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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

miss mary turns 1-2!!!!

This year's Birthday was a big one for our Mary girl.  She turned 12!!

As always, it is crazy for me when my kids get older, and always a little sad too.

For Mary however, she has always been mature for her age, and I have felt like this Birthday and this age has been a long time coming.  12 is a great age for Mary!!

I think she will absolutely embrace Young Womens and all of the amazing things it has to offer.  She is ready to tackle middle school, and all of the weirdness and awkwardness and tween-ness it has to offer as well.  She is very mature and responsible with her phone, and she seems to chose friends who are fun, outgoing, and most importantly, good kids.  This age just fits her so well, and I am so excited for her and for all of the opportunities this next year has in store for her.

Mary has wanted a ferret for about a year now.  We finally told her that if she paid for some of it, she could get one for her Birthday. She has been saving for almost 6 months, and she did get enough to pay for the cage.

A couple months before her Birthday we began constantly checking websites and petstores for the best deals on ferrets.  They are crazy expensive.  We weren't having much luck finding a great deal, and we finally just resigned to the fact that we would have to use all of Mary's money, all of her Birthday money, and some of our money to make her Birthday wish happen.

About a week before her Birthday, Ben walked in the door with a ferret in his arms!!  He had gone to the pet store to get crickets for our Lizard, Larry, and they had a ferret there that was allergic to wheat, so they were giving it away for free!  Ben just happened to be there right then, and was able to get it!

Mary was so surprised and beyond excited!  It was such a great surprise!

Since Mary got her phone over Thanksgiving, and her ferret a week before her Birthday, she knew that on her actual Birthday, she wouldn't have any more gifts from us.  She was perfectly fine with that.

She did, however, have a big party on her Birthday, and it was a hit!

She invited about 10 friends, and 8 friends were able to make it.  (Bailey Sweat, Jett Cherry, Eden Nielson, Laynee Bonner, Alina, Hadley...and I honestly can't remember the rest) It was a good size group.

We decided to do some fun glow in the dark games.  The first one was hilarious!!  We got a bunch of different gross foods, sour foods, yummy foods, and so on, and put them in plastic cups.  We then put glow sticks around the cups.

We turned all of the lights of, so just the cups were glowing, and the kids had to bounce a ping pong ball.  Whatever cup it landed in, they had to eat what was in it.

The game was hilarious!!
The kids were pretty good sports and ate all sorts of crazy stuff.

They also did glow in the dark bowling with water bottles that had glow stick in them, and a glow in the dark ring toss.

Aside from that, they just hung out, at pizza and grasshopper pie (that turned out amazingly if I say so myself), listened to music, and played around.

I was so impressed with how good the kids were and with how respectful they were of the house.  I am so used to parties with the house full of crazy kids running all over the place.  It gave me hope that we can have a really fun party in our home, with kids that are old enough to keep it fun, but in control.

Mary had a great time, we all did.

She got two of the same purse.  Her friends know her well.

Happiest of Birthdays sweet Mary girl!

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