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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, May 19, 2018

mothers day

Mothers Day weekend was a good one.

Saturday was Sam's last soccer game with this team.  The weather was CRAZY!!  Right as the game was supposed to start, there was a huge downpour with thunder and lightening, so they postponed the game.  Once that storm passed, they started the game, but it began to hail like crazy, so the stopped the game until that storm passed.  Once they resumed again, the wind was nuts, but they kept playing through it.

The weather was so bad, that I was the only one that went to the game.  I was an idiot, and I was just wearing my gym clothes, because I had just finished working out.  I FROZE!!!

The game was good, and Sam had a great season.  He loved this team, and I feel like he learned a lot.  I noticed that Sam has become  much better with his foot work, and his confidence in taking shots at the goal has increased too. 

I am excited to see him continue on.

One last STORM cheer.
The rest of Saturday was spent cleaning, training the dog, and trying to entertain kids who were cooped up due to the weather.

Sunday, Mother's Day was a good day.  The kids gave me really cute homemade cards, and gifts they made in school.  The weather finally cleared up and the sun came out, which was a huge deal to me.  I really need the sun.
We decided to get everyone, including the dog, outside.  We went to the park.
While we were at the park, Sam asked me if I wanted to race him.  Somehow I had energy to spare, so I agreed.  I wasn't sure I could beat him, but I thought there was a good chance I could.  I run almost every day after all.

Once the kids heard that I was going to race Sam, they all wanted to race me.  We decided to have a family race.  Ben would be the finish line.  I figured Mary was the only one that would most likely beat me.

Well, we did the race and Sam and Mary completely smoked a LONG way!  They blasted past me and got way ahead.  I didn't have a prayer!  I couldn't believe it.

To make matters even more crazy, William also beat me.  Yup, my 7 year old.  For real.  I did not go easy on them at all.

I was so astonished by how badly I was beaten, that I called for a re-match.  That one was only worse. 

I am not a competitive person, with other people, so I wasn't bothered, but I was definitely shocked.  It was actually hilarious!
That is me, way, way back there in the blue sweater, running my absolute fastest.  And that would be Mary and Sam, absolutely trashing me.  haha!!!  William wasn't in this particular race, but he beat me every single time.

It was really fun to play with my kids and to be together as a family.  We all had a good time.  One the walk home, William walked up to me and said, "it's ok mom, maybe when you're older, like 90 or something, you will beat me."
Thanks William.

Church was great.  Mary was asked to speak in Relief Society about women in her life who have been Tender. 
She wrote the talk herself, and she wrote all about me.  It was very touching and very sweet.  I kept the talk.  It was so special.
 We had a yummy dinner after church, and Mary and her friends worked really hard the day before to make cake pops (my favorite dessert) for me.  They were so yummy!

We hung out after dinner.  We did some push up contests, sit up contests, and talked about each child and their special story of coming in to our family.

It was such a great day.

I am so blessed with my beautiful children, and to be a mother to them.

Being a mother is my greatest treasure and gift.

and another big, Big, BIG weekend

Three weeks ago, we had our biggest weekend of the spring to date.  Whew!

On Friday, Ben went on a field trip with Sam.  Sam is at a really funny age, and he decided that he and his friend Blake would walk the mile to Walmart and another mile back, to buy some treats for the field trip.  Sam came home with a giant bag of cereal!?!?  haha!

The field trip was to a baseball game. 

Ben and Sam had a great time, and Sam enjoyed his fruit loops. 

Friday night, I was looking on KSL, like I always do, just checking see if by some weird chance the dog I have been trying to find was for sale, at a reasonable price.  There were TONS of goldendoodles for sale, but none of them had any lab in them, and they were all way out of our price range.  I knew that if we got a dog, it would need to be in the spring, and the kids were old enough, in my opinion, to finally help.

That night, I finally found the perfect puppy breed at a great price.  Half goldendoodle, half lap.  YES!
Ben was already asleep, so I waited until the next morning to tell him.

The next morning we went to Molly and Luke's last soccer games.  Molly finally scored a goal and she was thrilled!  Granted, it was for the other team, but still.  She was so happy.  Luke also scored 2 goals and ended his season well.

Immediately after Molly's game, Mary and I headed down to Spanish Fork for her cheer tryouts at Hive.  Yup, Spanish Fork.  Mary had a great tryout and I was very, very impressed at the parent meeting with how the gym is run, the vibe of the coaches and the parents, and the entire package.  It will be a great place for Mary to be.
During all of this, Ben was deciding if he wanted the puppy or not.  We had to pick it up that very day if we wanted it.  I was pacing and trying to be patient, but Ben was definitely needing some time.
While I was at Mary's tryouts in Spanish Fork, Ben took the kids to Sam's soccer game in Alpine.  As soon as Mary's tryouts were over, she went home with Alina, and I drove to Alpine to watch Sam's game.  It was such a busy morning!
Sam had a great game, and Ben decided after the game that he was cool with getting the puppy.  I loaded all the kids in the car, and told them we were going to get a puppy.  They were more than excited!  It was so cute. 
Ben drove his car home, so he could do a bike ride, and I drove to Layton with the kids to get the puppy.  So, that morning, I drove to Midway, Spanish Fork, Alpine and Layton.
There were 10 puppies in the litter, and we had our pick.  They were all so cute, but one of them stood out.  He was the only one wagging his tail and he had an immediate connection to Sam.  We picked that one, and made the long drive home with our new puppy.
That night, after everyone had a chance to hold the puppy and to play with him, we decided to name him Charlie.  He is the cutest stinking puppy ever!

He always sleeps with his teddy bear.  If it is not in the crate, he will find it and drag it into the crate.  Heart melter!

It has been a very busy past 3 weeks training the dog.  Everyone has been pretty good about helping, but naturally, the bulk of it falls on me, because I am home all day.  He is a very smart dog, and has only had 2 accidents in the house since we brought him home.  It has taken a LOT of time and diligence on my part though, and yes, it is absolutely exhausting some days.  If he is out of his crate, he has to be watched like a hawk.  I am very obsessive about this, but it will pay off, it already is.
The nice thing is that Charlie is very smart and seems to be catching on quickly.  He loves to play with the kids, and he responds really well to love and treats.

I am totally in love with this dog, even though I am also exhausted.  The kids love him and they are so good to play with him and give him loves. He is definitely here to stay with us forever.

It is so amazing how much can be crammed into one day.  Wow.

disposal, dishwasher saga

As I mentioned in my last post, our disposal went out.  This caused our dishwasher to flood our kitchen floor, because the water in the dishwasher couldn't drain into a full disposal, that also couldn't drain.

When Ben got home from his bike race, he bought and put in a new disposal.  We used youtube and my dad to figure out how to do it, and we got it all installed and done.

That evening, I ran the dishwasher through.  I was so excited to not be doing dishes by hand anymore.  I know, I know, we are a spoiled generation.  BUT, doing 7 people's dishes by hand all freaking day long, is actually a lot of work.  Not to mention, we ran out of dish soap, so we had to do a few loads with baking soda and vinegar.

After the dishwasher was on for a little bit, it flooded the floor again!!  What the??  I soon realized that the dishwasher was not draining.

I called my dad and asked him if he knew what the problem could be. He mentioned that maybe the hose was blocked with something when the disposal wasn't working.  So, Ben and I pulled the dishwasher out, which made a huge flooded mess all over the floor, because the dishwasher was full of dirty water that was not draining.

We used every towel in the house.  Nice.

We too the tube off, and nothing seemed wrong.  ugh.  Ben called some plumbing places, but didn't really get answers as to why our dishwasher wasn't draining.  We finally accepted the fact that we had horrible luck, and that our dishwasher broke within days of the disposal also breaking.

Two days later, and two days more of doing dishes by hand, I took Molly to home depot to buy a new dishwasher.  I was so frustrated.

I picked out the dishwasher, someone had come to put it on a cart to get it in the car, and I was on my way to pay for it, when an employee walked by and asked me about our "dishwasher situation."  He ended up being a plumber, and for some weird reason, I told him about our disposal also breaking.  Right after I told him we had just installed a new disposal, he asked me if we had punched out the stopper in the disposal so that the dishwasher could drain into it.

Doh!  No, we definitely had not done that.  We didn't even know that was something you had to do.

This man saved us $550.  Not only that, but we would have taken our old dishwasher to the dump, unpacked the new one, installed it, and then been right back to square one, because it would not have drained either.  Who knows how many floods, how much money, and how much frustration it would have taken before we realized the problem. 

This little tiny piece. 

I am sooooo grateful for this man, and for his perfect timing.

I came home, told Ben, he punched out this little piece from the disposal, and BAM, dishwasher drained, disposal worked, and all was back to normal.  Hallelujah!

Kinda crazy that a few days later, I got in the car to go to the gym, and this was the scenario.
Tire was irreparable, and we had to buy a new one.

Things happen in three's right??  So, we are done.


big, Big, BIG weekend

Two weeks ago, we had one of the biggest weekends to date. 
Ben left on Thursday for a bike race in Moab.  He has been training hard for this race, and he was ready and excited.  It was an enduro race, so it was going to be a long race, and would require a lot of endurance.

Friday was the usual for me.  Pick up Boston and Beckham to babysit.  Get my boys off to school.  Take Boston to school.  Head to gym. Run 10 miles at the gym.  During my workout, take Beckham to school (his school is in the same building as the gym). Finish at gym. Pick up Luke from School. Feed Luke and Molly lunch.  Pick up Boston from school.  Feed him lunch.  Pick up Beckham from school.  Feed him lunch. 

After everyone was fed, I rushed over to the school, to take William's Birthday treats to his class.  William's birthday is a week after school gets out this year, so his teacher let him pick a day to celebrate it with the class.  I took donuts in to his class, and he was so excited!  He is a total ladies man, and when some of the kids in the class were telling me that William has crushes on ALL of the girls in his class, William just proudly said yes.  The girls just giggled.  It was hilarious.  Go William!!!  We all sang happy Birthday to William, and I stayed for a little bit to share the moment with him.  I love this cute kid.

After doing William's birthday donuts, I waitedt for Mary to get home, then went grocery shopping for the week.  After grocery shopping, I came home in time to greet my boys at the door from school.  The kids played until Boston and Beckham's dad picked them up.  Then, it was off to Sam's soccer game.  I dropped Sam up for warm-ups, then came home, fed everyone dinner, and packed us all up to head to Sam's game.  Sam's team had a GREAT game!  They finally won, and it was a big win.  6-1.  Sam had several shots on the goal and 2 assists.  I was so proud of him.

Sometime during the day on Friday, our disposal in our kitchen sink went out.  This was a huge pain, because it was backing up all of the water in the sink and making a smelly gross mess.  I made the mistake of running the dishwasher, and it backed up and ended up flooding the kitchen floor.  It was an epic disaster.  I spent the rest of the evening after Sam's game doing all of the dishes by hand and cleaning up the flooded kitchen.

Saturday morning Molly and Luke had soccer games.  I packed up the family and we went to their games.  They did awesome!  Molly has caught on quickly, and Luke scored 2 goals for his team.

After the games, I left Mary and her friend in charge, and I went for a long run. I didn't have a distance in mind, it was just a gorgeous day, I needed to get out, and I could feel that I had a long run in me.
It ended up being 16 miles!!!  It felt so good to be back outside again!  It was so pretty.
I about died the last few miles, but I pushed through. 
This view from my favorite running trail will never get old.

I came home to complete chaos, as expected.  I got everyone settled, took them all out for ice cream for babysitting, took some ibuprofen for my seriously cramping muscles, cleaned the house, packed us all up, and we headed to another one of Sam's games.  I was completely exhausted, but sometimes that has to be pushed aside.

This was another awesome game!  The team tied, but Sam had several shots on the goal and an awesome assist.

Ben got home Saturday night.  He did great at his race!  He felt good about it, had a good experience and placed well. I was happy for him.  This was a big deal to him, and he worked hard. 

We all crashed Saturday night.  BIG weekend.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

this boy can flip

When it comes to tumbling and flipping, Mary is usually the topic, and rightly so.  She is an amazing tumbler and has worked very hard to become such.

There is another tumbler in our family though, that has quietly honed in on his own skills, and is very gifted!

Sam has taught himself, a front flip on the ground, a standing back flip on the ground, a double front flip into a pit, and just today, he got his back full twist on the trampoline!!!  It took me 5 years of serious gymnastics training to be able to do that.   Sam has had no official training, and he just started trying it this week! 

The amazing thing about it all, is that Sam has had no coaching or classes.  It is all self taught.  Mary has helped him a lot along the way, and he spends hours out on her gymnastics mat or on the trampoline, but the fact is, he is pretty darn gifted!

There is a gym opening here soon with a class called "Big Air."  It is for boys that want to learn how to do flips and tricks for snow skiing, snow boarding, skateboarding, or just to flip.  Sam really wants to take the class, and I can't wait for him to do it.  He is so good already!

Sam has a lot of talent in that body of his.  He is less aggressive and serious as some of our other kids, so it can get overlooked at times, but when Sam really goes for something and puts his heart into it, he is pretty darn amazing!

Way to go Sammy!!

back full twist

im a gym spectical

I had quite the interesting week at the gym this past week.

On Monday, I decided to try out a new water bottle.  It has a straw built into it, and a spout that flips up.  Half way through my run, I was tiring out, so I decided to mix up some zip fizz in my water bottle.  I went over to the drinking fountain, poured in my zip fizz, added water, shook it all up, and placed in in the cup holder on my treadmill.

I ran another mile, and then decided to get a drink.  I waited that mile, because zip fizz is very fizzy...hence the name.  I wanted to give it time to die down a little, so it wouldn't be so bubbly in my stomach.

I stopped running, grabbed my water bottle, tilted my head back, opened my mouth, and flipped the spout open.

It was basically like a massive geyser of zip fizz went off.  I guess you could describe it as shaking up a can of soda and the opening it...times 10.  Zip Fizz came spraying out of the spout so fast and so hard that I shrieked.  It was spraying all over my face, my hair and my clothes, and it wouldn't stop spraying.  I didn't know what to do, so I turned the water bottle away from me, and it continued to spray all over the treadmill and the girl next to me.  She started screaming, so I ran my water bottle...still spraying everywhere, over to the garbage and let it continue spraying in there.

Pretty much everyone in that area of the gym was completely undone, they were laughing so hard.  It was a sight to behold.  I was drenched, and literally dripping zipfizz off my face and hair, the treadmill was dripping, there was a trail of zipfizz leading to the drinking fountain, and my ENTIRE water bottle had emptied out everywhere.  Somehow the straw, the spout and the fizz acted like a syphon.  It was unreal.

I have been going to this gym for 5 years now, so most of the people there are good friends of mine.  Luckily, I was not embarrassed, but it was unbelievable!  A couple of my friends were laughing so hard that they could not even talk.   Pretty much everyone there that morning was laughing or kindly teasing me about it the rest of the time I was there.  It didn't help that my shoes were squeaking on the treadmill the rest of my run, because they were sticky and the tread was sticky and damp. I joined right in the laughter.  I can't imagine what that must have looked like.  It would have been hilarious!

I spent the next little while washing my face and hair, drying out my clothes, and cleaning off the treadmill.  The entire time, I was laughing along with everyone else.  A lot of people offered to help clean the mess. 

Oh was pretty epic.

During all of the mayhem, I didn't think to take a picture.  I finally thought about it once the mess was pretty much all cleaned up.  The only thing left to clean was part of the tread on the treadmill.  This is probably 1/10 of the mess I made.

On Saturday, 5 days after the zip fizz incident, I went in to do cryotherapy after my workout.  The gym was pretty busy, and again, a lot of my friends were there.  I was done with the cryo "freeze" part, and I was lying back in the chair with the "boots" on.  I have posted a picture of them on here before.  They are black boots that zip up from my toes to my hips.  They hook to a machine that forces them to massage my legs by filling with air and squeezing them in different spots.  I LOVE the boots.  They are like a deep massage that works out all of the lactic acid and fatigue in my legs.  I am usually in them for about 25 minutes.

There was a guy next to me, also in the boots.  He had headphones on, and was completely relaxed, eyes closed, enjoying the massage.  There was also a person in the cryo tank on the other side of the wall from where I was.  Aside from us three, the two people that work there were also in the room.

The cryo room is in the gym.  It is just separated by a glass door and a wall. 

I was all settled in the boots, getting relaxed and closing my eyes, when BAM!!!!  It seriously sounded like a bomb went off, and my right leg immediately felt cold and free.  The noise was so loud that the guy snoozing next to me flew out of his chair, boots and all.  The two workers ducked and frantically looked around, the guy in the cryo tank yelled, (poor guy was naked, freezing and helpless) and people out in the gym either duked, yelled, or looked over to where I was.

Yup, it was me again.  Right in the middle of it all.  The boot on my right let, had just blown up...literally!  It blew off my leg and into the wall next to me.  The material of the boot is very, very heavy and strong, so the force to blow that up had to be incredible.  I had no idea what had just happened, but I was scared to death to look at my leg.  I thought that maybe it had blown off, but I felt no pain at all.  I finally glanced down, and my leg was still there and perfectly fine.  Once I realized I was ok, I just began laughing.  People were completely freaked out.  It truly sounded like a bomb went of in the gym.  The employees at the cryotherapy, who are also my friends, were horrified that I had been seriously injured, but I assured them that I was fine.  People were running into the room asking what happened...and there I sat.  One boot on, the other boot across the room.  I just waved.  Yup, it's me again.

This one took a little longer for people to laugh about, but once they did, it didn't stop.  It was too scary at first, but once we all figured out that everything was ok, and we started re-living everyone's reactions, it was hilarious!

I guess in all of my time at the gym, things are bound to happen.  Apparently, this was my week.

go lukie go

Luke's first soccer game was last Saturday.  He shocked us a little with his natural talent and his speed.  I wasn't sure if it was just a good game for him, if he was just excited, or if it would stick.

On Tuesday, he scored his first goal!  The game was another 3 on 2, with Luke's team having 2 players.  Luke stole the ball countless times, dribbled it down, and took a shot at the goal.  He had a hard time slowing down and aiming correctly for most of the game.  When he finally did, he got his fist goal, and it clicked!!  He was sooooo excited!!!  He ran hard the entire game, and showed some great skill and speed. 

We have always told our kids that they could earn $5 for every goal they score.  The older three kids scored maybe once or twice a season.  I did not tell Luke about this reward, but right after he scored his first goal, he came running over to me, beaming, and asked for $5.  haha!  He remembered that from last season when William played. 

Luke decided to save his $5, and see if he could score another goal on Saturday.  That would give him enough money to buy this minion that he has been wanting for months.  He literally counted down the days to his next game.  I was worried that he might not score a goal, and that he would be so sad.

Well, Saturday came, and Luke played his little heart out!!  He sprinted up and down the field.  He stole the ball, defended his goal, dribbled the ball, and just played so hard.  He scored 3 goals!!!  After he scored his first goal, he threw his hands in the air, squeezed his little eyes shut and cheered.  He was SO excited.  After his other two goals, he would flip, jump around, and cheer.  He would soak it all in.  It was adorable!! 

After this game, I realized that this could be a very expensive season if he keeps this up!  I decided to try to have him pick something out that he really wants, and then we will tell him how many goals it will take to earn it. 

His next item is a Lego set.  He already has 2 goals from his last game that we did not pay him for, and he needs to make two more goals to get the lego set.  We will see.....

Luke is a very good soccer player.  I'm not sure where he got it from, but he shows some natural talent aside from being very, very fast.  He has a little bit of foot work, he is aggressive, and he can dribble really well for his age.  He also seems to really love the sport.

It is so much fun to watch him play.  He works so hard, but it is obvious that he is having fun. 

I love it when my kids find something that they enjoy so much.

Luke LOVES his minion "Bob."  He takes him everywhere and sleeps with him.  It was a hard earned toy!

Go Lukie Go!!!

arrow of light

Thursday was a very special pack meeting for Sam.  He passed off his weblo and he also earned his Arrow of Light.  He graduated to Boy Scouts.  Sam has been really blessed with some great scout leaders since he has been in the Boy Scout Program.  Having good leaders makes a huge difference.  Sam also has a lot of boys his age, in scouts, so they have a lot of fun and really enjoy it.  I have definitely helped him along the way, and made sure he in on pace to earn what he needs to, but most of the time, he works on his belt loops or badges willingly and with a good attitude. 

They let me draw all of the symbols on Sam's face while they explained the meaning of each one.  Since he earned his weblo, and his arrow of light, he had symbols ALL over his face!


putting the pins on me.  Molly refused to stay in her seat, and Ben wasn't there, so she got to join in on the action.
Sam walking across the bridge from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and receiving his new bandana.

adding his name to the names of others who graduated on to Boy Scouts.
His arrow of light
I am so proud of Sam and the young man he is becoming.  I love the scout program, and all that it has taught him.  I am glad that he recognizes the special program that it is, and that he is pushing forward in it.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

a spring saturday

Spring and fall are NUTS, but also really fun.  This Saturday was kind of our kick off to our busy spring season. 

I got to the gym for a workout at 7:00.

I rushed home, and we all went to support Molly and Luke for their first soccer games of the season.  It was Molly's first game ever.

Molly's team was so cute!  They had no idea what boundaries were, so they would kick the ball out of bounds, and then just keep on going.  It was hilarious!!
That is Molly kicking the ball about 20 feet outside of the field.  (the white line and the orange cone) ha!

Molly's coach was great with the little kiddos, and he did his best to explain to them how to do things.  At the end of one of his explanations, Molly rose her hand an announced that it was her Birthday.  Her Birthday is in is April.  :) She is hilarious.  Oh Molly.

She did a great job running around and trying to kick the ball.  The more she learns the game, the better she will get.  It is so cute and fun to watch this age though.

This is Molly's coach teaching her how to throw the ball in.

And this would be Molly setting the ball down and kicking it instead.  hahaha!

Luke's game was going on at the exact same time as Molly's.  Ben and I and the other kids just took turns watching each game.  Their fields were right next to each other, so that helped.

Luke did amazing!!  Two of the kids on his team didn't feel like playing, so it was 2 on 3.  Luke's team was the one with just two players. 

Luke ran and ran and ran....and he is FAST!  Luke is very fast.

Luke is very athletic, and he ended up being a great defender.  He could kind of read where the ball was heading and think ahead.  He is still young in the sport and has tons to learn, but he is already a smart player, and his speed is amazing! 

Huge kick in.  Go Luke!
Luke smiled through the whole game, even though he was really tired by the end.  He had a great time.  He got two shots on the goal, but they both just missed.  He wants to get a goal so badly, I hope it happens for him this season.  He is such a cute little guy out there, but he has some serious skill!

After Luke and Molly's games, we all rushed home, and tried to deep the clean the house for about an hour...then it was off to Mary's cheer competition in Salt Lake at the Salt Palace.

Mary is the middle flyer

Mary is second one over from the left.

Mary, Alina, Hadley

Mary and I spent the rest of the day at her competition.  Her team did well, but they just aren't quite as competitive as the other teams in their group.  They did a great routine, with just one mistake, but it cost them unfortunately.  It was Mary's last competition with this gym and with this team.  She had a fun time doing this with her friends, and learning a lot about the sport.  She is really excited to try out at another gym in a couple weeks though.  Her best friend will be trying out with her, so she will know someone. 
This gym is phenomenal and has incredible athletes!  Their teams are highly competitive and very, very good. They already know Mary is coming and they said that they are excited have her.
I can't wait to watch Mary grow and progress in the sport, which I know will happen at this new gym.

While Mary and I were at her competition, Ben took the other kids over to Sam's soccer game.  Luckily, his game was here in Heber this weekend.  Ben said that Sam did great, but his poor team just got slaughtered.  Dang.  As long as Sam is progressing and happy, that is all that matters though.

After we all got home, I finished cleaning the house, and we all just kind of crashed.  Big day!!!

Molly drew this picture last night.  I had to document it, because of her amazing detail for being only 3 years old.  She loves to draw, and she is actually really good at it!

The person on the left is Ben...complete with eyebrows and a clef in his chin.  The one on the right is Molly, complete with a ponytail.  They are fishing.  They are also mad, because Ben isn't sharing the fishing pole.  haha!
So, there you have it.  Welcome Spring...and all of craziness that comes with it!