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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

the aftermath

    The week after Christmas is normally my favorite time of the Christmas break, because we go visit family, and we get out of our house for a week.
   By this point in the Christmas break, we ALL need to get out.  I am usually completely done for after Christmas day, and it is a welcome reprieve to get out, travel, and change the scenery a bit. This year, the kids were out of school the entire week before Christmas, so we were all more than ready to bust out of here.
    Unfortunately, as we were packing and getting ready to head to Boise, we got word that it was not going to be a great time to come.  The circumstances were completely understandable, but it was a big bummer, especially for the kids.  Ben and I kind of panicked at the thought of three more days trying to hold the fort down here at home, with no plans.

We worked it all out though, and it actually turned out to be a good thing that we stayed home.  I had A TON of stuff going on with my church calling as primary secretary, getting ready for the New Year and all of the changes coming up.  I have been swamped for months preparing for everything, and it all came together that Sunday.  It was a good thing we were here.

We entertained ourselves the best we could until Tuesday, when we headed to Pocatello to see my family.

The temperatures were well below freezing, so we were once again stuck inside, but at least the scenery was different, and we were able to see my parents and visit with them.  We also went roller skating one day.

It ended up being really fun!  William worked so hard to get skating down, and by the end, he was doing it!  I was so proud of him.

Luke pretty much had us push him as fast as we could like this this entire time.
I thought my back was going to break, but his laugh of pure joy and yells of "faster mom" made it all worth it.

We also went to a local tumbling gym and let all of the kids get their wiggles out.  It was a lot of fun as well, and Mary even got in some good practice. 

Luke zooming down the slide at the gym
Before we went skating, Ben hiked up some runs at Pebble Ski Resort and skiid down.  He said it was fun.  I can't believe he went out in the freezing cold!  He got an awesome picture though.

After roller skating, Mary and I went shopping! I had some moneyfrom Christmas, and I desperately need new clothes.  We had a great time, and had some great finds!

Grandma Sylvia instantly fell in love with Maggie, and snuggled her and held her almost the entire trip.  Maggie was spoiled rotten and loved every minute of it!  The kids said that Maggie smelled like grandma when we got home.  I think grandma needs a puppy!

New Years Eve was pretty low key.  Normally, we burn the tree with gas and fireworks, but it was -17 that evening, and no one wanted to go out.  So, we bought a bunch of junk food, my mom made the best Italian Soda's I have ever had, we watched a movie, and everyone was sound asleep by 11:00.

My dad and I huddled in blankets by the fireplace in the living room and welcomed in the new year quietly and enjoying the moment together.  To me, it was perfect.

Aside from that, the break was pretty much full of the kids playing with friends, lots of setting up and playing with new toys, potty training and crate training Maggie,

 snow skiing, skiing off the roof, and lots and lots and lots of chaos and messes.

Good times. Good memories.  I can't lie though, I love my family, but I am thrilled that school is back in session!





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