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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

smells, good finds, and blessings

I love good smells.  When I smell something good, it literally makes me happy, and can put me in a good mood.

When I am running outside, and I smell fresh cut grass, fresh earth after rain, someone's dryer sheets blowing out their vent, or a nice perfume or cologne, I go to a happy place.

I am also paranoid about bad smells.  I worry all the time about my home smelling badly.  With a guinea pig, a lizard, a cat, a dog, an active family and the never ending smelly socks that seem to appear in every nook and cranny, I am always worried about the smell of my house.

I have a Scentsy wax warmer, actually, I have 3 of them.  Every single time I go to the store, I will go down the isle with all of the smelly wax, and smell away.  I get so excited when I find a good one, and each Friday, when I clean the house, I change to a new "smell of the week."

LONG story short, one of my favorite smells ever is fresh laundry.  I have tried for years to find the perfect laundry smell combination for our clothes, and today, I FOUND IT!!!

I pulled our clothes out of the dryer, and my nose was in instant Disneyland!  I immediately put on my jacket, straight out of the dryer, and wore it all day.  I honestly think I smelled myself once every 10 minutes the rest of the day.  Heaven!

Her is the amazing combo.

Yes, I was THAT excited.

The soap, the dryer sheets, and the beads are all different smells, but combine them together, and whamo!  Amazing!

In other amazing news of the day, I found my pants.
ignore the other laundry piles on the floor.  I have yet to get to that massive pile of clean socks to sort and put away.

I have a favorite pair of pants that I have only had for a month, and they have been missing all week long!  I have looked everywhere.

I finally found them today, in Mary's clean laundry pile.  I was THRILLED to find them there.

You know why....

I must have seen my pants when I was folding laundry, and thought they were Mary's.

This means, that my pants were small enough in my eyes, to fit Mary's teeny tiny little legs.

Rock on!!!

Last, but not least.  A neat moment of the day.

Ben walked William to the bus stop today, and when he came back home, he had a neighbor with him.
This friend had asked Ben to give him a blessing.  He is going through some incredibly heavy stuff.

It was really neat for me to see that this man, who we don't know extremely well, saw something in Ben, and trusted him enough to wait until after the bus was gone, stand by Ben for a minute, and then finally ask him to give him a blessing.

This man has not been in the neighborhood long.  He and his children are  living with our neighbors, in their basement for the time being.  He usually keeps to himself, but is friendly if you talk to him.  He definitely seems a little shy, and he has a big weight on his shoulders right now.

Ben, being his usual self, introduced himself to this man, say by him at church one week, and somehow, became someone that this man felt he could trust and confide in.

I love that someone else saw this trait in Ben. It is a trait that I have always seen in Ben, and that most people recognize as well.  He is very caring, trustworthy, and easy to talk to.  He also is friendly and genuinely cares about people.

It warmed my heart to know that my husband and best friend, was able to use his gift as a good person, and his gift of the priesthood, to bless someone today.

It left a very neat feeling in our home the rest of the day.

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