My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, November 30, 2012


I am going to let you in on a little secret.
We have germs in our house.
  Yup, guess which ones we have. Or maybe I should say, guess which one's we don't have.
Here is the list from the last 5 days:
Mary: pink eye, cough, sore throat (possibly strep)
Mom: laryngitis, yeah I know, weird huh. nasty cold fever chills
Sam: pink eye, cough, fever.
William: croup (was just put on a steriod to try to keep him out of the hospital. His oxygen levels aren't great), strep throat, which will be treated after the steroid is out of his system, Fever, chills, and rash.
Luke: pink eye and infection in his right ear, fever and rash
Dad: awaiting the inevitable, but good so far.
Thank goodness for snuggle time, movies, motrin, tylenol, advil and prescriptions. Few! p.s. anyone out there know why blogger won't let me do paragraphs, bold, or normal pictures?

green gross

Growing up, my mom made this salad dressing, or something. It was actually really good, but in a child's eyes, it was green and therefore gross. The dressing became known as "Green Gross."

As mentioned in a previous post, I am really backing off of sugar and white flour. I also decided to try to drink a really healthy vegie juice once a day. The sugar and flour thing is going well. I am noticing a difference and shedding these last few stubborn pounds. The first few days were rough, as my body (mainly my gallbladder) went bezzerk getting rid of all of the crud stored in there. I had some killer gallbladder attacks, and then I got all cleaned out and went on my way, feeling great.

I have been seriously putting off this whole juicing thing though. The thought of blended up vegies, a green juice, and drinking a lot of it, is just scary to me. But I took the plunge. I bought a bunch of green vegies. Kale (whatever the heck that is, I just heard it is good for you), zuchinni, cucumbers, spinach, brocolli, and green peppers. Go me. I felt special at the check out counter, all healthy and stuff. Oh yeah. Then I brought it all home, I chopped like a mad woman, and then smashed it all in the blender. I decided to add carrots and 1/4 cup of apple juice at the last minute. I guess I was trying to somewhat help the flavor. Or at least give myself some mental help that there was something at least kind of sweet in there. And there it was, my own version of green gross...staring me in the face.
Once it was all blended, I juiced away. I put it all in a paint filter bag (no, I am not the smart one to think of this, my sister in law is, thanks Jessica), and squished and squished and squished until all of the green, runny, non-chunky stuff was in the pitcher. It was weird, but kind of fun.
Mary sat on the counter and watched the whole time. She was completely amused by watching her mother go to great lengths to make a nasty drink. And then it was go time. OK, not really. I totally chickened out. I just put the pitcher in the fridge "to let it chill a little," and walked away. I waited until dinner, and pulled out the green gross. I told Ben that it was great and to have some. And then I watched closely. He didn't flinch at all. He didn't gag, or spit it out, or die. It gave me try it the next day. That day is today. I can proudly say that I drank an entire pitcher of green gross by 10:00 this morning. I tried to plug my nose, but then my ears would pop, so I gave up on that. I just put it in my water bottle, shoved the straw down my throat and gulped away. Sam watched me do this with his little nose wrinkled the whole time.
It actually didn't taste terrible. It tasted just like grass. So I guess, from a cow's perspective, it was amazing. I am not a huge fan of it, but it is something I am going to keep doing for a while. Maybe it is an acquired taste. So, here I sit, with a stomach full of vegies, all healthy-like. Cool huh. Thank you green gross.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

once upon a christmas

Each year, as we are picking out our Christmas tree and decorating it, I can't help but flash back to one particular Christmas.

Ben and I were in school, Mary was almost 2, and I was 7 months pregnant with Sam. We had absolutely no money at all. We had exhausted our student loans on books, tuition, classes and living. Ben was working part time, but that money went toward our car and living expenses. We were getting our food from the Church food bank, and we were purchasing whatever things we absolutely had to get at the DI, or just going without. We were both about to graduate, and move in with my parents as Ben was looking for a job. We knew our situation was not permanent, but it was still very hard, and there wasn't an official end in sight, just a hope for a better future.

It was Christmas time. My absolute favorite time of year. I love everything about the season. The softening of hearts, the desire to give, the love, the magic, the decorations, the music, and so on. My all time favorite thing about Christmas is the Christmas tree. The smell of the tree, the lights glowing in the darkness of the night, spreading magic and cheer into the home, and just the beauty of it. I have fond memories of sneaking down the stairs at night, and snuggling up into a chair that was across from the Christmas tree. I would just sit there looking at the beautiful tree, with the lights and ornaments glowing, and let my heat feel the joy and the excitement of the holiday. I would get lost in the joy of the season and the magic of the tree.

I was really struggling this particular year. We could not afford gifts, which I was ok with. Mary was getting a little toy from Walmart, and then whatever family gave her. Ben and I were just going to enjoy the holiday being together, without gifts. We were going to make the most of it. We also could not afford a Christmas tree. Even if we did find a tree, we would have no money to purchase decorations or lights to put on it. It just wasn't going to happen this year. It was way down of the list of "needs." In fact, it wasn't even on it. I was trying so hard to count our blessings, and to be grateful for what we did have. Becasue we really were blessed, and we wanted to recognize it. I knew that my parents had a tree in their house, and we would be there for Christmas, so that would be the way I could enjoy a tree. Then finally, one day, it all just hit me. It was a very cold evening, we were studying for finals, we were stressed, and I was yearning for some sort of excitement or break from the hard stuff. I looked out the window just as our neighbors were bringing home their Christmas tree. I finally let go, and just cried. I had a little melt down, and I let myself be sad for a little while. I remember looking up at Ben, who was holding me, and saying, "all I want is a Christmas tree. I don't care about the gifts, or the decorations, or anything else. I just really miss having a Christmas tree. I just need something to remind me of the magic of the season. The carefree feelings of my childhood. A reminder that life has wonder and amazement. A symbol of hope."

Just a few short minutes later there was a knock at our door. I wiped my eyes as Ben answered the door. There stood a member of our ward with a big, huge, real, wonderfully smelling Christmas tree! We absolutely could not believe it. Our friend said that his family had been chopping down a tree, and they had the feeling that they should get one for us as well. They asked if we would like a tree. My eyes welled up with tears all over again, and I just smiled. Ben told them they were an answer to a prayer, hugged them, and let them in. The husband brought the tree in, and then his wife followed him in with boxes of lights and decorations for the tree. I could not believe it!

 The tree alone had seemed like more than enough. I thought my heart would burst with joy and thankfulness. This family that brought the tree had just had twins and were in a similar situation as ours. They were our age, in school, and struggling to get by as well. They sacrificed for us and obeyed a feeling in their hearts to help a family they didn't even know was in need.

I will never forget them. Later that evening, in the dark of night, I sat crying once again. I was looking at our beautiful Christmas tree, smelling the evergreen smell that took me back to my childhood memories and the magical moments, and shedding tears of absolute gratitude and humility for a Father in Heaven who heard the plea of his hurting daughter and sent angels her way to make a magical season alive in her heart once more, to remind her that even the simple things matter to God, and to bring her a symbol of hope in a time of need.

The remainder of that month was full of angels coming our way. Envelopes of money were left on our doorsterp more than once, anonymous gifts were sent our way, people stepped in when we needed them most, family surrounded us and helped where they could, and everything ended up ok. I am so grateful for God's angels, especially this time of year. And each year, I hope to pay it forward and be and angel to someone else. Because heaven knows, we all need them.

a magical evening

Last night was magical in our home. 
We turned on the Christmas music, filled up the mugs with hot chocolate, wrapped presents, put lights up, and decorated the Christmas tree.

The smell of the tree, the hot chocolate, the beautiful music and the lights glistening from the windows and tree, warmed our hearts and brought smiles to our faces. Even Luke seemed to catch the spirit of it all.

Because we are in a smaller place for a little while, we had to get really creative with the Christmas decor. We have way more decor than we have room for.  I ended up just handing it to the kids and letting them put it where they thought it should go.  Normally, I have certain places for everything, so it all matches and looks all OCD like.  ;)  The kids would help with some things, but not everything.

I must say that I loved the way we did it this year!  The house is exploding with Christmas decor, and it is all hodge podge and fun.  It feels so much more fun, relaxed and cozy. And the kids love it, because they did it all.  I think we may be on to something here.

We did the same with the tree.  Normally, they help decorate it, but I am there showing them where to put things, and I am there later that evening, when no one is around, re-arranging the tree to make things even. Before you begin to think I am some order freak that makes my kids miserable, let me make a disclaimer: We still have fun decorating every year, and the kids do enjoy it. I am not all beasty and stuff, but I definently "guide" the children with where to put things, and how to do things. Yes, I have issues.

This year, we just let the kids go at it.  I completely forgot to get those little wire things to hang the ornaments with, so we pulled out the yarn, and made some ourselves.  I cringed a little at the idea, but I am so glad we did it.  The tree has even more character than before!

 I only hung one ornament, and I let the kids show me where to put it.  They completely did the whole tree on their own.  William suprised me the most, and really got into it.  He hung most of the ornaments.  The smile on his face was priceless.  The ornaments he hung are mainly on one area of the tree, but I am finding myself smiling when I look at the cute cluster of ornaments hung by my chubby fingered little boy, instead of a yearning to even it out and change it.

The home just feels more magical with the children's touch all over it.  Sure, it isn't even, orderly, we decorated with multi-colored lights (a big "eek" for me), things aren't perfectly placed, and of course, a few things were broken, but our home feels more Christmasy and has more character than ever before.  Each scratch or nick holds a memory, and each decoration was placed with childlike imagination. And I love it!

The kids drew names this year, and each made or purchased a gift for eachother.  They sat and giggled and squirmed as they wrapped the gift and placed it under the tree.  Even William got into it.  He scribbled all over the tag, helped put tape all over the wrapping, and giggled the whole way down the stairs as he carried the gift to put it under the tree.
  Mary spent an entire day at school trying to figure out what Sam would like, and Sam spent a long time in the store trying to find the perfect gift for Luke.  It made me happy to see my children thinking of eachother. 

So here we are, all decked out for Christmas, presents under the tree, and excitement and joy in our hearts.  I am loving our hodge podge Christmas, and I am so grateful for my children who bring the magic into our hearts.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

a day of thanks

Thanksgiving Highlights:

Going to Pocatello to be with family.

Watching the kids talk with Santa.  It was so cute, and William just chatted away like they were old pals.  Seeing the magic in their eyes was priceless. 

Watching movies.

Painting fingernails.

Playing games.

Seeing Mary's face light up when she was invited to play a game with the adults.  She is still talking about it. Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Letting the kids play at the mall with cousins, eat pretzels and cheese until they almost burst, and ride the quarter toys.  (this is rare, and they thought it was so awesome)

Very yummy food.

Finishing up Christmas shopping. Yup, I am DONE!

Going to a gymnastics gym and watching Ben and the kids go nuts.  Sam just went and went and went.  He absolutely loved it!
Mary can still do all of her routines, and it was fun to watch her do her thing again.
 The poor girl broke down and cried because it made her miss gymnstics.  Oh, if only we were millionaires. 
She will be starting up a tumbling class here in Heber at a phenominal tumbling gym pretty soon.  That should help.

Laughing so hard at "The Best of Wipe Out" that I was in serious pain.  It was awesome.

And of course, remembering what we are all thankful for. 

I am always thankful for the Gospel and for my Savior Jesus Christ, but this year it was magnified.

I felt my Savior very near me as I faced some difficult circumstances the past few weeks. 
He lifted me up, when I felt like I couldn't possibly get any lower. 
He helped me lift my chin high, when I was being torn down.
He reminded me that me and my family are precious and special in His eyes, and His eyes are all that matter.
He reminded me that I am worth it. I am a daughter of God, and I matter.
He gave me the ability to humble myself and say sorry when it was needed.
And he gave me the power to forgive, when I was too upset or hurt, and could not do it on my own.
I am coming away from the past few weeks a stronger person, with a better knowledge of my worth, and the worth of my family. I have joy in my heart for the amazing husband and children I am blessed with. We are happy, we have been so blessed and life is good.  I will not let a few minutes, hours, days, or weeks ruin that.  We are in a good place, with great things to come.  And I am exited.

I am so Thankful for the Gospel in my life.  I am so grateful for my very precious and very special family. 
My children are a gift from God, and there are moments each day (amist the chaos) that I feel that my heart could burst with the love I have for them.
I am thankful that He paved the way for us to be here in Heber, where I know we are going to be so happy. I can feel it, I can see it, and I have already experienced it.  We are in a good place.

I am who I am, my family is happy being us, we are who we are, and we have fun doing it.

  Some people may like it, others won't. But in the long run, if God is happy, and we are, then that is all that matters to us.  From now on, no one will make us feel differently. And that, is the lesson I am most thankful for learning this Thanksgiving. 

Life is good.

6 months

We made it!  6 months is the age I always look forward to with my babies.

 With the older three, I yearned for it as we spent month after month with sad, crying, hurting babies, due to acid reflux and their protein breakdown issues.  Six months seemed to be the age where it all finally smoothed out.

Luke has been a different story.  He still had reflux and protein breakdown issues, but because of everything we have learned with the others, and because of an awesome doctor, we were able to get everything taken care of within his first two weeks of his life.  The difference has been amazing!

Not that we loved our other infants any less, but our experience with Luke has helped us to see why people actually enjoy the infant phase.  When it isn't all about crying, puking and walking them all night long, it can be so fun!

We have honestly really enjoyed Luke's infant phase. It has been so amazing for us.  Four kids is hard, and can feel so overwhelming, I will not lie, but I am so grateful that the Lord blessed us with an easy infant this time.  It has really helped with the adjustment to four and has as made the transition easier.

Luke had his 6 month check up yesterday, so here are the stats.

Weight: 16 lbs   27%
Height: 25.75in.  13%
Head Circ.  17.2 in.  58%

He is small, but healthy.  We call him our little squatty body.  He does have rolls though, and we kiss them all day.

We are currently trying to transition him out of the expensive protein breakdown helping formula, and into a normal gentle formula.  So far, so good. 

He is completely off the acid reflux meds.  Hooray!

He is our first child to not go crazy over solids, but the doctor thinks that once he poops more he will enjoy them more.  We will keep on trying.

He can roll all over the place.

He can sit up with support.

He loves to play with the remote and my cell phone.

He loves paper, bags, and anything crinkly.

He is VERY quick to smile and laugh. He is extremely happy and playful.

He plays with his toes a lot, and sucks his fingers all day long.

He sleeps through the night!!!!  He does wake up early, but I will take it.

He babbles, blows raspberries and coos a lot. We love it.

He sleeps on his side.....his choice.

He grabs at everything, especially mine and Mary's hair and earrings.

He is most happy when his siblings are around him.  He loves to watch them and interact with them in his way.  They are very good to him, and help so much.  He is a lucky baby.

We sure love our little Luke. He is a very sweet and tender baby.  Happy 6 months squatty body!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

fridge games?

The past few days, I have watched William discover a new game.  It is very amusing and extremely funny.

He will stomp his way into the kitchen, flick on the light like it is nobody's business, and march on over to the fridge.  He will pull the door open and then proceed to do something along these lines.

Pulling the cream cheese out of the container thingy in the door of the fridge. "Hurry guys, get out! aaaghhh"  (and then he places the cream cheese on a different shelf).

Grabbing the lemon juice "you are a bad yucky guy, we got you! You have to go right here."  (places the lemon juice where the cream cheese used to be)

Picks up the gallon of milk and shakes it. "the big scary monster is coming. Hurry up everyone, hide!"  He then re-arranges the entire fridge and everything "runs away" from the big milk monster.

Then he grabs the peanut butter..."oh no, the big monster got you. You have to go here now." (places the peanuter next to the lemon juice)  "don't be sad peanut butter, here, you can have my bottle cup juice."  He then places his cup next to the peanut butter.

And the game goes on and on and on, until I begin to worry about things rotting in the open fridge.

Once everything is where William wants it, he slams the fridge shut, flicks off the kitchen light, and goes on his way.

I sneak in a few minutes later, and proceed to put the fridge back in order.

Oh, the things kids do.  I sure love my William.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

last night

went a little something like this.

11:00 Luke was fussy, to I put his Binky in and he went to sleep.

11:30 Luke was fussy, so I made him a bottle. He took two sips and went to sleep.

12:00am-ish, Luke was really, really sad, so I brought him downstairs, turned on a show and tried to comfort him and me at the same time.

12:05ish  Luke threw up ALL over me, and then continued to squirm and burp and finally fall asleep.

12:30ish I put Luke back to bed thinking he is finally fast asleep.

12:45am  Luke is awake again, Ben tries to help him this time, I try to sleep.

1:00am  Luke is sad again, Ben and I both try to help him, I notice he has a fever.

1:05am  Luke falls asleep right before I can get meds in him.

2:00am  Luke is up again, and sad.  Ben gives him his medicine, we comfort him, and he falls asleep again.

3:00am  Luke is hungry.  He eats a full bottle and goes to sleep.

6:00am  Rise and shine!  Ben gets ready for work, (it is early week for him, so he "gets" to go in early every day this week).  I roll around in a half asleep stupor.

6:15am  William is awake and ready to party, so is Luke.

6:46am  Everyone is up and hungry and ready to start the day. I muster up any energy I have, and vow to do what I can to make it a good day, sleep deprivation and all.

7:30am  I try to smile and make pancakes for everyone. 10 points for effort!  As usual, William out eats everyone (three pancakes).

7:55am  I try to call the pediatrician to get an appointment for sad, sick, Luke.  They aren't open yet.

8:25am  Breakfast is over, and I tried to clean it up in a hurry while changing diapers and helping kids get dressed.

8:30amI am trying to get a crying baby into the car seat and all bundled up, Sam is frantically looking for his coat, William wants help with his boots, and Mary is struggling getting her backpack over her coat.  I am a human ping pong ball trying to help them all at once.

8:35am  I finally just wrap william up in a blanket and run him out to the freezing car. I buckle him over his blanket (that was interesting) and run back in the house to get Luke.  I run Luke out to the car, prop his bottle (bad mom) and run back in to help Sam.  Sam and Mary get in the car.  I hop in the car in my pjs and slippers, and we are off.  Yes!

8:42am  We drop Mary off at school, the car is still freezing, but hey, she is on time, and we are all frozen, but alive.

8:50am   We get home.  I unbuckle William, grab him still bundled in his blanket, and run him up the stairs and onto the couch.  Then it is back down the stairs and to the car to get Luke. I carry him up the stairs and set him down. Sam follows soon after.

9:37am   And here I am, in a drunken stupor, still in my pj's with nasty greasy hair and dark circles.  One kid off to school, one sad baby, and two boys trying to kill eachother one minute and playing like best friends the next.  I guess I better get ready soon.  It is show and tell for Sam, and guess who is bringing the guinea pigs to school today....yours truly.

Carpe Diem.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

entertainment from the sky

I love snow. We all do in this family.  It is pretty, fluffy, fun, brings in the holiday spirit, and in my motherly opinion, it is God's gift of pure entertainment for my children  dropped straight from the sky.  It is Him letting me know that He's got my back.  :)

Combine the snow with a husband who absolutely loves it and turns into a child in it, and the kids get hours of fun and get to to build things like this. 

Gotta love the white stuff!

Monday, November 12, 2012

primary program forget-me-nots

Due to our move this year, my children were able to participate in two primary programs in our church. It was a double bonus for us, because the primary program is one of our favorite programs in the church.

It has been Sam's first year in the program. Correction:  He could have been in it last year, but he decided that sitting down by us and participating in his own way (hiding his head and curling into the smallest ball possible) was the way to go. 

This year was completely different.  In our ward in Heriman, Sam marched right up there with Mary and proudly took his seat. Front and center.

Right off the bat, I knew we were in for it. Sam dug and dug and dug in that nose of his. It must have been a very well hidden booger in there, but alas, victory!  Out came the booger, and in it went, all 3 inches of it, right into Sam's open mouth.  Awesome.

Soon after, Sam decided to pat everyones head around him. It started a head patting frenzy and lots of giggles. I was sternly trying to tell him with every body language I could think of, to stop.  The crazy part, is that Mary was standing just a few rows behind him.  She was singing the songs and participating like she should have been.  She thought I was shaking my head and mouthing "stop" to her.  So Mary was looking at me questioningly.

So, I would do a thumbs up to Mary and smile.  Sam thought that was for him, so he would continue on messing around and looking at me like it was a good thing.  So, I would shake my head at him, and Mary would get all confused. 

This went on and on and on.  I am sure we were all quite the sight.

I was happy that Sam was even up there though. You have to start somewhere.  He did sing all of the songs too, and it was so cute. Both kids said their parts loud and clear.  It was great.

The program here in Heber was yesterday.  All of the kids went up to the front and Sam immediately began goofing off, so Ben went up there and talked to him.  Sam didn't like this.  So he decided to spend the entire program scowling at us with his arms folded. I am talking 45 solid minutes of scowling. That should be a record or something. He didn't sing one word to one song.  It was actually pretty funny. He did say his part though, and he even smiled for that.  Few!

Mary did her part, and her class also sang a song. She is the only girl, and she was so shy to have her voice stand out.  I was proud of her for doing it anyway, and facing the fear.

The primary in our ward here is HUGE, and they all did a great job.  There are so many cute kids.

Next year William will be in the program.  I can only imagine what will happen then.  I may have to give everyone a solid warning to prepare accordingly.

Gotta love it.

to mail or to keep

Mary drew this picture a few days ago, and I love it!  It is so cute, so full of child-like magic and Christmas joy.

She wants me to mail this picture to Santa, and she wants to put it in the envelope and address it by herself.

I am more than willing to indulge in any kind of Christmas fun, especially for Mary, as her "believing years" are dwindling, but I really want to keep this picture. After all, I am tecnically Santa.

  I am tempted to just tell her I mailed it, and keep it in a special hidden spot. Or maybe I should just mail it to grandma, and have her secretly give it back to me when we see her again. I just don't know how I would explain that Santa lives in Pocatello, Idaho when Mary puts the address on the envelope.

Maybe I should just keep the picture I took of it, and let her mail it off to some place in the "North Pole" in one of those mailboxes in the mall that sends letters to Santa.

Oh, what to do?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

up and down and all around

Last week, it was hoovering around 70 degrees and we were at the park "swing bowling."  The kids made up the game, somehow they think it is fun, William was laughing so hard he was going to burst, and it was a glorious spring like day.

Today there are beautiful silent snowflakes falling, and Heber is covered in a gorgeous blanket of white snow. The view out the window is breathtaking. The fields, barns, horses, rivers, mountains, and trees are all glowing in their own winter beauty. 

This morning, the kids decided to play "santa." And this afternoon we are going sledding, and coming home to eat pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting.  (my one treat for the week, and I am oh so excited) We have a thing in our family, where I make pumpkin bread after the first big snow fall. It is our way of welcoming the season and the beauty and excitement of it all.
The weather is not the only thing ever changing.  Ben was out of town for work the past two days.  The kids and I decided a trip to Herriman was due. They were going to play with friends, and I was going to finish up Christmas shopping. We were all excited for the trip.
I dropped the kids off at friends houses, and they were bursting with excitement, and then I took off for the toy store, all happy and in the Christmas spirit.  And then I got stuck in horrible traffic, and Luke started crying.  The next 30 minutes were rough, and I was anything but happy when we finally got to the store.
Once in the store, I found the perfect toys for my kids and I was very happy and excited again.  I am a toy lover, and I LOVE the hunt for the perfect toy for my kids. And then William was missing. A few minutes after looking, he was still missing.  After the store locked all the doors and had everyone searching for him, he was located siting in a power wheels in the back of the store.  I was relieved, mad, happy and annoyed all at the same time.
I bought the toys, and headed back to the car. I was happy to have gotten some great deals and to have the shopping pretty much done.  And then Lukes bottle was missing.  I went back to the store and looked and looked and looked. It was never found.
I got stuck in even worse traffic than before, and Luke bawled the entire 40 minutes back to Herriman. I was frazzled beyond belief at this point.
I rushed the boys into Target battling 30+ mph winds, quickly bought a bottle, filled it up, and started feeding Luke. The silence of a happy baby was wonderful.  I was so happy to find what I needed there, William behaved and was happy, and I was happy again too. Few!
We picked up Mary and Sam and decided to make the treck back home.  The kids were happy and we chatted the whole way home.  It was a fun drive. The best quote of it all was "mom, I really love my school here. I love Heber. It just feels so good in my heart to be here."
We decided to all snuggle up and have a big slumber party in the living room together, watching movies and eating popcorn.  It was fun, cozy and great.
And then Luke got really fussy, and Mary got a horrible stomach ache. William spiked a fever of 103, and the night went from there.  I went to bed a 4:30am and woke up at 7:00.  Not good. 
The kids were surprisingly happy (and properly drugged) that morning, so I felt the tension of the night go away, and I got Mary off to school. It was a total blizzard and we were all excited. I even listened to some Christmas music.  Too early for me, but I couldn't help it. I needed the boost, and it worked.
I even went to the gym...with 2.5 hours of sleep. Somehow I felt fine.  I blasted out my 5 mile run, at my fastest pace so far and was so happy about that!  I will probably add another mile next week. I also lost 3 pounds in the last 10 days. 3 pounds left to pre-prego weight, and 5 more after that to hit goal weight.  I hopped off that scale elated!  All was well, aside from being loony from exhaustion.
I got Sam off to school, got William down for a nap, and got all settled in for a nap of my own.  Nope, Luke decided to be sad. (teething anyone?)  Therefore, I was sad.
I picked up the kids from school, and the rest of the evening was nuts. The snow continued to fall, so we were happy. Luke continued to cry, so I was frustrated.  Sam and Mary started fighting, so I got really mad.  Then they all played happily together, so we were happy.
By the time Ben got home, I was in a half exhausted, loony, stooper, and I think I feel asleep within minutes of him walking in the door.  He was a saint and helped Luke out throughout the night. I think I did feed him at one point, but it is all a blur.
This morning we woke up to even more snow. I listened to Christmas music (just for a few minutes)and got all happy and excited again. But, I can't forget Thanksgiving, so I am trying to keep it in check. Then I read a friends blog about how all of her friends gathered around her in a time of need, and for some reason I started crying and yearning to be in our new home and neighborhood where all of the ladies I have begun to meet are.  A few of whom I know will be good friends. Then I got a horrid yearning to be in our new house, so now I am very anxious, but at the same time I am trying to make it due here. 
And now Ben has the two youngest at the gym, the older two are at the practice for the Primary Program (which is tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it), and I am looking out the window at the falling snow, smelling pumpkin break cooking, and making an interruption free blog post. Awesome!
Pretty much, the past two days my emotions have been around the world and back again, and at times, up to the moon. Thank goodness the weekend is here and that Ben is taking Monday off!  Few!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

just for fun

As I sat down to type this blog post, I barely got the computer open before someone needed something.  Of course, I am mom first, and a blogger second or third or something cool like that, so I helped the kids out and then tried again.

Then I got an idea.  It probably seems, when reading these posts, that I just sit here typing away, writing these stories and experiences, without any interruptions. The kids are behaving perfectly, and completely entertaining themselves for long periods of time.  Oh, if only. 
I never mention them, or the time it really takes to do a blog post, so this time, I am going to record each time I have to stop typing, in order to do something.  Just for fun. This should be good.

You may ask, "then why bother blogging?"  Why not just be a good mom, forget the computer, and pay utter and complete attention to your children 24/7. 

(haha, I am the first one to interrupt myself. I need to plug in the computer, be right back)

Ok, to answer the before mentioned question. Well, because of this quote I found on my cousin's blog.

We write to taste life twice, once in the moment and in retrospection" Anais Nin

Love it.

(hang on, William needs a drink)

OK, I am back. On to the actual post now.

So, I sometimes have these weird moments when I all of a sudden just decide to do something.  For me, not to have planned it first is really weird. Control freak, maybe.  OK, probably. But oh well, I am who I am.

(oops, Luke dropped his bottle, just a sec.)

I am back. Oh, wait, William and Sam are arguing over a show. 

Now, I am back.  Phineas and Pherb won.  I admit, I think that show is hilarious!

So, the other day at the gym, after running 5 miles and feeling great about it, I was all excited to hop on the scale.  Bad idea, CURSES to those last 5 pounds of prego weight and the other 5 pounds that I just want to lose, that stick to me like super glue!  What is it going to take to burn you off, you stubborn waste of fat space, you!  AARRGGGHH!!

So I pouted the rest of the way home, as Ben continued to tell me I looked great and so forth (he is awesome) and then I had a thought.  If I can't exercise these last pounds off, I will eat them off. Ha!

(oh man, Luke is crying. Be back in a second, or maybe more)

yummy, I could kiss those cheeks all day.  He is properly smoochified and happily playing with his little baby toys now. OK, where was I.

Oh yes, the fat pout, and the "ah ha" moment.

So, I came up with a simple plan. I HATE the idea of strict diets, lack of balance, only eating one food group, or crazy fad things. No thank you, I will enjoy my food if that's ok with you. I will just watch it more.

I decided to seriously back off sugar and white flour, and to majorly bump up fiber, protein, fruits and veggies. You are probably thinking, well duh!  But, it is always easier to see what will help others, before yourself. And did I mention that I hate diets or anything even close to resembling them. Notice I didn't say I would completely cut anything out. Just greatly reduce. :)

(seriously!  Sam is out of toilet paper up in the bathroom. Hang on.)

I am back...oh, just kidding. Sam is here, but I didn't hear the toilet flush or the hands being washed. eewww!

Alrighty, hands washed toilet flushed, all is right in the world.

So, the next day, I decided to give it a shot.  I had no previous plans to do this, no "start date," I just kind of began eating like this.

I found some good finds like Greek Yogurt (light and fit), cottage cheese, spinach leaves with raspberry vinegar salad dressing stuff, all natural peanut butter, salmon, lunch meat and cheese rolled together with a teeny tiny bit of mayo. and so on. 

The change has been much easier than I thought. I decided not to cut carbs, because with the workouts I do, I need them, and I burn them quickly. Plus, I like them, and I am grouchy and tired and Mrs. Moody if I don't have them. Just ask my family if I should cut carbs, their shrieks of fear will convice you. I am especially awesome on fast long as you don't look at me, talk to me, or be within a mile of me.  :)

I cut out bread for the most part, but I let myself have some during cravings, I just keep it small.  Yes, I will have pumpkin bread this season, are you kidding me! I will just try to stop at one slice...try. Maybe I will give the rest to the dudes building our house. I hear that feeding them produces some great "extras" added on to the house. hehehe

(Yikes, William smells terrible. Diaper change time..ready, go! I really should start potty training him....and then I just thought about it and am laughing my crazy almost happy almost scared laugh, maybe later)

Where was I, oh yes.  I have been eating like this for almost a week now, and guess what. I lost 2 pounds already! YYEEESSS!

Oh yeah. I am happy.  I did notice that I get hungry more, so I am adding more fiber to my diet now, but other than that, I feel fine and satisfied. I still do Insanity twice a week, and run three days a week, so my workouts haven't changed.

I may add (hang on, I just heard a big crash, gotta run)

It was just boys being boys, the toy room will need a serious cleaning, but all is well.

As I was saying, I may try to add a vegetable juice type thing pretty soon. I need a juicer first though. I wouldn't mind doing that once a day, if I can handle choking down green, gritty, nasty, fad, yet very healthy, type drinks.

So, here I go. Lets see if I can banish these last  pounds for good!  Wish me luck!

(good timing, the boys are hungry for lunch) Few!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Memorable Day

and I took all four kids with me...

and we didn't break anything.


go Romney go!

Just in case..

you had the insane, twisted idea that I am the perfect mom with the perfect children. Allow me.

I will call this "experience" the Wally World trip of Doom.

It all started out before we even got out of the house. William refused to wear shoes.  He would not even think of it. So, I put my screaming 2 year old, my bottle sucking infant, and my 5 year old into the car and drove to the store. 

Once we arrived at the store, William decided to jump into a puddle of oil. Remember, he has no shoes on. I tried to tell him to stop, but he had turned his ears off. Amazing how two year olds can do that.  He just continued to soak his new white socks in oil. Yes.
While I was running to get him, he ran right in front of a moving car.

I shrieked, Sam yelled, Luke ate his bottle, and a little old lady from across the street came running over.  What did William do?  He turned, faced the moving car head on, and got into his "ninja stance."  He posed as if he were going to have a ninja fight with the car.  Mean face and everything. I almost lost my breakfast at this point.

The car stopped, I ran to William and the little old lady got to him first. (yes, I am a runner, and yes, she beat me to him. I haven't figured that out yet, but whatever).   A small crowd had formed at this point. Half were laughing at Williams reaction, and 1/2 were looking at me like I was the worst mother on earth. Because I teach my children to run in front of moving cars on purpose, right?  Geeze people.

The little old lady handed William to me (how she ever picked him up, I don't know. He is about as light as a wet bag of sand) and told me she didn't mean to interfere, but that her son had been hit by a car, and she couldn't help but try to do something.   If I could have felt any worse at this point...

So, we finally made it into the store and I am trying to act all calm and controlled, because any mother of 3 young boys, knows exactly what she is doing by taking them shopping at Walmart, and has perfect little angles who stay by her side the whole time, so why not me, right?

As I am attempting to find some sort of produce that my children will eat, (because remember, I am a perfect mom, and I only feed my children perfect food)  I hear a HUGE crash.  I turned just in time to see the entire 10 box by 10 box display of Halloween candy go crashing down. I literally looked up to heaven and begged for my sons to not be responsible for this tidal wave of nasty pre-packaged sugar coated sugar flying all over the floor.  But alas, there stood William and Sam, looking as guilty as a monkey with a hand full of poop, in the middle of hundreds of bags of candy.  I wanted to crawl in a hole and then dig a tunnel and crawl into another hole.

I immediately began frantically trying to somehow put the display back together. In reality, it would have taken hours, but I tried.  The workers were all very nice, and they called in some back up to help with the mess.  Even the mom with the well behaved four boys, who were silently standing by her cart, offered to help. She was nice, but it was salt in the wound for me. 

As we were cleaning, I noticed that William was gone. I looked around, and then I looked again. And then I panicked. So, the people who were not helping clean the candy mess, began helping me look for William.  Just in case I didn't have the entire store involved in helping me shop, this sealed the deal.

And there he was. COVERED in price tag stickers. Yes folks, William had been walking around the produce section, peeling the price tags off of everything.  There were yellow price tags all over him, the floor, and random foods.  And to top it all off, he was in the process of shredding them.  Imagine how I must have felt, and multiply it by 10. That will do.

After about a million apologies, I decided to get the trip over with quickly and get out of there. I forced William to ride in the cart, and we soon became our own display. The noise of his cry could have been heard from the moon. Up and down the isles we went, sirens blaring. Me trying to shop and kindly wave to people like I am completely oblivious to my oil soaked  socked, candy covered, screaming 2 year old, my hungry crying baby, and my 5 year old imagining he is in a foot race down every isle.

I finally let William out in the toy isle. Partly to spare whatever hearing I had left, and partly to spare whatever hearing everyone else in the store may have had left.   At least he couldn't ruin any food.  I turned my back for a second to grab a toy for a Birthday Party and CRASH!  Yup, my boys again.  It was the Christmas Lego Display. All 30 boxes of it. Apparently, Sam and William thought it was a mountain to climb. Because there are mountains in Walmart?
 Sam was bawling because he got hurt, Luke was bawling because he was hungry, and I almost died of humiliation as the same people from the earlier messes came to our rescue again, including the mom with the STILL perfectly behaved boys. Seriously!   I lamely tried to help clean, and feed Luke and comfort/discipline Sam at the same time. 

As I am doing this, I notice William is gone, again.  This time he could not be found.  I soon joined in the bawling fest.  I am sure it was awesome.  Come on over to the Heber Walmart, one and all. There is a specticle to behold. The Maynards are in town! Get your community service hours done in a snap. Plenty of displays to re-assemble.

 A while, and a few prayers and panic attacks later, William was found. He was in the photo center, on a stool, "typing" on the computer.  Yes, on the other side of the store.  Oh of course, why didn't I think of that. Don't all two year olds run from their moms and  play on computers in the photo center. Oh, they don't. Really? My bad.

I decided enough was enough and went to the check out line to just get what I had, and get out of there.  As I am checking out, acting as if it was a normal day at the store in perfect world where my kids helped me shop for the perfect foods and items, and my perfect baby slept the whole time, I heard a car driving.  What the?
 I turned just in time to see Sam and William driving off in a Power Wheels car that Walmart had so conveniently left on, with a battery in it, right next to the check out.  HELLO! Do you not know that some kids may be just a little tempted by that. And by some kids, I mean MY KIDS! Doesn't the world revolve around us and the disasters that lie in our wake? Prevention people..prevention.

I dropped everything and chased my boys in the power wheels down the isle. I left Luke with the checker and said my 10th prayer that trip and asked that the checker wasn't some child psycho that would take him and run.  I yelled for Sam to stop, and he did. Too fast.  Whiplash and tears for both boys.  Rock on.

And so, we left the store. A wake of destruction in our path.  Oh wait...screech! Stop!  Fooled ya, the story doesn't end here. Oh, but I wish it had.

Once we got to the car, William had unwrapped a bad of candy and three suckers. Nope, I didn't buy those.   So, back into the store we go. Back to the checker, who politely has me pay for all of it. Awesome! 

And then we leave, for good. 
Isn't it awesome that we were with a bunch of people in a small town that I am bound to see again, and again and again. It was a great day. One that made me cry a lot. Oh, so fun.  I love being perfect and having the perfect family...don't you?

A cell phone story

Once upon a time there was a cell phone.

It was just sitting quietly on the counter, minding its own business.

Then, all of a sudden, a big, giant, chubby, sticky hand grabbed it.

The hand carried the phone around for a while, pushing its buttons and banging it on stuff. Then the big hand opened the dishwasher, and the big face had a big grin on it.

Next thing the phone knew...bam...the door shut. The phone was so confused.

The water swished and sprayed all over the poor phone. Soap was everywhere, bubbles were everywhere, and it was so loud.

  It seemed like hours went by. Finally, the phone just went to sleep.

The next morning, a woman was looking all over the house for her phone.  The big, chubby faced boy, told the woman to follow him.

The door to the dishwasher finally opened, the big chubby hand reached in and once again grabbed the phone. The big grin was there too.  The chubby hand showed the phone to the woman with pride. 
The woman was not grinning, her face had a look of shock, some panic, and disbelief.   It was quite the face, the phone was worried for the woman. Then the woman began counting to ten...weird.

The phone was slowly taken apart and set on dry towels.  Aahhh, it felt good to be dry. The woman seemed sad and very worried that the phone was sleeping.

Hours went by. The phone was so tired, and didn't want to work anymore.

Then, out of the clear blue sky, the phone woke up. It felt great. In fact, it decided to ring and beep and let everyone know it was all clean and feeling awesome!

The woman once again looked shocked and amazed! She continued to push buttons and  inspect the phone.  She kept saying the word "miracle." She smiled.

And so the phone lives on....much cleaner than before, and it also hangs out on a much higher shelf.

The end.

Little Monkeys

The rec center here is pretty cool. It has our gym in it, along with a dance studio, a preschool, karate, basketball courts, volleyball courts, swimming pool, physical therapy center, and a bunch of other things.

Part of our gym membership gives us access to a rock climbing wall. The kids see it every time we walk by it to take them to the kids club, and they ask to do it every time.

So, yesterday for our FHE activity, we decided to try it out.

I have decided that Mary and Sam are monkeys. Somehow, somewhere, they morphed into part monkey.  They scrambled up that wall like they had been doing it for years.  It was amazing!

It was so fun to see Sam having fun with it and straining with all of his muscles to climb the wall.  He felt so cool and strong.

He did much better than we anticipated, and looked so cute and grown up climbing the wall. When we hooked him up in the harness and had him try the bigger wall, he would climb up and then say, "this is creepy."  He meant it was scary, but he kept on doing it.

Mary was a determined little thing, and we knew we would not be leaving until she climbed all the way to the top of the big wall.  She tried over and over again, and then she did it!  She looked so small to be up that high. She then did it several more times. I have no idea how her muscles held out that long. 

Ben and I also climbed. I did it once. It was harder than I thought, but also really fun.  I was a little unsure about the harness squeezing my bum and  framing it for all the world to see. But I am weird like that. I was just happy to see the kids climbing walls other than the ones in our house.

Ben tried different ways to get to the top, and loved the technical part of it.

William is still adjusting to daylight savings, so he spent his time doing this.

Luke, was just happy to be there.

We all walked out of there with sore forearms, stiff fingers, a new memory and smiles. 

What can I say... it rocked.   Bahahahahaha