me off guard for a second, because I hadn't planned on having a shower, but for whatever reason, it really touched me. It has given me something to look forward to and it is the perfect reason to get together with my friends. I feel like I haven't hung out with them in forever, and I really miss them a lot. It meant so much to me that she thought to do that for me. So, thank you Adri. You made my day.

So there you have it. Maynard moments for the past few weeks. I really better start doing something productive. Peace out.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Off Week

Just in case anyone out there has forgotten that this blog is the real story of our lives. Here is a post to prove it. Here is some realness for you.

Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones.

Or maybe my iron dropped way too far.

Maybe it is the anticipation of a LOT of things coming up. Some good (Easter, tax return, and more sun in the forecast), some scary (ultrasound that doc. says is absolutely necessary, but wouldn't elaborate on), some unknown (for a later post and a later time), that bring on the feeling of "hurry up and wait." Drives me crazy!

Maybe it is the weather...gray, kind of sunny, windy, gray, gray, windy, partly sunny, gray, gray....

Maybe it is the homesickness. My brother got engaged last weekend and my sister is participating it the Jr.Miss pageant this coming weekend. 4 members of my family are also celebrating Birthdays. I feel like I am missing out and missing them.

Maybe it is me feeling like a slug, or Sam being sick with the "mystery fever" that kept us inside too much.

Maybe it is not being able to see my friends, or just hang with the girls in WAY too long. We have been invited to things, which I am grateful for, but the timing was just off. Rats!

Maybe it is the third trimester blues. Again...hurry up and wait.
(p.s. can anyone out there give me the pattern for a carseat cover thingy, I might get brave and try to make one.)

Or maybe..I just need a break from something that I don't realize I need a break from.

Whatever the case, this week has not been the best of weeks. Nothing happened to make it horrible, and nothing happened to make it great either. I just struggled a lot to stay above the water this week. I am grateful to see it come to an end.

Here's to a better tomorrow.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mary's Room

Mary's room has been fun. It has taken me a while to keep one solid idea in my head though. There are so many cute ways to make a girl's room, well, cute. I have been trying to find things, for both rooms, that won't have to be drastically changed as the kids grow older, but that can still be fun for the kids. I finally settled on one idea, and it stuck for a while, so I went for it. I am loving how it is turning out.


This isn't the best before shot, because it only gets one angle of the room. I am not sure why I didn't get any more picts. Probably because I forgot. I am in the forgetting phase of pregnancy for sure. I completely forgot our R.S. Women's Conference. Completely Forgot St. Patricks Day until it was 1/2 over. (that is a big deal, because I NEVER forget a holiday), I totally forgot my chiropractor appointment, and so on. I have to write everything down now...everything.

O.K. back to the room.

Mary's furniture is in excellent condition and it is adorable just the way it is, so I didn't have any desire to paint it. The changes to her room are all basically a change in the decor and the bedding. The paint job will be the biggest thing, but that will have to wait until I can paint.

The colors for her room are a pale pink and black with hot pink accents. The theme is "pretty lady in Paris."

First thing I did was fix her constantly messy "diva corner."
We went from this.

To This.

I changed the "table cloth" to a solid color, so it wasn't so busy.
We got a new mirror and a new little plate to hold her diamonds and "pretty things."
The jewelry box fits the room style perfectly, and there are a few more matching accessories that will be coming soon.
I would love to get her a really cute and classic vanity table and chair, but they are so dang expensive! I am keeping my eye out though.

This is on the wall right above the mirror.

My sister in law has a vinyl we do some trading every once in a while. It is great.

Next came the bed. Her old bed set was pretty cute, but it was stained with make-up and markers, and a pair of scissors were also taken to it a few times. It is now providing a lot of comfort and warmth for the dog out in his house.
The bed went from pink, green, and turquoise hearts and stripes to this.

I absolutely love this bed spread. Mary found it and picked it out. I was impressed. It is adorable and matches so well. It is also reversible and easy to wash. SCORE!

Next came the cluttered corner where all of her dolls, ponies and "things" are kept.
There wasn't a ton I could do for this, but I did my best.
We went from this.

To this.

We painted this little stand.

Then we put stuff back on it. I am still looking for a container to replace the orange and pink one on the stand.

Then we found some baskets like this.

The other basket is circular and so cute! I will get a picture of it later. The fabric on the lid is twill. They go together perfectly.

Then it was time to clear off the dresser. The dresser had a bunch of multi-colored gerbera(spelling) daisies on it, a memory box, and some pictures. It was cute, but kind of messy looking. We changed it to this.

Then it was on to the night stand. Same story. Cute stuff on it, but nothing really went together. I had to put a black pillow in the background so the picture would show up. The window kept ruining the picture. Oh well.

That lamp is in it's last moments. I am still on the lookout for the perfect lamp for her room. I found a few that I like, but we are awaiting Mary's final approval. They are very cute and fun lamps.
The picture frame on her night stand is actually what inspired Mary's entire room. I saw it in the store and the ideas started flowing.

Then came some wall accessories. She had cute stuff on the walls before, but again, it just didn't really pull together. So, here is what we have.

Mary has this pink one in her room

And Sam has this red one in his room.

Thanks mom.

I am keeping her walls simple...just like in the boy's room, because once I can, I will paint, and I have some fun painting ideas. Once the paint is on the wall, we won't need much decor. I do like what we have though.

So here is the final of now. There are still some things I am working on, but so far, here it is. Mary loves it, and so do I. It has been a lot of fun!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Behold The Power Of...

Grape Crush.

I was in the store the other day, standing at the check out counter, when an unseen force began pulling my eyes toward the soda machine. I NEVER buy soda unless I am sick. I glanced over at the soda machine and there it was.

A big, cold, purple, gleaming bottle of grape Crush. For whatever reason unknown to me, I HAD to buy I did.

On the way home, the sun was blistfully shining, the song on the radio was upbeat and fun, and I took my first gulp of the lushious purple liquid.

I was immediately zapped back to being 10 years old. I was standing at the 25 cent soda machine with my siblings and my dad. I was pushing the button for the grape soda, and I was excited. I loved trips to the quarter soda machines with my dad...always with my dad. It was our Saturday afternoon break, after doing yard work all morning. Fond memories.

Then was thrown back to being 8 years old. I was riding my bike down the street with my brothers. We all had a bag full of goodies from our trip to the "corner store." In my bag, I also had grape soda. We would stop on a big grassy field, pull out the candy, drink the soda, and think we were the kings of the world.

Next I was thrown to the smell of sawdust and fresh cement. I could hear the saws roaring and the nail guns blasting. I was standing in the wood frame of what is now the house I basically grew up in. It was time for a break and we were all sitting on the wood piles, eating lunch and of course, drinking soda...mine was grape. Once again, the soda was provided by dad. Love it.

Soon, I was blasted back to being 7 yrs old. I was sitting in the fort I had spent the last week building with my siblings. We were out in the pasture on a warm summer afternoon. We just pulled some "pop" out of the freezer in the garage. Some had orange, some had Rootbeer, I had grape Shasta. We loved our fort. We loved every fort we ever made.

Next thing I knew, I was out of the softball field. I was 11 yrs old. It smelled like hot dogs and popcorn. I had on my hot pink hat, my team shirt, and of course, hot pink shorts. So cool.
We had just finished the game, and the "treat mom" brought soda. I picked grape, and snagged a few more for my brothers.

The memories didn't stop there, and they are still coming!

By the time I made it back to reality, I was grinning from ear to ear. What a trip!

I quit drinking "pop" when I was young. I just stopped liking the fizzy feeling and the sugar buzz. I can't even remember the last time I had anything other than a Coke (to stay awake while driving, or to help with morning sickness). This was quite the moment for me, and it was great!

It made the gorgeous, sunny and beautiful day spent outside, that much better! I was a kid again!

I still have 1/2 the bottle in the fridge and I am taking my time with it...releshing in the memories each drink brings.

Some things are just to classic to totally give up.

Bikes, Splinters and My Cool Husband

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! To be honest, I completely forgot about it until about 2 seconds ago. Thank you pregnancy hormones once again..if it is not written down, I don't remember it. True story. I am not even wearing green! Yikes. I will go change after I post this. I hate getting pinched. There is something so wrong with that weird tradition. I better hurry and throw together a green dinner as well. ;) That is the fun part! The kids will love it, and it will spice up the night.

A few events occurred yesterday, but none of them have to do with each other. They were all worth documenting though, so here goes some randomness.


Around 11:00am yesterday morning, I got a phone call from the parent who was teaching preschool that morning. Mary had gotten hurt. Mary does not cry from pain very often at all, so the tears I heard in the background told me that she really was in pain.

I got to the house, and Mary's tear stained and dirt streaked face told it all. She was cradling her hand with her other hand.
She told me that she had "a few slivers" that "hurt really bad, but I didn't need to see them or touch them." hhhmmmmm

When we got home, I pried her hand open, which caused some loud screams from Mary, and I literally gasped. Mary had 8 HUGE splinters embedded deep down into her hand and fingers. Everything was all swollen, and it was a mess. None of the splinters were going to be easy to get to. They were all big and deep down in the skin.

We soaked her hand in water, I got out the needle and tweezers and the next hour and 1/2 were some of the worst moments of both of our lives. Yes folks, it literally took 90 solid minutes to get them all out. It was TERRIBLE!

(Someday I will have a really cool camera that actually takes a picture of what I am trying to take a picture of. For now, hang in there as I continue to post one blurry, bad picture after the next. In case you can't tell, this is Mary's hand a while after the slivers were out. The picture doesn't really show it, but there are 10 cuts and a few bruises all over her hand. It is also still pretty swollen.)

Back to the story:
Mary tried so hard to be tough, but I could tell is was absolutely killing her. She sobbed the entire time. I HATED being the one who was digging, pinching, poking, squeezing and causing even more pain, but the splinters had to come out. They were really big and already getting pussy. I comforted her in every way I could think of, and we had a lot of breaks so she could relax for a few minutes and soak her hand before we moved on to the next splinter.

So, 8 splinters (actually 10, the lady at preschool got two out before I got there) and an hour and 1/2 later, Mary's hand was a swollen, bloody, pussy mess, but she was happily looking at the lipstick at Walmart picking out her "prize" for being so tough. I was drained and feeling terrible for causing my little girl so much pain for so long, but the job was done. I hope to never repeat the process again.

Her hand still looks nasty today, but at least the swelling is down and she can wiggle her fingers again. She is one tough little girl.

We decided that since Sam is now riding his bike pretty fast and far, it was time for him to get a bike helmet. His helmet came with some extra padding for his elbows and knees. Sam LOVES it, and I love watching him run around in it. His favorite thing to do now, is to get the bike going down the hill as fast as he can, and then slam on the brakes. This has provided for hours of laughter and fun. Too cute! I think we have been outside more than we have been inside for the past few days. Fine with me!

I just wanted to show how cool my husband is. I sure love this guy. He rocks!

First attempt...I accidentally took the picture too soon.

The real thing.
I dare you to try is incredibly hard to do, but so cool!

Monday, March 15, 2010

He Rides!

The other day we were in the bike shop getting Ben's bike looked at. Mary was zooming all over the store on all of the different bikes. She was having a great time!

I saw Saw reaching for a bike, so I got a tricycle down for him, watched him take off on it, and then went back to where Ben was.

A few minutes later I heard Mary and Sam laughing. They sounded like they were having the time of their lives.

I glanced over at them, and here came Mary zooming around the corner looking behind her calling for Sam. A few seconds later, Sam came zooming by....on a big bike with training wheels!

We had no idea Sam could ride a bike like that. We haven't even tried to put him on one. And there he was, acting like he had been doing it for years.

The grin on his little face was priceless. There was so much joy just seeping out of his little boy body. It was a moment I won't forget. There is something so special about watching your child experience pure and overwhelming joy.

When we got home, we got out Mary's little bike, and put the training wheels on it. The rest is history. We have one coordinated little boy on our hands.

We have been outside EVERY DAY, rain or shine, snow or sun, wind or calm. Mary and Sam are in bike heaven.

Sam is using Mary's old bike for now, but sooner or later, he will get a "boy" bike of his own. He doesn't seem to notice that it is purple. He could care less. All he cares about right now is speed, slamming on the brakes, and the rush of flying down the hill.

Sometimes I think we let Sam's sweet, shy and soft personality trick us into thinking he will just want to sit inside and cuddle all day. Nope...this sweet little guy LOVES adventure, playing rough, jumping off high things and you guessed it, riding a big bike.

Sam has the best of both worlds. I love my little guy.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The New Do

Today was a GORGEOUS day, and we made sure to soak it all in. We worked out first thing, then rushed off to the St. Patty's Day Parade (which was really cool), then came home and let the kids ride bikes (Sam is now on a big coming soon...way too cute), then we bought some skirts for me to wear to church (literally nothing fits right now, but I found some cute stuff) and somewhere in between all of that, we went to get Ben's hair cut. Yeah, yeah, why don't I just do it myself, yadda yadda yadda. But, if you could have seen what I did to his hair the last time I tried to cut it, you would understand. Not good, nope, not good at all.

While we were there, I was looking at Mary's hair.
Mary was blessed with Ben's thick, gorgeous, fast-growing, blonde hair.
Her hair is absolutely stunning...when she lets me do it. And that is the problem.
She has a very tender head, and just bruising it every day is a constant battle.
Curling her hair is almost out of the question. But when I do curl her hair, it is so unbelievable. It is gorgeous! Truly, she has some great hair.
Lately though, it has been all stringy looking and it has been bugging her. She has been asking to get it cut. I tried to trim it the other week, and it did help, but it still just looked so flat and stringy.

While sitting there in the salon, waiting for Ben, I browsed through a hair book (wishing that I had Ben's fast growing hair, so I could FINALLY get my dang mullet cut fixed) and found a very cute little Bob hair cut that would be perfect for Mary. What do you know, but two seconds later, Mary pointed to it and said, "That's how I want my hair! Then it won't get in my face, it won't get stuck in my bike helmet, and it won't get tangles in it."

After a few hours of thinking about it, Ben and I both said, "why not," and we took off for the hair salon.

Before (this is after being brushed)


We like our hair lady. She is so nice and she does a good job. Mary thought it was so cool to finally be the one in the chair. She has watched Sam and Ben so many times, and now it was her turn. She was pretty happy!


Yes, it looks lop-sided, but I think it is because I didn't get that part curled right. I am pretty sure I missed a chunk. If it continues to look that way, we will go back and get it fixed. The good thing though is that Mary likes the round brush/blow dryer, WAY more than the curling iron, and it is much faster! Hooray!
And of course, she can't keep her hands out of her hair. She LOVES it! I think she looks adorable.

She really likes her new hair style, but I took these pictures VERY late at night (for a 5 yr, old) and she was beyond exhausted. She did try to smile though. She was asleep about 3 minutes after I took the pictures.

Before Church

After looking at her hair, I am tempted to take her back in and get it layered in the back a little more. Almost like an A-line, but not super short. I like her hair cut now, and so does she, but maybe a few more layers up the back would give it even more body.
What do you think???

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Boy's Room

Once the bug got in me, and the ideas started flowing like crazy, I decided it was time to go at it, and let my ideas for our home become a reality. One step at a time, of course. Some ideas will take years, some will take days or weeks, and some will take a few minutes. Come what may, I am having so much fun doing it all. It will be a life-long hobby, and a fun one at that.

I started with Sam's room. Since we are having a boy, and his room has more open space than Mary's, we decided to put the baby in Sam's room. I have been so excited about having "the boy's" room.

Here is the look I am going for. Deep/brick red (not bright red), black, and a few dark green accents here and there. The theme is rustic/things on wheels.

The first thing I did was clear out some stuff (with the help of Ben).
Like this.

Which is now in the basement until we need it later on.

Then I cleaned out the closet, which was no small task.

Now 1/2 of it is organized and fits all of Sam's clothes and shoes perfectly.

The other 1/2 has empty hangers waiting for some cute little boy clothes to occupy them (but that will be another project in and of itself). And of course, the adorable white blessing outfit is there, which Sam wore and the baby will wear when he is blessed. Oh yeah, and there are some Halloween costumes hanging in the corner. ;)
I need to start going through Sam's baby clothes pretty soon here, but that is for another day.

Despite what the pictures show, there are shelves above where the clothes are hanging. I just didn't get those in the pictures. Those were actually the hardest thing to clean out, because they were so high up.

Once the closet was done, I got down to business.

I can't paint the walls, but that didn't stop me from painting.
I wanted all of the furniture the same color, so I went to the store, came back with a lot of black paint, and went to town.
The painting too me almost a week. I painted the bed, the dresser and the night stand. They each needed three coats of paint. Each thing I painted had to be emptied out, moved, prepped with blankets under them to avoid paint on the carpet..which wasn't completely avoided, and so forth.
It was a big project for this pregnant momma.



oops moments

Yes, that would be the white carpet with black paint on it. No, I haven't been able to get it out. I have tried everything. Rats!

After. Well, after I finished painting everything...but before the furniture was put back in place.

After I painted, I decided to spice up the walls a little. This part is hard, because when I can paint the walls, we won't need much decor on the walls at all. I have some fun paint ideas. So, I just added a thing here and a thing there. It looks plain now, but in the future, it will fit perfectly.
I cannot tell you how many trips I have made to Hobby Lobby and Target.
Here is some of the wall decor. Sorry our camera is not the best, and neither is the photographer, but you get the idea.

Next came a few things for the dresser and night stand. I LOVE this lamp. The picture is terrible, sorry. It is a fire hydrant, a fireman hose, and a few other things. So cool! Sam loves it!

Those are Sam's actual boots that I will never be able to throw away. The truck and the tractor are really cool antique/rustic looking vehicles. Perfect for the room!

Once all of that was in place, I decided that this REALLY needed to go. It didn't match at all! It has been used once, and I am selling the comforter and pillow sham for $25 if anyone wants it. ;)

Finding a brick red bed spread is no small thing. It took me over a month to find this, but it is perfect! Hooray for Bed Bath and Beyond and their amazing clearance sales!

And this is where we are for now. The picture is dark..go me. And it doesn't show the whole room (wall hangings included)...go me. But do you get the idea?

It may not look like much without the walls painted and the curtains that I am imagining, but I can see the whole thing in my head. It will come together piece by piece.

As you can see, it is still a room for a little boy, therefore, there will always be toys on the floor. In fact, at the foot of the bed, there are about 13 trucks, cars, helicopters, ect. It is Sam's "truck stop." There is also a race track on the floor that you can see the corner of...and the ever so popular Batman Cave! Oh yeah, and the laundry basket. But overall, the look I am going for is pulling together.

There is a nice, wide open space next to the dresser, where the crib will go, so there is plenty of room for the baby. We will wait a few more months (wow, actually we are talking a matter of weeks here!) to set that up.

I am very happy with how the room is turning out! It has been so much fun. I still have one major project left to do in the boy's room, but that won't be completed until we are 100% decided on a name for our little guy. I will post that project when I start working on it. It will also be in Mary's room too. It will be great.

So there you have it..or what is done so far. I grin every time I walk in the room, and I feel like I am well on my way to making my ideas a reality.

Next home make-over post....Mary's room! Let me just say....A-dorable!