My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Separation Anxiety...Anxiety.

And that is what I now have. Separation Anxiety Anxiety.

Let me explain.

Two weeks after we moved here, Ben and I signed up for a membership at Gold's Gym. Basically, I just sit there, while Ben puts his skills to work and gets us a crazy good deal.

Our membership includes access to the kids club, for all three of our kids. Yup, they take infants.

We walked into the gym and the kids were fine. We went into the kids were fine. We left the kids in the club and began our workout.

A few minutes later we are called back to the kids club. We knew it was probably the baby or Sam.

It was MARY!!! She was sobbing. Talk about a shock. Mary LOVES the kids clubs at gyms. Weird.

She was so upset, that we ended up coming home. We were very baffled.

Then Mary started kindergarten. I drove her to school, took pictures and sent her on her way. She was happy and excited. No problems.

Two weeks of school went problems at school, but still problems at the gym.

Then I drove to school one day to pick her up and she was crying. Weird.
She said that she was worried I wouldn't be there to pick her up. Double Weird. I am always there on time.

The next day, when I picked her up, she was sobbing and the teacher was holding her hand. Same story. What!

The next day, Mary didn't want to go into the school when the bell rang. Up to this point, she was going to school just fine, it was the leaving school that was the problem. She cried so hard that I had to park the car, get the boys and Mary out and walk her to her classroom. Her teacher said she was just fine once I left. What the heck!

The next day Mary was screaming her head off on the playground and literally wrapping her arms and legs around me. It was the beginning of a new track for some kids, so it was their first day of school. Parents and video cameras were everywhere. Um, yeah. She refused to go to her classroom when the bell rang and the teacher came to get them. It took two teachers to pry her off me and take her to class. I got a phone call the second I got home. I needed to come get Mary. They could not calm her down. She was having nothing short of an anxiety attack. I could hear her sobs and literal screams in the background. When I got to the school, the sight of Mary being that upset and sad made me cry. It was horrible. I just sat and hugged her while she clung to me and shook all over. I brought her home and she stayed with me the rest of the day.

That weekend, Ben had a work party, so we got a babysitter. Mary LOVES babysitters! We ended up being 45min. late for the party because Mary was beyond hysterical when we tried to leave. We ended up taking her across the street to the Bishops house (she loves it there). They watched our kids that night for us.

At church a few days later, Mary freaked out because there was a substitute teacher in her class. This has never been a problem...ever. She got so upset that she ended up going to the Sunbeam class, the one the Bishops's wife teaches. And she remained there the rest of the time. My 5yr. old was eating snacks with the 3-4yr olds. So crazy!

I have talked to Mary's teacher several times, talked to my mom, talked to Ben's mom (who works at two elementary school's) and I have researched stuff online. Mary has separation anxiety. Major!!!!

Her teacher assured me that Mary has a lot of friends at school and that no one is mean to her. I helped in her class today and I saw that Mary is happy at school and the kids are nice to her (aside from one boy who made fun of her glasses and made her cry...I about bit my tongue off trying not to totally let him have it. I am pretty sure my face was making all sorts of tweaks and pinches as I tried not to scream my head off. The teacher did a good job of disciplining him, but still...oh the rage).

Anyway, I have talked to Mary a lot. She says no one is hurting her. No one picks on her. She has friends. She just flat out misses me and worries that I will be gone forever once I am out of her sight.

That is the bottom line. It breaks my heart. I have shed a lot of tears for her this past week or so. It is a horrible thing to witness happen to your precious little girl.

Her teacher and I made a plan that seems to help. I walk Mary right up to the classroom door every day. No dropping her off at the curb like the other kids. The first day we did this William was screaming for food, Sam was in his awesome and totally nerdy orange striped feety pajamas (we call the candy corn p.j.'s) and I was wearing capri's with socks and had no make-up on. My feet are cracked, give me a break. It is all I can do to just get Mary up in the morning, fed and in the car. Now I get to take the whole family into the school everyday. It was awesome. The circus has come to town folks!

Mary also brings her stuffed cat to school with her. She loves this cat. It stays at the teacher's desk, and when Mary misses home, she tells her teacher and she gets to hug her cat. According to her teacher, the cat gets a lot of loves during the day.

After school, I GET TO arrive 10 minutes before school is out, in order to get a spot right in front of the school. Then, when I see the class coming out, I get out of the car and am waiting right at the school door when Mary gets to it. Thank goodness Sam and William are good sports.

I also spray Mary's arm with my perfume every morning, and when she misses me she smells her arm. The mornings I work out before taking her to school, she smells her armpit. j/k But that would probably be more accurate.

So far, this seems to help. She still gets very anxious before school, but we haven't had tears for two days now. We are still working on getting her to go to the kids club at the gym, but for now, Ben and I just have to tag team in order to keep Mary from totally freaking out.

I now get anxious anytime I have to leave her anywhere. I worry about the ordeal that lies ahead. I do my best not to show it and to be happy and calm for Mary. I call it separation anxiety anxiety. Not fun.

I feel so bad for her. The move, a new baby, starting school, new friends, new ward, new gymnastics class. It is a lot to take in for a VERY observant 5 1/2 yr. old.
I pray every day that she will feel more comfort and peace and that she will know that her momma loves her with all of her heart and she will always be there for her.

Edge, roll, touch up, repeat....

and repeat and repeat and repeat.

No, I don't tape. But, I am not saying it isn't a very important part of painting. I spent an entire summer painting houses, to make some $$, and I learned how to edge without using tape. In some instances, we did tape some, and we will tape when we do the stripes in Mary's room, and yes, it is a pain, but it does work. Anyway...on to the reason for the blog.

Yup, I am FINALLY putting all of my home decor plans to use. I love to think up home decor ideas in my head, and sometimes I will put stuff together on the computer, for future use. In fact, I think I have about 10 files on the computer, just for home decor ideas..for the future. I have tons of pages from home decor magazines stored away in a folder..for future use. I have been saving some here and some there, in order to purchase some home decor the future.

Well, the future is here! And once we got unpacked, it was off to the paint store. After all, paint/wall color is where you being when it comes to decorating. No, I don't really know what I am talking about, I got that from a home decor magazine. ;) But it makes sense. The walls were completely clean and freshly painted white when we got here(courtesy of the family that lived here before us). All prepped and ready to be painted. I could hear them calling.

I knew what colors I wanted, but I didn't know what shades of these colors I wanted. I spend days looking at paint chips in several paint stores and finally found a shade of green that I loved. (for the family room)

I tried to get some pictures of the colors of the rooms, but honestly, color just doesn't show up exactly how it looks, in a picture. It just doesn't happen. The green I picked for the family room turned out to be awesome. I lucked out on the first try. I am not a fan of the ever so popular sage green, because it does not match the decor I have, and it is too light for my style, so I went a few shades darker. It is not dark green either. How is that for confusing. In fact, I looked at so many greens, I can't even remember the name of the one I finally picked, and I don't want to go look at the paint can right now. I think it had the word "herb" in there somewhere.
This is what is looks like, and I LOVE it.

The next room was the kitchen. We did one wall in the same color of green as the family room. That was not in the plans, but I thought of it last minute, Ben liked the idea, and it turned out awesome. We wanted the rest of the kitchen to be light. I like light and happy kitchens. We decided to find a cream color with just a hint of green in it. Easier said than done. I came home, with what I thought was the perfect color, and it ended up looking bright yellow! It was so ugly! So I went back to the paint store and picked a new color. Again, easier said than done. I painted a strip of the wall with it and I didn't like it at first. Then it dried...and I really liked it! I don't know the name of this color either, but it is cool. I will call it "cool, cream, green, fun, mess-up-but-like color." I tried to take a picture of this color, but it just looked white in every picture. The green is so subtle, that the kitchen mostly looks cream, but with our awesome accent wall, it pulls the green out of the cream/green color.

And then it was on to the living room. One word...Holy Crap.
O.K. that was two words, but because I said it so much, it just became one big holycrapwhattheheckwasIthinking word.

In my mind, I could see this awesome tanish goldish color. Yeah, the guy at the paint store rolls his eyes now when he sees me coming, because I tell him stuff like that. So, I spent FOREVER looking at all of the tanish goldish colors and finally picked one. After painting a board with it and starting at it for days, I decided I didnt' like it. So, it was back to the paint store. This time I found the color I just knew was perfect.

I got the baby to sleep and painted part of the wall. I waited for the paint to dry, and at that point, I liked the color.
So, I went to town and painted like a mad woman until the baby woke up. I didn't stop to look at it much, because I wanted to go as fast as I could while I had time to do it. THREE hours later, I was dead tired and the room was done. I stepped back to look at my masterpiece and almost barfed. And if I had barfed, it would have blended right in with the walls. It was HORRIBLE!!! It looked like someone had rubbed mustard all over the walls and then peed on them, after eating a lot of vitamins (which turn your pee all sorts of cool colors) I wallowed in self pity at the waisted effort, paint, alone time, and $$, and waited for Ben to get home. As I predicted, Ben just looked at it then looked at me. He didn't like it, but didn't want to open his mouth in case I did like it. Good man. I told him I hated it, and I could see the relief in his eyes. I sulked for the next two days.

Then, it was back to the paint store. Same guy working, same eye roll. This time, I grabbed a ton of paint chips and went outside where the "true colors" came to light. I couldn't believe the difference. I ended up coming home with a color I never thought would be tanish goldish, but after another long nap from the baby, another three solid hours of painting from me, another day of painting the vaulted celilings with Ben and a ladder (that was no small thing folks, edging vaulted ceilings is nothing short of a really cool circus act), the room was complete! Well, almost. The couch we ordered for the room will be here Monday. It is very gorgeous and very victorian, just the way I like it.Oh yeah, and a picture of William, to fill that plain white spot in the frame. Oh, and the mirror to go above the couch, and maybe this cool coat hanger I have my eye on. Not to forget the candle holders that go on the wall, and the cool temple picture thingy I have in mind....O.K., so maybe not complete yet. But the painting is done! I call this room the "fancy room." I now love it.

Next will be the kids rooms. Mary's will be black, light pink and dark pink.
The boys room: dark green, burnt red (can't wait to try to describe this color to the paint guy) and dark brown
The toy room: outside theme, and it is a secret, but it will be SSSOOOOO cool! I can't wait.

Speaking of secrets...Ben and I were sustained on Sunday, so now we can say what are callings are. It didn't matter anyway, the day after we got our callings, the whole ward knew what they were. HA!
I am the activity days leader for the 10-11yr old girls. We had our first activity yesterday and had a good time. There are 10 girls, and they are all so cute and very kind. The lady I work with is really cool and she is a good friend already. I am VERY excited for this calling.

Ben is the Teachers Quorum Advisor. He is very excited as well. Lots of activities, and campouts. Male Bonding stuff. Perfect.

So, there you have it.

Anywhoo...We are painting machines here at our house. It is a lot of work, but I love what it does to the place. Edge, roll, touch-up, repeat. That's the story folks.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good Eats?

Friday night, Ben not only came home early, but he had a work dinner that night (yippee!) and a babysitter already lined up. Perfect words to a frazzled mom.

After a serious babysitter saga (Mary is having major issues right now when it comes to me leaving her sight) and Mary and Sam ending up at the Bishops house for a movie and popcorn and friends, it was off to the Cheesecake Factory.

I ordered this INCREDIBLE barbecue ranch chicken salad. I kid you not, it was big enough to feed our entire family for two nights! I think I ate for 15 minutes and it didn't look like I had even taken a bite. Talk about bang for your buck. The picture was taken in the to-go box after my third time eating it. Still enough for two more people.

The next day was a Cintas work picnic for the whole family. The company was great, the park was great, the food....not so much. Let's just say that when I asked for corn on the cob, the lady used a SPATULA to slap on about a pound of butter, then she proceeded to throw about a cup of cheese all over it, THEN she pulled out the liquid butter and poured it all over it. The corn was topped with paprica, slapped on a plate and handed to me. I could feel my arteries freezing in place as I watched in horror.

That evening, there was the 11th annual Crawdad Picnic. It is a neighborhood tradition. Again, the park was awesome, the company was very awesome, and the OTHER food everyone brought tasted great....the crawdad's, hhhmmmm After a visual on how to break off the legs, head and shell, as well as an explanation that at one point described how to remove the "large vein", my crawdad experience was officially over. Crawdads should just remain in the water eating trash, where they belong.

Three parties in one weekend, not bad huh! 4 parties in one week. I think we picked the perfect spot!

Oh yeah, and if I thought baking in Colorado was tough, check out these babies! Talk about a kitchen disaster. I bet you can't even guess what they are supposed to be. Believe me, it tasted great, but was not worth the calories.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Facebook Post

I just put my status on facebook, and then all sorts of things came to my mind that I could post on facebook. I realized that a few things are going on around here. Nothing big or anything, but just stuff, ya know. So, I decided to blog about it. Mainly, to organize it all in my head, and also to read and remember later. Not to mention that a million facebook posts in 10 minutes would be a little strange. So...

It is back to the OB for me today. Hopefully I will get answers today. Geeze, I hate that place. It is a love/hate thing I guess, because I am grateful for doctors.

Mary goes to her new gymnastics gym tomorrow (Olympus Gymnastics) where they will be testing her to see what level to put her in. The level they are thinking about practices twice a week for 3 1/2 hours each time! Mary is so excited. I am too, but I am nervous as well. I hope she can handle it after being out of gym for three months.

We finished painting the kitchen on Saturday. The color wasn't the one I picked, but I ended up LOVING it even more than what I had in mind. It is really, really cute. This Saturday we will paint the family room, and the main floor will be done!!! Then it is on to the kids rooms and the toy room. I am VERY excited for those rooms, because they will be very fun.

I started running again on Saturday. Then I made the mistake of mowing 1/2 the lawn when we got home. Ben mowed the other half. We also painted that day. I woke up Sunday morning sore in every single spot on my body! Oh, the pain!
I ran again this morning, and it went much better. It feels so good to be back at the gym. I was all grins this morning when I got home.

Ben and I got our new church callings yesterday morning. Once we are set apart next week, I will post them. Until then, it is hush hush. I am way excited about mine though, and Ben's fits him perfectly. It will be fun to begin serving in our new ward.

We went to a party at the Bishops house on Saturday and had a great time! They hired this guy to sing and play the guitar and he was AMAZING! We got to know a lot more people, ate some yummy food, and had a good time.

Before we moved here, we pushed and pushed and pushed for Mary to get on Track D for school. Yes, we are on the track system here, and yes, I actually really do like it. I didn't think I would, but it is growing on me. Anyway, so we did all we could to get Mary on track D, so she would have time to adjust to the move before school started. All of the other tracks began two days after we moved here. After I talked to a secretary several times, and I was VERY frusterated the last few times, Ben actually ended up calling the same secretary and kindly but firmly letting her know that he would talk to her boss if she didn't start working with us. (that lady ended up being in our ward, when we met her, she said "oh, I already know name is *&^% and I work at your daugter's school. In fact, we have talked quite a few times. Here are some cookies we made for you." um..yeah. AND her husband is the first counselor in the bishopbric. AWKWARD doesn't even begin to describe that moment, but that is a post for another day) Mary ended up on Track B in morning kindergarten. The two things we asked NOT to have. Now that Mary is settled and we are to, we are really enjoying Track B. But we were not happy about it for a while there.
I got a phone call today from the school saying that a spot in Track D is open now, and that Mary can have it. HELLO!!!! She would have to switch teachers, class times, and classes. Talk about messing up a kid. I called Ben, we had a good laugh, then I called the school back and told them that Mary is just fine where she is. Track D would have been nice a few weeks ago. Thanks but no thanks.

Mary and Sam bought lemonade from a stand some kids made down the street. They came home with cups of grapejuice with cinnamon mixed in them.?! They were told that they got that kind because the kids were all out of the "oil" kind. I am talking car oil mixed with grapejuice. No more "lemonade" stands for us.

We went to Temple Square yesterday evening in Salt Lake City. It was one of the best experiences I have had there (aside from getting married, of course). I think it was because this time, we had our children with us. The statues, pictures, buildings, temple, missionaries, movies, ect. brought about tons of questions from our kids. It was an excellent teaching opportunity for Ben and I. We were learning and feeling the spirit together as a family. There is nothing more important to me. It was awesome. There is so much to do there, and we plan on going back very often. We are also planning to go see some pioneer monuments and sights as well. I feel so blessed to live to close to something that is so dear to my heart. I am very grateful that we will have that as such an amazing tool to help teach our children about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

O.K. that's about it for now. I know I am forgetting something, but Professor Chubbs is calling/starving, and I need to go pinch his fat cheeks and squish his fat thighs for a while.


Friday, August 13, 2010

10 Weeks!

That's right, my baby is 10 weeks old today! He had his well baby check this week, and he is doing great. Here are some fun facts about Professor Chubbs.

At 10 weeks he weighed in at a whopping 13lbs 14 oz!

He is our most happy and content baby.

He still has horrible acid reflux and a bad protein intollerance, but with the right stuff, he is just fine. HOORAY!

He smiles A LOT and is starting to giggle.

He rolls over from belly to back. If you don't believe me, there is a video on the blog, or just ask the several people who have seen it.

He loves to be outside. I put his swing in the garage with the garage door open and we sit and watch the kids play in the cul-de-sac. It is Will's favorite thing to do.

He is in the process of cutting his two bottom middle teeth. He is following Mary and Sam in the teething department. Get em' all, get em' fast, get em' young. We can see them clearly. They are just about through the last layer of gums! Hopefully today will be the day.

He sucked his thumb for a few weeks and then suddenly stopped. It was cute while it lasted.

He sleeps 6-7 hours a night. Last night he went 8! Bliss! He is the first of our kids to start sleeping through the night at 7 weeks. The others were up every two hours until about 3 months old. I feel that it is our gift from the Lord for surviving the first month of Will's life sleeping about and hour or two a night with a screaming baby the rest of the time.

He is beginning to grasp objects and put them up to his mouth.

He is absolutely adorable and so chubby! We love him so much.

Happy 10 weeks Will!

p.s. nothing was found during my ultrasound, but I am still having the symptoms of something going wrong. Not sure what the next step is, but in the main time, I will continue on with life, and just do my thing. Having William here with us is worth whatever may come.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Running Shoes,

Oh how I miss thee, let me count the ways.
1 lb. 2 lbs. 3 lbs........

William was born exactly 10 weeks ago today! So, it has been exactly 10 weeks since I have done any sort of work out aside from moving and painting (which is actually a LOT of work). I worked out consistently up until the day before Will was born, but it was all on the running. It did make the recovery so much better, and I was more fit before and after giving birth, but with the move and the recovery, it all came to a complete stop once the baby was out.

Now that we are moved in and getting settled, and I am all recovered from the birth (aside from some things going on that we are still looking into), there is one thing that is on my mind....RUNNING!!!

Oh, how I miss running. I miss the cool crips early morning air. The feeling of my body systems all working in once giant rhythm together in the calmness of the air. The sound of my feet pounding the pavement and my breath coming out in steady even intervals. The feeling of the endorphins blasting through my body. The knowledge that I am fit, healthy and living life doing what I love. Arriving back at my home, happy, refreshed and ready for the day. Oh..can you feel it!

There is nothing like it, and TOMORROW , I will begin running once more! I am elated. I won't begin running outside until I can run pretty far (and I mapped out a gorgeous run here that goes around a lake), but we went to Gold's Gym last night and totally scored a crazy good deal there! It is so cheap it should be a crime. Just looking at the treadmills last night got me all giddy and excited. They even have a dark room with a full size movie screen and surround sound for the "long runs and cardio workouts." Hilarious!

Tons of women in my ward are runners, and each year a few of them do a relay called the ragnar. It is a total of 100+ miles, and goes throughout the night. I am joining this group of girls and we will be running it in just under a year from now. You run anywhere from 3 to 9 miles during your leg of the run, and everyone has three legs of the relay to run. I am also signing up for the St. George Marathon lottery in a few months as well. If I get in the race, it will be next October. If I don't get in, I will sign up for another marathon here in Utah.

I am more than ready to get rid of this pregnancy flab and frumpiness, and get my running shoes on. It all begins tomorrow! Hooray!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Life has been non stop here in Utah. Our first week here has been crazy, but so good! I didn't know what to expect, but I honestly didn't expect to be in such a cool spot. Our cul-de-sac is a blast. The picture is taken from our front porch, so our house isn't in it, but this is what some of the cul-de-sac looks like.

The kids play non stop with about a million other kids. The adults just talk with whoever happens to be outside at the moment, so I have made a few friends already. Everyone just leaves their garage doors open and kids run all over the place. There are bikes, skooters, balls, toys, popsicles, and everything in between. The Bishop lives across the street and they have a swimming pool in their backyard that they have basically opened to the neighborhood. There has been a pool party almost every day. We joined in for the first time yesterday. Up until then, we have been very busy getting settled. Mary and Sam crash every night, but they crash happy.

We have only been here a week, and we already saw an apostle. We went to a wedding reception, and what do you know...Elder Christofferson (spelling?) walks in. So crazy. It was neat to show the kids who he was.

Mary is really enjoying kindergarten. She is a lot more tired in the evening, but she is a schedule girl and she is loving having a constant every day (where did she get that??? ;) ). We had a little too much fun school shopping, and it is fun to see her all decked out in her fun clothes every day before school. Her teacher is very sweet and the kids in her class get along well so far. I still can't believe she is in school, but it has been a good thing. Now if we can just get her to wear her glasses in class....

We also just finished painting the family room!! It is a really cool green color. Not too light and not too dark. I have been waiting years to be able to paint, and we are finally doing it. I was so nervous about the color and it took me forever to finally pick one and to get the guts to finally paint the walls. It took Ben and I most of the day to get it done, but I LOVE IT! I am so excited about how the room looks! I can't wait to start on the kitchen and living room next. I am still debating on the kitchen color. It will either be the same color as the family room, or else a cream/tan color. I need to decide soon. I just found the perfect color for the family room. When we were at the wedding reception, I fell in love with the color of the walls at the reception place. I asked a lady what color the walls were and she went down to the basement and found the paint can and wrote the formula down for me. ha! Pretty cool huh. I hope the store can re-create the same color. It is really neat. I have so many decor ideas in my head, and I am finally making them a reality. It has been really fun.

The days seem to be one big blur, and most of the time I don't even know what day it is, but we are getting a lot done, and we are doing our best to settle down a little. We are very happy here and we feel so blessed to be guided here by the Lord. We are grateful that we found this home in such a great area. It was not a coincidence. The Lord knew that we needed this in order to be able to leave Colorado and still be happy. I didn't think that was possible, but we really are enjoying it here already. I miss my friends, and today, I did think about the good ol' Briargate Ward and get a lump in my throat, but I can tell that we will be just fine here and that time will only make things even better.

On a more serious note, I have been experiencing some complications since the baby was born 9 weeks ago, and they are only getting worse. I finally made it in to the doctor two days ago. I will have an ultrasound on Tuesday to see what is going on (the doctor is pretty sure that parts that should have come out during labor are still in), and most likely a D&C will be done. I am nervous to see what becomes of all of this, but I am just trying to have faith that things will be o.k.

So, that is about it for this week. It is really hard to find time to blog, or even check my email, but I am doing what I can. Love to all!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1st Day of...

Kindergarten, work, and new home!!!!

Let's start from the beginning.

A few days before the move, my whole family got sick. Sam was the worst. It was some nasty cold that just flew through everyone like wildfire! Everyone had a horrible sore throat, a cough, fever, chills, ect. Both my parents, my sister and brother, Sam, Mary, my nephew, and I all ended up sick. Me and my kids as well as my mother also got pink eye. To top it off, I ran out of formula for the baby, and Walgreens in Pocatello didn't have any. William's formula can only be purchased through a pharamacy. I had to give the baby a few bottles of regular formula. We ended up driving to the Idaho Falls hospital (45 mintes away) at midnight, to get William's specifice formula. The NICU there was the only place that had it. The baby only had a few bottles of regular formula, but it was bad. He was throwing up all over the place and he was screaming. It was so, so sad. He was miserable for a few days because of that.

Becaue of all of this, I was near a nervous breakdown the day before we moved. Major panic. We are all doing much better now, thank goodness.

We arrived in Utah Saturday afternoon, just 15 minutes before Ben arrived as well. It was great to see Ben again and to have our family back together. My sister Kelsey came with us to help us move in for the next two days. Having her here proved to be our saving grace. She was a god-send, and a HUGE blessing. We pulled in the driveway, and right away there were neighbors at the door. They were so nice and very down to earth. We hit it off immediately. A lot of guys from the Elders Quorum in our new ward showed up just 1/2 hour later and we had a ton of help unloading the truck. Everyone was so incredibly nice! We had dinner brought to us, we have had brownies, cookies and cupcakes delivered to the door, and so many cool people introducing themselves. Just on our little cul-del-sac there are three girls Mary's age and three boys Sam's age. The kids are very friendly and I see them out there playing all the time. Perfect.

We were completely exhausted that night, and we all just slept on a mattress on the floor. Ben and I also went to IKEA and bought some furniture that we needed for the house. We had to get it while we still had the moving truck to haul it with. We also had to get food at Walmart that night. I felt like the living dead, so did Ben. We were so very tired.

I had a hard time that night. I always have a break down during the moving in process. I do fine with the packing, driving, ect., but I always freak out when the house is full of boxes, we don't know where anything is, we don't know anyone, the kids are tired and cranky, the baby is upset, and I just feel so unorganized, lost and out of wack. I prayed really hard that night.

The next day (Sunday) we worked from sun up to sun down...literally. We didn't go to church because we all still had pink eye, but it didn't stop us from working. We were sweating the entire day. We worked and worked and worked. Kelsey totally saved us. The extra set of hands was very needed. One person had the kids while the other two unpacked and set things up. We got about 70% of our stuff unpacked and set up that day. We met more neighbors, learned more about the area and I began feeling more settled and excited.

On Monday, we worked really hard again and finished getting all moved in by that evening!!!! Kelsey worked up until it was time for her to leave. She headed back to Pocatello that night. It was so great to have her here. She has helped me so much this past month with everything. It has been fun to spend so much time with my sister. She came with us to Mary's school for her parent/teacher conference. It was so weird to see my kid sister (10 years younger than I) holding Mary's hand. My sister is graduating this year, and Mary is starting Kindergarten. It was just a crazy time warp moment. I remember the day Kelsey started Kindergarten, and here she was, helping my daughter during her first days of Kindergarten. It was special.

Ben's mom came last night, right before Kelsey left. She will be leaving tomorrow. It has been fun to have her here for a few days. And the help is wonderful.

We just have a few pictures to hang and a load to take to the dump, and that's all folks. The dreaded move in process is over! I cannot tell you how relieved I am. I have been dreading it for weeks and weeks...truly. I HATE moving in, but it is over, and the fun has started.

The more we get to know people and the area, the more amazing this place is. Our neighborhood is very nice, clean, and cute. We are out and away from Salt Lake City, and it feels like we have space, but we are right next to some awesome stores and great shopping. Everyone is very nice and very friendly. We were worried about people being kind of weird and fake (I know, that was rude), but so far, everyone seems to be very genuine and really cool. There are a ton of couples our age or just slightly older, kind of like our ward in Colorado. Our cul-de-sac is great! Everyone kept on telling us that this is their favorite place to hang out, and so far it seems like a fun street to live on. I feel very comfortable here already.

As far as the home...we really like it. It is so cute! It has been so fun to decorate it and brainstorm all sorts of ideas. I can't wait to start painting!!! The kids LOVE the big yard and the park that is literally over the fence. It is a great home for us, and we will make lots of memories here.

Mary was able to go to the school and meet her teacher, Mrs.Jensen yesterday, and Ben and I got to talk with her as well. The school is only 3 years old and it is NICE. It is a great school. The name of the school is Midas Creek Elementary.

Mary started kindergarten today!! We talked to her last night about being nice, and about obeying her teacher. We told her stories from when we were in kindergarten, and about how fun it is. Ben also gave her a school blessing.

This morning we got her all dressed up in her new school clothes, got some food in her tummy, put her glasses in her adorable pink glasses case (with silver stars and handles), got her backpack on, and headed out the door.

When we got to the school, she walked right over to the other kids on the playground and started playing with them. The teacher came out and got them all lined up and then they walked in to the classroom. Mary was so happy and excited. There were no tears and there was no looking back.

Walking in to class.

This is Mary's class all lined up and ready to go in to class. Her teacher, Mrs. Jensen, is the lady with the bangs standing to the right of the kids.

I thought I would be sad to let my little girl go, but she is just so ready for this, and I just feel like it is a great thing for her. I was not sad. I worry about her safety and about kids being mean, but overall, I am just so excited for her.
Her school is year round, and she is on a great track. I didn't like the idea at first, but now I love it! It is perfect for vacations and we don't have too long of a summer for her to get bored. It will be just right for us.

Ben also started work today. I am anxious to hear all about it when he gets home. He met his sales team a while ago during a training, and he was really impressed. His manager is awesome, and Ben said it is a great group to be working with.

And here we are. I can't believe it actually. So much has happened. I don't think I have had time to really sit down and let it all sink in.
I miss Colorado a lot, and I really miss my friends. It is hard to be the new kid on the block.

But at the same time, I can't believe how good and right it feels to be here. I have been so happy the past few days. My spirit just feels good. I am suprised by this, because I thought I would be so sad and homesick. I normally take a long time to emotionally adjust to a new place. This time, I felt at home from the first few minutes of being here. That is saying a lot, because this is a move that we did not want to do. I expected a long and hard next little while. Instead, I feel so peaceful and happy. It is hard to describe. Right when I drove in, I just felt so good in my heart. I felt peace. It is home and it is where the Lord wants us to be.

And so the next chapter in our lives begins.