My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A shout out to 24..the best show ever created

As many of you know..I LOVE LOVE LOVE the show 24. AAAAHHHH, if only I were watching it right now. Anyway, we were watching it the other night (taking a much needed break from packing) and I heard the best quote ever. It is now my favorite quote, so I have to post it. Ready everyone...

"The only reason you are still conscious right now, is because I don't want to carry you." -Jack Bauer-

If you haven't seen the show, this may not be funny at all, but I about died laughing, and had to pause the show to regain my composure. Oh, the simple things of life. Aren't they great!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bring on the chaos!!!!

So, as I said in our last blog, we had to leave Idaho early because of illness (Mary was sick with croup, and Ben's mom was sick). Little did we know...that was just the begining.
We got home from our trip Tuesday at 2:00am and by Thursday Sam was sick with croup as well. He was up ALL night Thursday night, and by Friday morning he could hardly breathe, and a little voice was telling me something was really wrong, so I took him to our pediatrician.
Right when we got there, she hurried and shot him in the leg with epinepherin, which is now a fat bruise in his thigh. Sam's was really struggling to breathe. That didn't work as well as planned, so she shot him in the other leg with some type of steroid. I was pretty freaked out by that point. She put him on a nebulizer for the next ten minutes and suprisingly, he sat still for that. After monitering him for a while, she didn't have anything else in the office that could help him, so she sent us to the hospital. We spent the next day and night there.
Poor Sam was poked and prodded for the next few days. He had an I.V. in one hand, a moniter on his toe, X-rays, ultrasounds, blood work, ect. It was an interesting night because Sam tosses and turns and he kept getting tangled in his I.V. and his moniters. It was nuts. We didn't really sleep.
To top it all off, he was not allowed to eat any solid foods. They were afraid that his throat was still pretty closed and the food would get stuck. The poor kid was starving by the time we got out of there.
When we finally got the o.k. to leave the hospital we went to pick Mary up at the Lupoi's house. (friends of Ben) They were so nice to let Ben and Mary sleep there and to take Mary the next day.
They have a lizzard there that eats red ants and Mary brought the container of ants over to me because she wanted to feed the lizard. As I was saying no and grabbing the container, it spilled and red ants went everywhere! We all flipped out!!! Mary cried, Ben tried to get some of them and ended up getting bit a few times (which is actually pretty painful), Sam was trying to pick them up, and I was staring in disbelief! We found the raid and finally killed all of them. We had to vaccum them up off the carpet and wipe down the desk they were running around on as well. We went on an ant hunt through the rest of the house and killed some stragglers. We felt soooooooo bad! It wasn't even our house! AAAGGHH!!!
We left the house clean, but smelling very strongly of raid. What a way to repay people who totally helped us out. Wow.
So, now we are home and furiously trying to pack. We are moving in a week and planned on using the weekend to prepare and find a house. Obviously that didn't happen, so now we are in crunch time and frantically trying to secure a house and get packed.
To top it all off, Mary woke up this morning with Pink eye..yippee, can't wait to see how quickly that spreads.
And there you have it...another Maynard adventure to add to the rest.
The End

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our rockin' awesome vacation

Our vacation to Idaho was a blast and we loved it! We planned on spending equal time with both of our families. Due to illness, we didn't get to see as much of Ben's family as we hoped. We did have a great time with them though and we love them just the same. Below are some pictures Lonnie took while we were with them. We aren't sure why they are small, but hopefully you can still see how good they are.

We love reunions

We must say, the reunion was a HUGE success, and we loved every minute of it. We went to the temple, went waterskiing, had lots of bonfires, I did a Mary Kay party (picture of us holding our Mary Kay "goods" is below), we attended the Academy Awards, visited with friends and family, celebrated my Birthday, shot stuff, did crafts, hung out with great grandpa,and a whole lot more. I probably posted WAY too many pictures than any of you care to see, but we had a blast and we love to share our good times with friends and loved ones. We can't wait until next year when we can do this all over again.

Sam a.k.a. toad

Sam had a fun trip too. He loved the slide, playing by the water, hanging out with his cousins and eating a lot of good food. He really liked petting the dog and following Bop around.


Mary had more fun than she has had in a long time. We hardly even saw her. She played with Lilly, her cousin, and also got some good time in with Bop, grandma, and Kelsey.
She had tea parties with Bop and Lilly, made "bum" rolls with grandma, watched movies in the closet with Kelsey, fed Champ bones,played outside from dawn until dusk, and everything in between.
For those of you who know about my TRUE phobia of snakes, the picture of Mary holding one still makes me want to puke (and I have thrown up at the sight of snakes before) It must be the Ben part of her. She loved the snake. EEWWW!!!!

Boys will be boys

Chainsaw's, Guns with bullets...Guns with paintballs...Guns with marshmallows...wonder what the guys like to do?

Temple Day

We set a day aside in the reunion to do a session in the Rexburg temple with the family. It was an awesome experience and the temple is beautiful. Kelsey and Juliet's sister did a great job of babysitting. It was fun to be in Rexburg again and remember the good ol' days. Good times...good memories.


Adademy Awards, tea parties in the fort, marshmallow gun wars....and that is just the beginning folks!

We're Back!

We just spent the last week and 1/2 in Idaho visiting our families, and we had so much fun!! We crammed a lot in and the time went by way too fast. We visited Ben's family first. We had fun being able to see most of Ben's brother's and their families, and we ate a lot of good food. The kids loved playing with JoJo and Papa. It was good to see them again.
Then it was off to the Belnap family reunion. We only get to see all of my (Becky) family once a year, so we really lived it up. It started off with the Academy awards was a blast! We made home videos before the trip, then we all dressed up and watched them. We laughed so hard. It was AWESOME!!!

I was excited to be able to wear my wedding dress again...who says you just wear it once. I think my brother, Ryan, looks exactly like the Ryan in High School musical. Kelsey is holding a picture of Devin who is on a mission in Denmark. We put him on a stick and he is in almost every picture. Kind of like where's waldo, you have to really look to find him in the pictures.