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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

;ast week of 2016 and a big welcome to 2017

The week following Christmas was all sorts of ups and downs.

It was complete chaos, mayhem, noise, fighting, messes, my anxiety hitting an all time high, one minute, and the next minute it was playing, laughing, cleaning, having fun, sleeping in, and enjoying the break. 

Ben's parents came for a visit the day after Christmas.  They stayed for a few days.  It was great to have them here.  JoJo rescued me right as I was completely falling apart from such a huge week, and so much mayhem surrounding me.

She and Lonnie played with the kids and let them show them all of their new Christmas toys.  JoJo took all of the kids to see a movie in Park City and then took them out for ice cream after.  I stayed home and finally go a good hold on the Christmas aftermath, and I also sat down and just took a breath for the first time in weeks.  It was wonderful for everyone!!!

The next day, I went to the gym, and then I got my hair done!  It felt so rejuvenating and wonderful to go get my hair done (it is about 8 months overdue), and to know that my kids were in good hands at home.  I didn't feel worried or rushed.  Working out and then getting my hair done was just what the doctor ordered for a mommy who had just spent months planning for Christmas, pulled off a Birthday party and a Christmas Eve party back to back, wrapped, bought, and planned every single gift, made all of the neighbor treats, figured out all of the teacher gifts, friend gifts, bus driver gifts, family gifts, decorated the house, and so on.

I was more exhausted and half crazy than I even knew, and I tell you those few hours to pamper myself were heaven sent!!

When I got back home, and when Ben got back from work, we all headed to the Classic Fun Center, where Lonnie, JoJo, Ben and I divided and conquered while the kids, skated, scootered, jumped, slid, bounced, and ran around to their hearts content.  They had an absolute blast.  I admit, I even rented a scooter for myself...and it was really fun!!

We got home late and tired, so we just crashed afterward.  It was so fun though to do something together as a family and to all have a great time.  I love moments like that. 

Thursday morning, Lonnie and JoJo left and I immediately started taking down all of the Christmas decorations and packing all of us to head to Idaho, to my parents house.

I got up at 5:30 to get my work out done, in order to be home to say by to Lonnie and Jolene (who were so great to have here at Christmas time, and who were heaven sent to save my sanity and to give us all a boost), and to get us all ready to go to Idaho.

It literally took me 6 solid hours of working my butt off before we were finally out the door.

For our Christmas gifts this year, Ben and I each got some money from his December bonus.  I decided to use some of mine on getting the house professionally cleaned.  The cleaner called me and said she could come that very week, so before we left to Idaho, I really wanted to have all of our Christmas stuff down and put away, so they could scrub the house spotless! 

It was a HUGE exhausting day, and a ton of packing and movement, but we finally got out the door and headed to Idaho.  Mary and Sam were awesome helpers with carrying bins up and down the stairs, taking down Christmas d├ęcor, and even packing themselves.  They are great kids!

We made it to Idaho Thursday night, ate some dinner, and completely crashed.  It was a massive day.

Friday, I got up early and went to the gym for my interval workout.  I try really hard to keep my food and exercise habits going, even when on trips.  I always feel so much better when I do.  I love my parents gym anyway.

All of my siblings, aside from Ryan, were there that morning, so we let the kids play with their cousins, and I tried to hang out with my siblings before Tyler left that day.

In the afternoon, Ben and the kids, and their cousins and a few of my siblings went sledding.  I stayed back with Molly, so she could nap.  Idaho got a ton of snow that week, so sledding was great.

Other than that, we just played games, did puzzles, the kids watched all of the Star Wars (because the number 3.5 just came out), and we just enjoyed being on a trip.

Saturday I hit up the gym again, and when I got back, Ben and Taylor (Kelsey's husband) went skiing.

Kelsey, Devin, Nichole and their kids, and me and my kids went to a trampoline place, and jumped up a storm for an hour.

They had a gladiator type thing that William absolutely loved.  He would "battle" anyone that wanted to, even complete strangers.  It was hilarious!  He will grab any chance he can get to wrestle, smash and clobber people.  Love that big boy of mine.

It was a great thing to help the kids get their wiggles out, and it was fun for the adults too!
William and Sam


Mary and Luke

Devin and Kelsey

Molly and Lacey

Luke, Molly, Lacey, Mary

My girls

my minions

the crew

After we all got home and rested for a while, we decided to do the tradition tree burning early.  Devin and Nichole had to leave that night, and we wanted to do it before they left.

Right when it got dark, we got down to business.

It did not disappoint.

We even had these awesome lanterns to do for a little "pre-show"

Once the lanterns were floating through the sky, we pulled out the roman candles and let the flames begin!!!

We finished off the year watching football and some other movies and then watching the ball drop in New York City.

It was a great send off to 2016 and welcoming to 2017.

Sunday we went to my parents new ward that my dad is in the bishop bric in, and then just hung out with Kelsey, Taylor and the family.  It was pretty low key.

Monday, a big storm was coming, so we packed up and headed home.  It was quite the drive through some crazy roads, but we made it. 

We woke up to this! 

Amazing!  It hasn't stopped snowing since.

It was a great trip and a fun way to end our Christmas Break.

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