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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, January 15, 2017

a backpack story

Last year, when Luke started preschool, I found the perfect backpack for him!  It was just his size, and fit his cute little personality.  Who wouldn't love a puppy backpack???  Luke loved his backpack!
first day of preschool last year
Luke loved it so much, that he wanted to use the same backpack this year.

It has all been great and good until last month when Luke got off the bus and said, "I hate my backpack.  It is the worst one.  All of friends say so."

He was completely factual, no anger or frustration.  He just looked at me with his little round puppy dog eyes, and cute little face, and stated the facts.

It broke my heart.

I told him that it didn't matter what is friends said, and that if he liked his backpack, then that's all that mattered. 

Luke dropped the subject, but the very next week, he got off the bus and stated,  "now my backpack is really really REALLY the worst.  All of my friends say so, and even I think so now."

I felt so bad, and pretty upset with his little buddies for saying this to Luke, but I told Luke that he could get a new backpack if it was really that important to him.  After all, I admit, he was outgrowing the puppy backpack.

That evening, I got on and looked up little boy backpacks.  I pulled up spider man, batman, superman, paw patrol, and every little boy backpack I was sure Luke was love.  I then gave him my phone with the backpack pictures on it, and told him to pick one.

He spent FOREVER looking at each and every single backpack.  There were probably 25 of them.  He spent about 45 minutes looking and examining, when he finally said, I don't like those ones mom, I like this one.

He then showed me the backpack he wanted, and I was shocked.  It wasn't paw patrol, or super hero.  It was blue plaid and had about a million pockets.

Luke proudly declared that he had found a police backpack!  He was beaming!

Of course.

I was once again reminded that even after 12 years of mothering, and thinking I know my kids styles, I have absolutely no clue whatsoever.  Awesome.

We ordered the backpack, and it arrived a week earlier than planned. 

When it came, Luke spent the day examining each and every pocket, zipper and button, and named the function for each one.

He proudly wore it to school the next day, and when marched up on the bus, he held it up for everyone to see and said, "I have the bestest backpack now!!"   He proudly marched to his seat and sat down, placing his new backpack happily on his lap.

And that was that.

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