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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, January 27, 2017

winter of all far

We have had quite the January so far!  After years of below average snow fall, and drought, we have kind of gotten used to more mild winters, without a ton of snow.

This January is making up for it!!!

We have been blasted with one big storm after the next after the next after the next.

The ski resorts around here are at 200%  with snow coverage right now.  Ben and the kids, aside from Molly, are totally utilizing that this year!

If it isn't snowing, it is gorgeous and sunny, but usually in the negatives and snot freezing, angry thoughts, cold.

The neighborhood looks like a wonderland.  There are igloos, snow forts, snow tunnels, and snow man everywhere.  The piles of snow go up to the swings, the trampoline, over most of the bushes, and some are even high enough to sled down.  It is a kid paradise....if they like the snow...which my children do, I mean seriously, Ben is their dad.

It is hard to see, but this is a path where the sidewalk is.  The walls of snow on both sides are taller than Luke.

The snow in our yard....not the drifts, but the actual snow in the yard, is up to the bottom of our swings.

The snow is beautiful, when it is fresh and when the sun is out.  There is also something to be said of the silence and peace in the air as big huge flakes flutter down from the sky.

There is unfortunately something to be said about freezing my butt off, getting stuck in the dang driveway 3 times so far, my little kids being trapped inside because the snow it literally too deep, and just the feeling of never ending gray and cloudy skies.

On those "winter blues" days, I keep telling myself over and over and over, it is beautiful, it is peaceful, it is helping with the drought, and it is making for some awesome waterskiing in the summer!

Oh sweet, dear, blessed, warm, green, sunny summer.  How I miss you.

In the mean time, Ben can enjoy is snow skiing dream winter, my kids can have a winter like none other, and I can start wearing warmer clothes to the gym.  :)

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