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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

home away from home

Mary's gym, Heber Handspringers, moved locations during the Christmas break.

Mary offered to help move the gym, and she worked HARD to help take everything down and to empty out the pit.

She told me it was like moving her home.  I totally understand what she meant.

She had been there for so long.  Her coaches are not only her coaches, but her friends and examples.  She has a solid trust built with them, and they know her so well. Her teammates are some of her very best friends in and out of the gym.  The gym is absolutely a second home to her, and has been for 3 1/2 years.

Unfortunately, the building her gym moved in to does not have enough room for the equipment.  The tumble track that Mary does her passes on, is only half the regulation size, so she can only do half of her pass, and then do the other half on her next turn. Definitely not ok.

The double mini runway is not long enough to take more than a few steps, and there is a giant pole in the middle of it, so the kids can not get enough speed to get enough height to do their skills on the double mini.

There is no pit to safely practice new skills in to, and the ceiling is low, so the trampolinists are hitting their heads.

We are very, very sad, but it looks like Mary will most likely have to switch gyms, and go somewhere else if she wants to continue to progress in the sport.  Especially now that she is officially an upper level tumbler.   Heber Handspringers can no longer accommodate upper level tumblers, and the skills they need to do. The closest gyms are down the canyon, and the best gym she could go to is about 45 minutes away. ugh

It is very, very hard for Mary to think about leaving Bev and Jessica, her coaches, and all of her friends, but it may be necessary. She has shed quite a few tears already.

We will see how the next little while goes, ( her first meet is this Saturday), but I don't think it will work to do her full passes for the first time at competitions. We will give it a shot though.

Definitely a hard and sad situation for Mary and for her second home.


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