My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, January 23, 2016


I am a goal setter.

I am a resolution maker.

I am a follow-througher.

I almost always am working toward something.

Naturally, I made some New Year Resolutions.

Lucky for me, I usually keep them. It is in my DNA to do so.  Good ol' type A.

So, here they are.

1.  Add in interval weight training to my weekly workouts, twice a week.  This has actually been really fun, and a nice change.  I invented a 60 minute interval work out that kicks my butt!  It is seriously amazing and crazy hard!  I LOVE it!

2.  Add abs into my weekly workouts, three times a week.  After 5 babies, I am pretty sure my abs do not even exist, but I am determined to see if I can salvage something. 

3. Eat sugar one day a week ONLY.  (this one is flipping hard, but I am doing it thanks to Shakeology and it's craving busting powers)

4.  Do a blog post once a day.  This is going to be challenging, but I think it will force me to look for the little things my kids do, or something funny that happened that day, or something good, bad, and anything in between, and to record them.  I think my life may be a lot more amusing than I realize, if I sit back at the end of the day and think of the blog worthy things that may have happened.

5. Better with visiting teaching and temple attendance.  I am terrible at both of these.  It is HARD with 5 kids and a crazy busy schedule to fit this in.  It's all about priorities though, right?!?!

6. Be more patient with my life. 

My life right now is probably as chaotic, loud, busy, and nuts as it ever will be.  With 5 young kids at home, there is always noise, messes, chaos, places to go, food to fix, things to do, and so on.

 I am a creature of habit, order, and cleanliness.
Change, messes, and lack of order can throw me into a tailspin of emotions, blubbering and freak outs!
I have a hard time with a lot of chaos, messes and commotion.  I get anxious very quickly with messes and chaos, and I handle the anxiety with snapping at my family and getting overwhelmed and upset.  I am going to try to mentally relax and push through the crazy moments a little better.  This will be a work in progress, but I am going to try.

7. PR at a half marathon.  I REALLY want to get under 1:45.  If all of the stars align this summer, and I am injury free, I am pretty sure I can do this.  I missed it this year by only a couple minutes.

So there it is. 

Good luck to me 2016!

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