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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, April 25, 2016


We had another Achievers Club dinner on Thursday.  I love that Ben works so hard for our family, and that he gets rewarded for it.  These dinners/activities always remind me of how great of a worker he really is.  I am proud of him, and very grateful.

This time, Achievers Club was at a sushi restaurant.  uummmm, yikes!  I am not a seafood fan really, aside from some really good calamari,  so sushi kind of freaks me out.

Ben and I did decide to give it a shot though.

Here is what we were presented with.

This is one of about 15 trays that we had for the main dish.  5 different types of sushi rolls.  They varied from not so sushi-ish (vegie rolls) to very sushi-ish, pieces with big slabs of raw fish on them and in them.

I started out with the vegie roll, to be safe, and I really enjoyed it!

Ben had filled up on one of the meat appetizers, but he also gave these rolls a shot.  He didn't love them, but didn't hate them either.  Go Ben!

I mostly ate the vegie roll, but I did venture out and try one that I actually really, really liked.  It had these really yummy orange circle things on top that topped it off so well.

I soon learned what those orange circles were, when the guy next to me, who is also not a sushi eater, asked what they were as he took a bite. 

The answer:  fish eggs.

The dude next to me got up and literally went to the bathroom.

I felt sick to my stomach and immediately stopped eating.

Fish eggs!  For real! 

The best part, is that they get in between your teeth, like little seeds, so I got to sit and pick them out of my teeth for the rest of the evening.  Each time feeling more and more sick knowing I had fish eggs stuck in my teeth. (shudder)

Aside from that fun episode, the night was really fun, it always is with the Cintas crowd.

We did have to bring Molly with us, because we didn't exactly trust the babysitter we had to deal with a baby for 5 hours.  Molly loved sushi!  She ate three rolls!  What the what!?

So there you have it.  Ben and I have officially tried sushi.  We didn't hate it, but it would not be our first, second, or even third choice of food to eat when we go out. 

Just sayin'

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