My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, April 25, 2016

bop rocks

Last weekend, my parents drove up early Saturday morning.  They brought lots of wood and lots of tools.

I had spent the past couple days cleaning out the basement storage rooms, and getting the boys room ready.

We had some projects to conquer!!!

My parents arrived around 9:00, and we worked and worked and worked until close to midnight!!

First things first, we had to haul a ton of wood downstairs. This was no joke.  The kids helped us out a lot with this one.

Once the wood was in all the right places, and the saws and tools were hooked up, we all got right to work.

It meant so much to me that my parents would be willing to sacrifice their weekend, their time, their talents, and their energy to help me out.  It really, really, meant a lot.

I have been going nuts with our food storage room and our storage rooms downstairs.  We have no shelves in them, and I have felt to unorganized and cluttered with those spaces and everything in them.  I have especially wanted to get shelves in the food storage room, because I really want to get it all organized and see where we are at, what we need, and what we can start rotating.

Food storage before...

Food storage after Bop worked his magic...

Regular storage after Bop worked his magic.

It took me three hours of very hard work to get all of our bins and boxes organized onto those shelves, but I honestly had butterflies in my stomach while I was doing.  It was THAT excited to finally have things organized down there.

I LOVE the basement storage rooms now.  I feel like I can walk right down there now, instead of taking a deep breath, closing my eyes and getting all sorts of anxiety when I have to go down and find something.  It is awesome!

While my dad was downstairs building shelves, Ben and I worked upstairs in the boys room.  I have wanted to get their room done for a long time now, and it finally all came together.  My dad gave us instructions on how to make the wood wall, and we got to work.  I quickly discovered that I love nail guns.  Seriously, love the nail gun!

Devin came up later in the afternoon, and helped out a ton.  He brought Eli and Lacey, so the kids could hang out together.  Luke was thrilled to have his buddy Eli over for the day.  We were all very grateful for Devin's help.

Luke could not have been more in heaven.  Bop the builder is his  super hero. 

my man using power tools  :)

I absolutely love the finished product.  Their room is amazing!
a foggy picture of the shelving we put up

the amazing wood wall

It took copious amounts of caffeine, snacks, bumps, bangs, screeches, and messes, but it was a very successful day!  I was so happy.

The next morning, Ben spoke in Sacrament meeting, so it was a mad rush to get out the door and to church on time. 

I felt bad leaving before my parents did, but they were good sports about it.

Ben gave a wonderful talk in church.

When we got home, we drove into a garage that looked like this!!!
The bikes had hooks and were all hung up!  Even the scooters had hooks to be placed on!

The garage was completely clean and organized

Even the snow skiis were on the wall and had a place to go!
My dad had stayed and put hooks and boards up in the garage as well! We all ooohed and awed at our clean organized garage!  Talk about awesome! 

Earlier in the weekend, I had asked my mom to help me plan out the landscaping in our yard.  We walked around, and she gave me so many great ideas.  My head was spinning, and I was getting worried about trying to remember it all. 

When we walked in the house after church, there on the table, were drawings and papers that showed exactly how we had planned the yard, even down to the names of the trees and bushes!  My mom had totally gone the extra mile.  I was so grateful and happy.  I am now very excited to get started on the yard.  I FINALLY have a vision!

It was a crazy busy weekend, but I was so grateful and so thrilled with how it all turned out.

Not only were we able to get a ton of projects done, but I now have a piece of my dad in our home forever.  I love that.

I am so blessed with loving, serving parents.  I can only hope to be the same someday.

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