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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

what a ride!

Obviously, I am WAY behind on my blogging.  Don't worry, New Year's was this past weekend, and yes, one of my resolutions is to blog more often. 

Anyway, this post takes place back in November.

Devin and Nichole had their twins this year, and they decided to bless them on a weekend that Kelsey happened to be visiting, and my mom, Kelsey and I had planned a little girls weekend.  The blessing was planned last minute.

To make a very long and frustrating and emotional story short, the weekend was pretty much a bust because of miscommunication with several people, and Devin ended up being mad because he didn't know our girls weekend was planned well before his baby blessings. 

It was pretty much a disaster in several ways, and I wasn't sure if I should even go to the baby blessings, because of such bad and hurt feelings.

I decided to just go, and be supportive, and try to move forward.

So, we got our family up super early, rushed getting everyone ready and out the door, and started the drive to American Fork. 

I checked to make sure we had enough gas as we pulled out, and I was definitely freaking out because we were running a little behind, and I didn't want to make things worse than they already were.

Well, somehow, some way, we ran out of gas in the middle of the freeway.

I honestly couldn't believe it.  The horrible irony of it all.  Ugh!

Ben called the police to see if they had an officer close by with some gas, or an officer that could pick him up and take him to get gas at a station.

An officer showed up, asked us what was happening, and we explained that we were out of gas.  He then told us that he would PUSH US WITH HIS CAR to the next exit where there was a gas station.

Ben and I just looked at each other like "what?"

But, we were late, I was freaking out and we had no other choice.

We figured he would push us really slowly and we would just make our way to the exit.

The officer ended up pushing our car with his car going 65-70 mph!!!  No joke.

People were taking pictures of the whole thing with their phones, and starting as they drove by.

The officer has his lights on, so that made it even more of a spectacle.

It was so shocking and so crazy to us, that all we could do was laugh.  Ben was busting a gut the entire way to the exit.  He just laughed and laughed and laughed.

The kids were totally confused and didn't know what to think, but Ben and I couldn't stop laughing.

It was amazing!

The officer got us all the way to a gas station, where we thanked him, filled up with gas, and somehow made it to the blessings just in time.

I still have no idea if what the officer did was any kind of legal or by the book, but dang, it made for a great ride, and an even better story!

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