My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


You've got to try this! It is so much fun.

My sister made this stuff in elementary school, and just remembered it the other day. She posted pictures of it on facebook, and my kids have asked me to make it ever since.

All you do is mix corn starch and water (add food coloring if you want to), and then you just start playing with it.

We have been playing with it for over an hour, and Mary is still down there with her hands in the bowl.

When you pick it up, it is solid. But as soon as you let it drop from your hands, it is liquid again. Once it touches something else, it gets solid again! Pretty crazy stuff.

It is like a glorified playdough.

We will probably end up making more when Ben gets home.

I dare you to try it. It is great!

Friday, February 19, 2010


My little buddy turns three today! Yup, Sammy boy is three years old. We celebrated on Friday, because Ben was able to take the day off (and is skiing today in some amazing powder!)It was a GREAT day. Oh man, we sure love our little Sammy. We will still celebrate today, we will just keep it small.

It all started with doughnuts for breakfast. Go us.

Then dad came home (yippee!) and we hung out for a while. For whatever reason..when dad is home, the kids will play quietly by themselves for long periods of time. Such was the case yesterday morning, and I was in heaven. Why can't they do that when it is just me at home?

After a while it was lunch time and then time for PRESENTS!

Sam was so happy with his gifts, but I must say that I am grinning ear to ear right now with the fact that I scored major mommy points with the Imaginext Batcave. Sam AND Mary have been playing with it non-stop for almost 2 hours now. Yesterday they played with it until we had to make them stop in order to go bowling. Sam absolutely loves it! It is the coolest toy ever, and to top it off, there are a million accessories that we can begin collecting, not to mention a bunch of other castles, ships, ect. It is one of those toys that will entertain a kid for years. Birthday's and Christmases for the next few years are done. Score.

Bowling was next on the agenda. After seeing how much fun Sam had at our New Year's party with my family, we decided it would be the perfect way to celebrate his Birthday. We were not disappointed. The kids had a a great time. The music was really loud and every time Sam bowled, he would dance all the way back to his chair. Mary got into it as well. Ben can throw a spin like non other, and I did pretty well juggling the ball in my belly and the one out of my belly. We even won a door prize for having an out of state drivers license. A cute little bowling pin stuffed with candy. Rock on.

Then it was off to dinner at our favorite pink and rainbow colored Mexican restaurant. La Casita. I will never understand those colors, but the food is incredible and Ben loves speaking in Spanish to all of the workers. Sam and Mary actually eat the food there, which is a big bonus as well. Their churros are to die for...not kidding! Just ask my gallbladder. Dang, they are so good.

And of course, the day is not complete without cake. I did my best with this one. Trucks, dirt and worms. A little boy wonderland. I guess all that matters is that Sam was happy. I love to see him smile. Before placing the "dirt" in the truck, we had to give it a good truck wash. The kids thought this was great. (sorry about the bum shot, it was an accident, but I think it is still cute)

After cake we all settled down to watch a movie together. It was a great day, and we loved celebrating our little Sammy and his special day. Love you Sammy Boy...Happy Birthday!

So, in honor of Sam turning three, and to document some things about him. Here is my list of 3's for Sam.

3 favorite features of Sam.
His big blue baby eyes. His HUGE cheeks. His fat hands.

Sam's three favorite things to do.
Jump, wrestle, snuggle.

Sam's 3 favorite foods.
Fruit Snacks. Blueberries. Carnation Instant Breakfast. (when you drink as much as he does, it becomes a food group)

3 strongest personality traits.
tender hearted

3 favorite phrases.
superfast (all jumbled together)
What are we doing today?
My name is Wilbur. (in a croaky voice..talking for his little man he plays with)

3 quirks that we love.
He does not say his R's. It is so cute. "Ova thea" (over there)
He can make his forehead wrinkle in three different directions at the same time.
He can throw very fast and accurately
O.K. one more
He runs VERY fast, but his feet point out making him bowlegged. It is hilarious.
He says Belicious instead of Delicious.

3 tragedies for him this year
the death of Oreo, our beloved gerbil
getting Fifths Disease and Swine Flu
Growing out of his cowboy boots.

3 of Sam's favorites...ok, more than three
Toys that move, light up, or talk
sliding down the stairs in a pillow case
Construction machines, trucks, tractors, ect.
riding his bike outside
playing with Mary

3 milestones this year
learning to ride a bike (tricycle)
potty training
snow skiing for the first time

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New eyes.

Dirt, Grime, Fingerprints, Dog fur.....EVERYWHERE!!!!!

What the heck is wrong with me!
I swear I woke up with a new set of eyes this week. I can't seem to get the house clean enough. I am losing my marbles. Seriously.

Every time I turn around, I see a spot of red jam on the kitchen wall here, or a fingerprint on the window there, or dog hair on the rug. I want to get the carpets cleaned so badly I think I will burst if I have to look at them for one more day. Since when did they have stains ALL OVER them.

I think I have cleaned the kitchen counters three times already today, but they still look dirty to me. I won't even mention the wood floor and the smears and smudges I seem to be starting at all day. It doesn't help that the walls, the cupboards, and the carpet are all white. You can see every little speck on them. And believe me, I do.

And didn't we just scrub the house a few days ago. Yes, I believe we did. So what is the problem!!! BOO!

I want my old eyes back. I like being happily ignorant.

It is much better than being on the brink of insanity every time I look around.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Love.....

my "pre" Valentine's gift from Ben on Friday. So sweet! It made my day.

the date Ben and I went on last night. Cold Stone and new clothes!


watching the kids come down the stairs to a table covered in rose petals, chocolates, a few gifts, and cards.

after church naps.

Valentine's "red, purple and pink" dinner.

"red" meat.
pink crystal lite.
purple jello. (it was blue, but I added food coloring...go me)

pink yogurt pie for dessert.

heart shaped carrots
red strawberries (with Nutella of course)

"bum" rolls (can you see why?) Which one is yours? ;) But today we called them heart shaped rolls.

cute girls in adorable dresses.

the little boy in big boy underwear.

how much sun is here in Colorado Springs during the winter months.

the looks I get at the gym with my pregnant belly and a wrist band on each arm representing each child I have in the kids club. Priceless and hilarious!

ALL of the big and small changes I am making in our home as a result of a very active nesting bug. It has been bliss!

all of my wonderful friends who cleared off EVERYTHING from my Mary Kay table. Now baby boy #3 has a bunch of space for his little clothes.

chocolate and peanut butter.

red vines.

packages in the mail from family.

when Ben comes home from work early, just because.

when my kids play together and giggle for who knows what reason.

laughing. It is good for the soul.

my new prego pants. They are so comfortable!

LOST. Not getting lost...the best show in the world, LOST.

new socks.

spending time with my family.

butterfly kisses from my kids.

real kisses from my husband.

a song the kids are singing in primary right now. Tear jerker.

family reunions.

watching my kids do something for the first time.

watching Ben's face when he is skiing, or on his way out the door to go skiing.

being outside and active...running, water skiing, hiking, swimming, camping.

not having a mullet anymore.

visits from family. (hint hint)

a good book.

foot rubs.

natural bodies of water. (ocean, rivers, lakes, streams, ect.)

feeling organized.

giving and receiving random gifts.

my friends.

The phase of life we are in right now. It just feels good to feel good.