My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Working Out and Wiping Out

So, I was at the gym doing my thing on the elliptical and a great show came on. Wipe Out! I know many of you have seen it before, but because we don't have TV in our house (just a DVD player, 3 public channels and the Internet for shows we enjoy) I have only seen bits and pieces of this show. Not even 5 min. into the show, I was cracking up. A minute later, I was all out laughing...hard! For whatever reason, the crashes the people were taking struck me as absolutely hilarious! Some of them were taking hits to the face and flipping a full twist before smashing into the person next to them and falling into the water. The human catapult that shot them flying out of control numerous feet into the air before smashing them into the freezing water, and the giant face slap into the water that a lady took, made me full blown throw my head back and laugh really loud. I nearly fell off the machine twice, and I ended up going to the bathroom three times before the show ended. Oh my, it was the most fun I have had at the gym in a long time. It was great. We are actually going to be playing our own version of that game at my family reunion. I can't wait.

Speaking of wipe out's, summer is here. So far, so good. We have had a really fun weekend so far. (yes, I am well over the grumpies I had the other day...see my last post for details. I am back to normal and also getting all sorts of excited for things to come in the next several days...again, see my last post for details.)
Summer brings so much fun, and so many cuts and bruises that come with the fun. These are the latest from our house.

The top of Mary's foot. The picture does not even come close to showing how nasty this really is, but you get the idea. Those aren't just scrapes, they are actually holes. We still aren't sure what that white stuff is on the bottom of the big hole. It sure bled a lot though.

Sam's knee. The band aid covers the worst of it, but you get the idea. He had a good fall and a quick recovery. What a man.

Mary's knee. Again, the picture just doesn't do it justice. This one is pretty bad. The back of her leg is also cut up, but I decided to stop being the photographer and start playing doctor for a while. Thank goodness for Scooby Doo Bandaids.

Mary's crash today win's the prize. It was amazing! I am pretty sure her skin is still out there on the road somewhere, probably next to part of Sam's knee. Minutes after her crash, she looked at me and said "can I do that just one more time?" Talk about guts, this kid can get hurt and go right back out and do it again. Not to mention the ultimate crash she took on the bars in gymnastics the other day. (this was not the kind you laugh at, it was really bad, scared me to death). Her hip is still swollen and the bruise on it is something to behold. It amazes me that she even walked after that one. She is one tough little girl.
The way I figure...with gymnastics, t-ball, bike riding, camping, hiking, swimming, and just playing outside more, this is the first of many boxes of bandaids we will be going through. Good times, good memories, and making scars to remember them by.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Looking Forward

I am just having one of those "woe is me" moments. You know, tired, pregnant, dealing with a two year old that hasn't stopped crying and wanting to be held in over a month, endless clutter no matter how much I clean all day, very very HOMESICK for anyone to visit us, or to go see someone, wondering why everyone else has family visiting all the time, or is going on trips, blah blah blah someone call the wwwaaaambulance.
Basically, I am just have a ridiculous pity party that is not necessary. Seriously, if you tweak it enough, all of these things are actually blessings in they eyes of another. And life could be WAY worse and much harder. We are actually in a good time of life for our family right now. I fear saying that, because it is just asking for trouble. But it is true. Believe me, I know how pathetic I must sound. I really have nothing to be down about, but nevertheless, I am just kind of grumpy today. Maybe I just didn't get enough sleep last night or something.
In reality, I have quite a bit to look forward to, and have been looking forward to, so I am going to list the things I am looking forward to. Now, I have a weird thing, where I feel like if I talk about things I am looking forward too, they will either not happen, not work out, or turn into a disaster. Weird yes, but it is real. So I am really going out on a limb here. goes nothing.

Future excitement #1
Due to a third child on the way, and the fact that there really is no ligical way to fit all three kids, their car seats, me and anything we may possibly need to get, in the little Subaru; and the fact that the CRV is the company paid for car and therefore Ben has to drive it, we made a very fun and very long-time coming decision. After A LOT of research on different vehicles, prices, mileage, dealers, ect, and lots of talking and crunching numbers, we found our incredible deal, and closed the deal on one of these yesterday...

and I am so excited I could pee my pants right here, right now. It is a black Pathfinder. If you want more details..ask Ben, or ask me later when I can remember all the details. We got an INCREDIBLE deal on mileage, year, price, ect, and it is even the color I wanted! It should be ready for us to bring home next week, and possibly on my birthday of all days! If you have seen what I have been driving up until this point, I am sure you are sharing in this excitement with me. I have been grateful to have a car though, so I won't complain too much. The best part of all is that it can seat up to 7 people,(I tested every seat in it, and really, even in the back seat, I can sit comfortably) and because we got it with such crazy low miles on it, we will have it for a LONG time! Oh man, I have butterflies just thinking about it. WAHOO!!!!

Future excitement #2
The gorgeous comforter I ordered for our bed will ship out next week. It will be arriving a few days later. I looked forever for a comforter I liked, and I really really like this one.

Future excitement #3
My Birthday is next week.

I love Birthdays and holidays, no matter who or what they are for. I just like a reason to party and eat good food. I really hesitate to mention this one. For some reason, I always fear that talking about my Birthday before it comes, is setting myself up for a bad day. I am sure it will be fine though.

Future excitement #4
I have a Dr. appt next week. It should be the appt. where we schedule the ultrasound. Even though we don't really care what gender the baby is, it will be fun to find out which boxes of clothes I will be sorting through, and to see our little jelly bean.

Future excitement #5
A possible camping trip next weekend with friends. Camping always makes me happy. Fire, tents, nature, fire, mountains, fire, ect.

Future excitement #6
We are cleaning out our garage tonight and mowing the lawn. I am also cleaning out all of the cluttery places that drive me nuts. Desk drawers, pantry, kids closets, you know, the places you just put stuff for later. Yeah I know, this should not be exciting, but it is to me. I am a dork. I love going to bed and night and knowing that our house is nice and clean. I must be getting the nesting bug early, because I sat up all night decorating and cleaning our house in my head. I got some amazing ideas. Now if we could just win the lottery....and have a shopping spree at my favorite home decor and furniture stores.

Future excitement #7
This one is still a long way off, but it gives me hope on bad days and keeps me going sometimes. Ben and I have family reunions back to back this year during the last week of July and first week of August. Also during that time, my mom and dad both have reunions with their sides of the family. Both of which I am very close to and have a great time with. We can't wait!!!!! 4 reunions in one trip. This may sound like torture to most people, but because we are so close to our families and relatives, it is seriously heaven on earth. 11 days surrounded by family, fun, food and love. It will be the one time a year I see my brother and his family that live in Alaska, and my brother who has been on a mission, gets home next month and will be there as well. I can't stop smiling just thinking about it. Not to mention thinking of Ben and all of his brothers joking around and laughing together. When they all get together, it is non stop crazy energy and a ton of laughs. It is so great. I was in charge of the Belnap reunion this year, so I am going to post a copy of the reunion outline. This is not to discount the other reunions and how much fun we will have at those, I just planned this one, so here it is. This is why I can't wait. Read if you want, skip if you feel it is boring or too long. I don't care. It was just fun to post it and read it AGAIN.

S&S ROCKIN’ AWESOME REUNION 2009!!! (stands for Stan and Sylvia, my parents)

Wednesday, July 29th
Ryan , Juliet and family arrive from Alaska.
Yippee Skippy!

Saturday August 1st- Hanks Reunion…Go Mom!

Sunday August 2nd - The S &S Belnap Reunion Officially Begins!!!

9:00am Church
Sunday afternoon/evening: Ben and Becky and family arrive…let the games begin!
Games: group games….I have some really good and hilarious large group games, but bring any ideas you may have. Kids can do crafts or activities, or cry the whole time and make life miserable for the parents trying to play the games. ;)
Dinner: Mom, Dad and Kelsey- doesn’t have to be anything fancy or big. We will be stuffing our faces all week.

Monday August 3rd
Early Morning skiing or walk/run for those who stay home
Late morning/Early Afternoon- guys shooting..this is just for the guys (man bonding through blowing stuff up and making loud noises, maybe you could eat some beef and arm wrestle while you are at it); the girls will have their time later. Girls will be in charge of kids. If girls want to shoot, they can go at a different time.
Afternoon- water games (water balloon volleyball, H2O baseball, sprinkler, kids pool, water guns, someone falling and breaking a leg, a few tears from the kids, Ty and Jessica’s game, ect…fun times )
Evening-FHE: around the fire… Devin shows mission stuff (pictures, souvenirs, stories, ect.) We all ooohh and aahhh and ask too many questions.

Dinner- Devin and Danish friends….something Danish

Tuesday August 4th- Tyler’s Birthday
Early Morning skiing or walk/run
Morning and early afternoon - paintball tournament (for anyone who wants to stand around in the dirt and heat and have rock hard balls of paint tear through their skin and possibly rip their eyeballs out or fall in a ditch and break both legs....girls and guys allowed…enjoy.), this is Tyler’s Birthday present, so if they go longer or if we have the paramedics over for lunch, we will be flexible. We will just extend the craft time. ;)
Afternoon- Girls craft time (guys have full responsibility of children…this does not mean feeding them endless amounts of ding dongs and telling them to pull your finger, while you play video games…take them to a museum or something)
Late Afternoon/evening- horseback riding for everyone. We will try to find an old, slow pony for the kids…and the fat pregnant lady.
Evening- celebrate Ty’s Birthday and just hang out and be together.
Tell sentimental and mushy stories about Tyler, Birthday spanking…mom can relate details about his birth ....hehehe just kidding

Dinner- Barbeque or go out to eat, and Tyler’s favorite dessert/B-day cake
If we want to go out to eat for dinner, we could Barbeque for lunch instead, with all of the paintball crew and the paramedics that will be there.

Wednesday August 5th- BOATING DAY
Morning: pack up the boat, cars, kids, first aid kit, Advil, food, food and more food, ect.
Afternoon: Boating, Aberdeen Park
Evening: Lather up with Bengay and Aloe and watch a movie outside on the side of the house
Dinner: Tyler and Jessica

Thursday August 6th- Temple Day- Don’t forget to pack your recommend
Morning/Afternoon Rexburg or Twin Falls Temple (we need prepared to possibly pay someone) We would prefer that Kelsey comes with us instead of babysits. She can do baptisms or something.
Evening: uuuhhh, not planned at this point. This is where your input comes in.
Dinner: Ben and Becky
Campout night- put up tents, ghost stories (kid appropriate,) night games, fire, ect . Sleep in tents until kids or adults wake up cold or crying…or until the sprinklers turn and and soak us all. Then we come in the house and resume sleeping in nice warm beds.

Friday August 7th
Early morning skiing- for those who are able to move, have all bones and teeth in place, and aren’t lobster red or bruised from head to toe at this point
Morning: Zoo
Afternoon: Academy Awards -bring a video and fun dress up clothes..Kelsey /Devin and mom/dad make a video as well :)
Evening: Grandma’s grandkid time/date night for couples (as long as grandma is o.k. with this)
Pass S&S flag “ski rope (or whatever we think of)” on to Tyler and Jessica- yup, you get to plan it next year. Family meeting about whatever the heck we want it to be about.
Dinner: Ryan and Juliet

Saturday August 8th- K&K Reunion in Utah- more fun and games

Sunday August 9th- K&K Reunion continues

Ben and Becky sag their heads, shed some tears, climb in the car and make our way home for yet another year of waiting for the next reunion. Boo Hoo.

So, I guess I shouldn't be sitting here feeling bad for myself for no reason. I feel pretty ungrateful already. Look at all these great things! Not to mention just the every day blessings. Can I blame this "woe is me" day on pregnancy hormones? I really do have a lot to look forward to and be grateful for. Not to mention that Ben has a job and we are healthy. Those blessings alone right now, are wonderful. So, I am going to get my bum off this chair, take my kids to the park, eat an Oreo with blue stuff in the middle, and is going to be a good day...and obviously a GREAT week! My pity party is over, I actually feel better already. Ha, I am even smiling and getting excited as I read this. As for you, it!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Memories

Regardless of our 6 straight days of rain (which we are thrilled about as we watch our new little fuzzy grass pop coming soon, I know, you can't wait for pictures of grass), we made it a goal to get out in the mountains and camp. Actually, not so much a goal, but it was a need, a crazy desire, a must!
We planned on Friday night...nope, too much rain. Saturday night, we started making plans, only to have a HUGE downpour followed by some hail. Looks like pizza and a movie.
Sunday was our last chance. We watched the storm clouds roll in, but came home from church and continued to pack and prepare. Our desire to get up in the mountains was much stronger than the storm this time.
So, we headed out the door in this.

And this.

Yes that is Sam, and yes..that is a PINK hat. It was Mary's, but he wanted it. Whatever.

With such a wonderful start to out trip, we continued to make our way up to the mountains. And oh man, what a gorgeous view was awaiting us. All of the rain has made everything the most beautiful green. It was breathtaking, and Ben and I AGAIN went over the pros and cons of just moving up there asap.

We scored and found an awesome and free campsite. It was the ideal place, and we felt very lucky to find it, especially on Memorial Weekend. It was complete with thick trees, a stream, and no one around us. Perfect!

We hurridly set up camp as we watched the storm clouds rolling in. Ben proved his true Colorado lungs as he blew up our air mattress at above 10,000ft. without passing out. What a man! Our converter wasn't big enough to do it in the car.

We literally finished getting the tent set up when the downpour hit, and did not stop the rest of the night. Luckily our tent was big enough and we were able to cook our hotdogs in the tent for dinner. Go us!

The night was full of Sam waking up every hour, Mary peeing her pants from shivering too hard, Ben getting a serious stomach ache and having to run out in the rain several times (and having the unspeakable happen with the dog, I have a strong stomach, but the story makes me sick, I will spare you the details, but it was aweful) and me, the pregnant one, getting up several times as well.

Thankfully, the next morning was beautiful! Ben, the mountain man, was able to scavenge up some wood and get a fire going, even though everything was wet. We discovered that Pam works really well as a fire starter, especially for wet wood. I was impressed. We were able to eat breakfast, and I was able to get in my mondo mug of hot chocolate in the nice sunlight. Just ignore the fact that my make-up is basically off, and my hair hasn't been done since the day before.

The kids had a grat time exploring and romping around in the mud puddles. The dog was in heaven.

Then the clouds came. We packed up as fast as we could, and literally got in the car right before the storm hit. Perfect timing.

Even though we had rain, and a rough night, we had a lot of fun! There is just something so calming and refreshing about getting away and being surrounded with so much beauty. We came away tired and grinning from ear to ear. I am already getting very anxious for our next camping trip, which will hopefully be happening the weekend of my Birthday.

We got home Monday, showered, unpacked and headed to a barbeque with some friends in the ward. It was a blast for all of us! Mary had the time of her life, and played hard. She could not stop grinning.

We got home and crashed. What a great Memorial Weekend. The best part of it all was just having time together as a family. No work, no school, no schedules. Just the four and 1/2 of us, and a lot of free time. It was wonderful.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Colorado Springs a.k.a. Cheyenne Mtn. Zoo is A-mazing!!!!

Warning: LOTS of pictures below. Oh yeah, and spell check didn't work, so sorry about any weird words I didn't catch.

Mary, Sam and I went to the zoo yesterday for Mary's final preschool trip. We have never been to the zoo here, but we have heard a lot about it. It was AWESOME! Seriously, I haven't been to such a great zoo in a long time. It was the perfect size, and there were a lot of hands on things for the kids. It is quite the hike, because it is up the side of Cheyenne Mountain, but Mary was able to do it, and I did it pregnant and with a stroller, so I guess it really wasn't horrible. The view from the top is incredible. All of the animals were out and very entertaining as well. We had a great time! We are getting a zoo pass for sure. Any time anyone wants to come visit us, we will take you there. It is added to our list of places to take people when they visit us. Our list is actually growing and it has so many cool things on it. Colorado is a great place to live. Ya'll really should come see us soon! You won't regret it.

Petting the goats. This was Sam's favorite part of the zoo.

The peacocks were CRAZY! During the preschool snack time, we heard a little girl screaming. We turned around and a peacock was chasing and hissing at this little girl. It was HILARIOUS, and the girl was fine. They were nuts!

The turtles were pretty neat. Mary liked how they felt.

Since we didn't see the hippos this time...this was my favorite part. It was so funny to see the giraffe's long toungues eat the crackers out of our hands. Mary thought it was great, it scared Sam to death.

Sam liked the animals that were more his size. I can't remember what these are, but they were litte, fuzzy and cute. Just Sam's style.

Mary and Miss Amy. Oh, how we will miss her. What an awesome teacher. She really did love the kids she taught. Mary loves her and is already asking when she will get to see her again. Sad.

Mary riding the "pretty horse." Precious.

Checking out the fish below the Bear exhibit.

Mary and two of her buddies checking out the bears. I have never seen bears so active at a zoo before. Usually they are just laying around. These two were wrestling and running around. It was really entertaining.

This is how Sam spent most of his zoo time. As long as there was food and a drink in front of him...he was o.k. for the most part. It was pretty hot, and he was a good sport. No, that's not lipstick, that is skittle juice all over his face.

The kids first time eating cotton candy. Of course, they both loved it. I did too.

In front of ths zoo, right before we left. Poor Mary is trying to console Sam who was so tired and hot that he was bawling his eyes out.

I got lost on the way home, and it took a while to get home. Luckily the kids slept, and continued to sleep for 2 1/2 more hours once we got home. Big day.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sprinkler Wars

So, recently Ben and I decided to "freshen up" our poor yard. Before we moved in a year ago, the lawn was not watered for 6 weeks. Needless to say, a huge part of the back lawn was DOA (dead on arrival). We just mowed around it and did our best to water what was left for the rest of the summer.
This year, we decided to do the impossible, and plant grass in Colorado Springs. Seeing that there is sand mixed in with the soil, grass and every other living thing, struggle here. We lost all of our plants the week we moved in. Seriously!
Last weekend, we raked, fertilized, mowed, moved rocks, filled in holes from the dog, and seeded the places where there should be grass. It was no small project. I was SORE SORE SORE, but in a way, it was really fun. I was so relieved at the end of the day to turn on the sprinkler system, and let modern water technology take over from there.

(I am not in any of the above pictures, but I assure you, I was working in the yard that day. I just always take the pictures, so I am not in them.)

WELL...first off, the timer went off at 10:00pm, right on schedule, but no water. WHAT!!! So, we called our neighbor for help. He and Ben did some turning here and some cranking there and said the system was good to go. That was until two nice geysers blasted straight up into the sky. Two broken sprinkler heads...rock on!
So, it was off to Walmart for a hose and a sprinkler to water the lawn, until the sprinklers could be replaced.

After two days of moving the dang sprinkler around the yard and dragging the hose all over, I took it upon myself to fix the broken sprinkler heads.
And thus the real saga begins.
Day 1: The Digging
So, in order to get the dang sprinkler heads out, you have to dig around them and unscrew them. Sounds I was digging with a shovel that was way to big, the kids were running in the road, and the dog was all over the place. Not to mention the tree roots that were wound all over the sprinkler. I ended up digging with a spoon and a knife...not kidding. With the help of the friendly neighbor..again...we finally got the sprinkler head off.

You have to leave the hole that the sprinkler was in nice and clear, so you can find it when you replace the sprinkler. So, I left it nice and neat, and headed to home depot. (covered in dirt, frustrated and not wanting to take the kids to that store with me) I chased both kids up down and around the entire store while looking for a sprinkler that matched the one in my hand. Honestly, how many types of sprinkles can there really be. After going to Home Depot, my guess is somewhere around 100. Finally, after loosing Sam twice and catching Mary with some sharp objects, I found the blasted sprinkler head, bought two of them and some mentos and headed home.

Once home, to my horror, the hole had caved in and my nice little opening was nowhere to be found. Out came the spoon, the knife, the dog, the kids and the chaos. I spent the next hour digging with a spoon and clearing the hole. I was ticked. Out came the friendly neighbor, and we were finally able to get the sprinkler in. On to the next one.
I was smart with the second one and only took out the broken part of the sprinkler, so I didn't have to unscrew everything. Luckily, that was was done in about 5 seconds. I cleaned up, got the kids and the dog back where they belonged, set up the water timer and started dinner.
Day 2: Are You Kidding?
So, that night was the test. The timer goes off water! WHAT!!! So, march down the stairs...everything looks fine. I march outside, everything looks fine. So I march to bed. What!!! I angrily marched outside the next morning to hook up the hose and sprinkler for another day of dragging it all over the place. Well, what do you know, the dog chewed up the hose. Nice! I spent the day holding the ripped part of the hose and spraying the yard. Mud and water sprayed all over me each time, and the kids thought it was great to run through each and every mud puddle while moms hands were occupied. I won't even mention the dog (who was lucky to be alive at this point). It was not fun.

Day 3: No Answers
Ben calls the friendly neighbor. He checks the system, says it should be working, and that is that. I go to be in a rage and dream of killer sprinklers chasing me around the block.
Day 4: The revelation.
After Mary's gymnastics class, my friendly neighbor calls. He knows the problem! We get home, he comes over, PLUGS IN THE SYSTEM and what do you know, ta da, it is fixed. Happy me. Silly me.
Day 5: Now What!
At 6:30pm the sprinkler system turns on...what on earth! It is set for 10:00pm. I march downstairs, check the timer, yup, set for 10:00pm...weird. I shut it off, reset it, and march back up the stairs. Sprinklers turn on at 10:00pm and I go to bed annoyed, but smiling.
Day 6: Wow!
At 6:30pm the sprinkler system turns on again...GGGRRR!!! I march downstairs and turn it off. I march back up the stairs ranting and raving as I go. We call the friendly neighbor a few hours later. He tells us what to do, it is simple, I feel dumb. I march back down the stairs, fix the problem, and FINALLY fix the system. I march back up the stairs, scared to even hope.

Day 6 night
It works!
Success, finally. And hopefully a green lawn in the future.

So now, yet again, I understand my dad. I grew up on 2 1/2 acres of gorgeous trees, endless flowerbeds, a garden the size of our house, a HUGE play area, an awesome fire pit surrounded by mounds and trees, and LOTS AND LOTS of grass. It is a dream yard, and the highlight of my childhood. Needless to say, yard work was an ongoing, never-ending project. But, we all loved it for whatever reason. I will never forget running over a sprinkler head with the lawn mower and just cringing. No matter where dad was, somehow he would know and come running out in a rage. "There goes another $5.00" or "there goes another sprinkler head!" or "who did it this time!" How did he always know! It was amazing...a true talent I tell ya. I never got it...what was the big deal. (We won't even go into the time I mowed over an entire lilac bush...oops)
Anyway, now I get it, oh, I do. And if I never see another sprinkler head for the rest of my will be too soon.

Side note:
I have finally figured out how to do my hair, and I LOVE IT! I am still embarrassed about the pictures I posted in the last post for some reason. I like my hair in those pictures, but I like it even better now. I still hadn't figured my hair out at that point. I would take more pictures now, but I will spare myself the weirdness and just wait and post pictures that I happen to be in later.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I like you?

So, I really like my new hair style. The biggest reason...BODY!!! You can't really tell in the pictures, no matter how hard I tried, but my hair really does finally have body. I am still figuring out how to style it. Hair is an me at least. And I for one, stink at art. I just have to figure out how to poof it more on top and make it stay for more than 5 min.
I feel so funny taking pictures of myself for stuff like this, and I totally felt like a dork, as you can probably tell. Just look at the hair and ignore the rest. Thanks Ben for being the hair photographer even though you were in a mad rush to get out the door. I love it though and it feels great! I am really glad I took the plunge. Ta Da! So....what do YOU think?


Monday, May 11, 2009

The best part of school...

Ever since Mary started preschool, I have anticipated some sort of program. I LOVE school programs for some reason, and I was so excited to get the news that Mary's class would be doing one. I don't care if the child is 4 or 14, I think it is so dang cute! I will admit though, that a bunch of 4-5 yr. olds really know how to ham it up.
I was so proud of Mary! She is the most outgoing, smiley, happy girl at home...but few people really know that. In public, she can be so shy that she won't even smile when someone says hi. She has been dubbed a "grouch" or an "unhappy child" because of this, it always breaks my heart. If they only knew. She is actually the most adorable, fun-loving, spunky, friendly, 4 yr. old I know.
Anyway, Mary sang all the songs, and even did her own part in the play (she was the pig with the house of straw). She said all the words and did it all with a smile. That is BIG news for my little Mary. I was BEAMING (out of happiness for Mary feeling comfortable enough to do this)! She also said the prayer in primary last week on her own. I had to tell her what to say, but she actually said it. Another big breakthrough. Her fun personality is slowly coming out of the shell, and soon the world will know the Mary I see. It will be a better place because of it!

(above) Singing their cute little songs with the actions.

"The Three Little Pigs" play. I love the picture of Mary in her house of straw. She poked her head out just to smile at Ben and I and make sure we were watching. She was so proud. She said her parts loud and clear...big news for Mary!
Notice that her pig hat is her favorite color...rainbow!

Eating ice cream after the presentation with some of her good friends..."the Katherine's" I caught them at the wrong time I guess.

This is a little book Mary made for me in preschool. She gave both Ben and I gifts that she made in school. I laughed so hard that I cried when I read this. It is great. Here are just two of the pages, but the others are just as hilarious!

I also thought I would mention (for record's sake) that Mary's favorite color is and has been rainbow. It cracks me up! I love it though. She finally was able to take her earrings out, so we let her pick out her first pair of new earrings. These are the ones she chose. They are big and loud and all sorts of "rainbow." I wanted to say no, but I couldn't resist letting her share that fun part of her, even if it was through a silly pair of earrings.

Ben was able to make it to most of the program (which Mary was so happy about), and he got a bag of stuff as well. He got this cute little picture Mary drew of she and daddy. I got the "rainbow" recipe holder and the recipe, but Ben got the actual food listed on the recipe in his bag. Too bad I am pregnant, and can't go an hour without eating, so I basically ate all of it before the program was even over. oops. It was really good, and hey, I have the recipe, so I will make more for dad. He got a little of it though. He is so nice to share with his bottomless pit of a wife.

This is part of something I got for Mother's Day. Mary thought this up all on her own. No help from dad. It is a friendship paper for me and Ben. We each get 1/2 of it, and when we are together, we put it together and the picture of Mary is complete. She told me that it means that when dad and mom are together, we get to have Mary. That meaning can go pretty deep, if you think about it long enough. She even wrote "mom" on my half and "Dad" on Ben's. We also got her handprint on each of our pieces. So so so precious. I will keep this forever. It totally beats those friendship necklaces I wore in gradeschool. Although, those are pretty classic.

So there you have it. A spotlight on Mary for the day. She deserves it. I love you little girl...don't ever forget it!