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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, January 27, 2017

common ground

All 5 of my children are similar yet very different.  I have always had a goal as their mother, to find common ground with each child.  Something that me and my child both enjoy doing, or that we both feel or understand.  Something in common that can bond us, give us something to do together, or talk about, or just feel a mutual understanding about.

With some of my children it has been easy, with others, it is a little more hidden and difficult to find.

I feel like it is so important though, because I really want to have a solid connection, love and communication with my children, no matter what it is about. 

Luke and I discovered some common ground this week, and it makes me laugh to think about how "Luke" it is.

Luke is extremely mechanical minded.  He is obsessed with tools, building, fixing, creating, gadgets, machinery, tractors, police cars, police uniforms with all of the "police stuff" on the belt, and so on.  He is not only interested in this kind of thing, but he is incredibly talented when it comes to creating, engineering, figuring out, and reading and following picture directions, and so on.

He has been playing with his bucket of Legos lately, that we have had around the house for about 2 years. 
He spent about an hour building something, and then came running up to me to show me.
I seriously couldn't believe it!
He had no map, or directions, or instructions, and he had built an amazingly detailed and perfectly constructed boat.   It was pretty unbelievable! 

You can't see, but the boat had an engine inside, a control panel, a gas tank, and numerous other small details inside. 

He kept telling me that he wished he had a "map" of how he built his boat, so if it broke, he could remember how to fix it.

It was at that moment that I decided he just might be ready for a real Lego set, with an instruction book, and actual things to make.

I told Luke we could get his money he has earned, and go buy a Lego set if he wanted to.  His excitement was hilarious!  He was bursting out the door, full speed ahead and jumping up and down.

We got to the Lego isle, and of all of the Lego sets, he immediately grabbed a set that made a very intricate police car, a bad guy race car, and a huge police helicopter.

It was for ages 8 and up, and I was worried it would frustrate Luke, and discourage him.  He was determined though, and he was so excited, so we got it.

He did not even put the box in the cart.  He lugged that thing around the entire store, through the parking lot, in the car, and into the house.

Right when we got home, before he even took off his jacket or boots, he opened the box and got to it.

I decided to get him started and to show him how to follow the instructions.

Again, I was shocked with how natural he was with it, and how he just went to work.

He did get stuck with a few tricky parts, so I helped him.  I ended up "helping" him all day, because it was so fun! I discovered that I was having a great time with Legos too!  I really enjoyed building legos! ha!

Luke and I spent most of the day, on and off, building the police car, the "bad guy car" and the helicopter.  Once the helicopter was complete, the set was done, and Luke was over the moon!
this says it all

Once we were done, Luke started playing with them, and hasn't stopped for the past 4 days!

Every time they break, he pulls out his "map" and is usually able to fix it.  If it is a big break, I fix it, and it is pretty fun.

I think we are on to something here!

Even better...the bigger boys are seeing how much fun Luke is having, and they have joined in as well.
Sam helping Luke fix the "bad guy car."  After the fact, Sam asked for his own Lego set.  Yes!

William started making his own "boat,' and it was awesome! 

All three boys playing with Legos.  The TV is off, they are getting along, and they are using their brains.  Mom's dream come true!


To be honest, I am tempted to get Luke a big huge the real deal.  It would be so much fun for us to do together.  Definitely common ground with us.

Legos rock!!! (now if they just weren't so blasted expensive!)

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