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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, January 21, 2017

the minions go to the dentist

This week was a busy one for sure.  LOTS of random appointments happening.  One of which was our bi-annual dental cleaning and check ups.  All the kids were scheduled for the same afternoon, minus Molly of course.

I picked them all up early from school, and we made our way to the dentist office.

I always wonder what it is like in the office, getting ready for the arrival of the Maynard minions.  I wonder what goes through their heads when all 6 of us come plowing through the door, a giant whirlwind of blond hair, blue eyes, backpacks, cell phones, coats, boots, noise, energy, and apprehension.

If they feel sheer terror, they sure have a great way of hiding it!  The are always so nice and fun with the kids, and the dentist himself is always talkative and remembers things the kids have told him from the last visit.  We totally scored in the dentist department!

It is definitely pretty nerve wracking for me, hoping the kids will behave in the waiting room, hoping Luke will not be scared, hoping no one has cavities, hoping they are not behind, hoping Molly doesn't have an accident, since she is in the middle of potty training, and so on....

Luckily, it was a pretty smooth appointment!

Luke was actually thrilled to get his teeth cleaned, and he was completely mezmorized by the mechanical chair, the tools, the lights, and the suction tool.  He loved every second of it, right down to the prize closet.
This picture cracks me up.  Luke looks terrified, and the dental assistant in the background looks like she just slit someone's throat!  In reality, Luke was extremely excited, and the assistant was awesome with him, and very happy and sweet.

Molly peed three the bathroom, and had no accidents.  Hooray!!

They took the kids two at a time, so it was pretty quick, considering what it could be like.

Mary, Sam and William had no cavities!  I was extremely happy, and so were they.

Unfortunately, Luke makes up for it all, and then some.  He has four cavities in his molars, and they are deep.  We have to take him to a pediatric dentist that can sedate him to get the cavities filled.  Ugh!  $$$

All in all, the appointment was a success.  We didn't break anything, no one cried, we didn't make anyone cry, no one pooped their pants, and my kids walked out happy and with squeaky clean teeth.

I am up next...on Valentines Day of all days.  To be real, I am kinda sorta freaked out.  I am NOT a fan of the dentist...prize closet or not.  Boo. 

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