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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, November 7, 2016


Our Halloween turned out to be a great day/night.
The kids had a fun Halloween parade during the day at school, and got to wear their costumes to school.
That started the day off right, with excitement and fun in the air.
The kids got home from school, played with friends for a while, and planned out their trick or treating routes, and who they would be going with.
We ate our spooky dinner of mummy hot dogs and spider Deviled eggs, Mary took off with Eden and her friends to a Haunted House, and when Ben got home, I took off with the other kids to go trick or treating.
The kids looked adorable!

A sneaky crook, a shadow man, a creepy Five Nights At Freddy's character, the strongest Batman ever, and the cutest pink puppy you've ever seen.
Luke AKA Batman

Mary the robber

William: Five Nights At Freddy's

Sam: morph suit man


Molly: cutest puppy ever!!

Luke with his buddies.  Left to right:  Luke, Ian, Bechkam and Boston

the evil crook stealing money from an old man (Jett Cherry)
Aside from a few hiccups with the littles, trick or treating was a huge success!  We started off with a massive group from the neighborhood.

It slowly whittled down until I was just with  my own kiddos and Karli's two littles.

After taking the younger kids around for a while, and dropping them off at home with loads of candy, I drove Sam and his two buddies around for another couple hours!

They trick or treated until they literally dropped.  The were exhausted!  They were to the point where they would knock on a door, and then sit down on the porch until someone opened it.  It was hilarious!
Sam and Blake
Sam came away with 9 POUNDS of candy!  No joke.

Mary arrived home around the same time as Sam, with loads of candy as well!

With all of the kids candy combined, we now have a total of 29 pounds of candy in our house.

Definitely a successful Halloween!!!

Good times, good times.