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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

state meet 2016

Mary's level 7 State Meet was on Saturday.

She was pretty nervous for this meet, but also really excited.

We got up early Saturday morning, ate some Cinnabon and hot chocolate (um yeah, breakfast of champions?)  and headed to Salt Lake Community College.

For once this season, we were actually on time.  It was pretty weird actually!

Mary slid down the railing a few times, we looked around, and then it was time for Mary to go to the warm up area.

Just as she was about to go, my mom walked in!  It was so awesome for her to be there.  She had to get up at 4:30am to make it in time.  I am always so grateful for the sacrifices she makes to support my family and my kiddos.  Mary gave her a hug, and then was off to the warm up area.

I was so dang nervous all morning!  Finally, it came time for double mini.  Mary nailed both passes!!  She looked amazing!  The competition was very close though.  I was so proud of Mary.  She could not have done better, and that is all we had hoped for.

We waiting around for awards for a while, which gave me a good chance to talk with my mom and catch up, then the ceremony began.  The started with the lowest score and went up.  Each time they didn't say Mary's name, my heart jumped a little.

When it came down to the top three, I swear we were all going to pee our pants.  Then, they announced that, "your Utah State Level 7 Double Mini Champion, from Heber Handspringers, is Mary Maynard!

Mary was shocked and also beaming!  I was so happy for her!  She took first out of 7. 
Mary had not been in the top 3 this entire season with double mini, because of her height.  She just hasn't been jumping high enough.  This meet, she gave it her all, and her form was gorgeous.  She also nailed both landings. It paid off. 

We then had to wait a while for her next event, tumbling.  We waited in line forever to buy her a really cool State Meet Jacket, and before we knew it, it was time.

Her floor competition was huge!!!  19 girls to be exact.  I was beside myself when I saw them all walk out there.

We watched the first flight go first, and it was torture. They were all really good.
Then, it came time for Mary's flight.
Mary's warm up passes were both in the red line, and my heart sunk.  Not good.
Her coach gave her some pointers, and then it was time for the real deal.

He passes were gorgeous!  She stuck both passes, sailed over the red line, and her form was gorgeous.
I could not have been more happy for her, and I could tell she was happy too!

We waited over an hour for the results from floor. Again, they started form 1th place, and worked their way up.

When they got to the final three, I think I almost jumped out of my seat. 
Then, they announced Mary's name as the Level 7 Tumbling State Champion!!!
She was beaming again!  So was I.

I am so proud of my little girl.

Even more than her winning, I was very happy with how she handled it all.
She asked each of her team mates how they did and congratulated them all, never once telling them how she did.  She comforted a team mate that fell, and she made a point to congratulate each girl she saw that she competed against. 
That to me, is what is the most important.

Around noon, they had the march in, where they recognize all of the teams and athletes that competed.  There was no way I could fit them all in one picture, but here is an idea.

After all was said and done, we were all STARVING!

We went to this place called HuHot to celebrate.  It was delicious! 
I think it all finally sank in after we all had food in our bellies.  Mary was all grins. 

That was where we said goodbye to grandma.
It means so much to Mary and to me, that she would make such a sacrifice to share in these special moments.

It was a very special day for Miss Mary.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
And in between all of that, is a lot of hard, hard work and determination.
It is just what makes moments like these, that much more special.
Way to fly Mary girl!
p.s.  we learned later that her State Meet scores qualified her for Nationals!!!

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