My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

oh happy day

I made a decision 15 weeks ago.
I decided, and came to terms with the fact that if I want to see changes in my body, I am going to have to change my diet, a lot.
Up until a few years ago, I have been able to eat pretty much what I want, within reason, and work it all off at the gym.
I have lost the baby weight between each pregnancy, and have always gotten my body mostly back to where I have wanted it, before becoming pregnant again.
The past few years however, I have noticed that even though I work out the same, my body is hanging on to that lovely "layer" that was given to me from having 5 babies.
I finally came to grips with the fact that yes, I am older, yes my metabolism may be slowing a little, and yes, I am going to have to change my diet.
So I did.
And it honestly hasn't been that hard.
My goal was to lose 15 pounds by Christmas.  That gave me 15 weeks to reach my goal.
And I did it!!!
I weighed myself on Christmas Eve, and I had hit my goal weight for Christmas! Merry Christmas to me!  Best present ever.
I now have about 7 more pounds to go to get to my final goal weight, and I am hoping to accomplish this by Sam's Birthday in February.
I am basically reducing carbs dramatically, and hardly eating any sugar at all.
Bye Bye bread, milk, pasta, pastries, BBQ sauce, cereal, ice cream and about 100 other things.
Normally, this diet would be my worst nightmare.  And when I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy, and was forced on this was my worst nightmare.  I hated every single minute of it, and I cried a lot.
This time around, it has honestly not been that hard at all, and I attribute it completely to this.

And the fact that I can eat as much cheese as my heart desires.  :)

I do not sell Shakeology.  I am not a Beachbody coach.  I have no benefits from getting others to do Shakeology at all, but I will gladly talk all about how much I love to, and how amazing it has been for me, to anybody that will listen.

I have one shake for lunch every day.  I mix it with Adams peanut butter, one banana and a bunch of water and ice.

That's it.

And I honestly can say that it completely kills any cravings I have for sugar or carbs.  Not only that, but it completely tops of my body with every vitamin, mineral and nutrient that it needs, and I can totally tell!!

My hair grows faster, my skin feels better, my digestive tract is smooth sailing, and I just don't feel depleted of anything.  The best part for me though, is that is kills the cravings.

I got my shakeology for the month in the mail the other day, and they added in this cool water bottle, and a "golden scoop" because I have hit one year of using Shakeology.  I laughed my head off at the whole golden scoop thing, but honestly, I am so glad I found this stuff.

I feel great, I feel healthy, and I am finally feeling comfortable in my own skin.

Not only that, but my kids love it too!  I am kind of stingy with it, because it is crazy expensive, but who can turn down a kid who is begging for a crazy nutrition boost of goodness.

ok, so the cup is a little big for his tiny cute face.

It is not all kicks and giggles though.  I work my butt off every day at the gym.  I run a ton,  I do the elliptical, I do crazy hard classes, and I change it up constantly so I don't plateau.

I have passed up all Halloween candy, all treats at ward parties, family gatherings, Christmas parties, Birthday parties, work parties, and so on.

I did not relax even one tiny smidgen for 13 solid weeks, and then I let myself have apple pie and ice cream on Thanksgiving.  I don't feel bad about that at all, and I didn't at the time.  It made me pretty dang sick, but I have to be ok with letting myself have a treat once in a while.  That is part of making this a lifestyle...not a diet.

After that, it was right back at it, no bending at all until Christmas day. That was pretty fun, but dang, after that day, I felt so sick and gross that I couldn't wait to get back to my regular habits. It actually makes it easier to do what I am doing after I have some treats, because I feel so gross.

Now I am right back at it again.

It feels so good to be losing the weight and feeling so healthy.  It makes it easier when it feels so good...and when have my Shakeology ready and waiting!!

The End.

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