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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, April 25, 2016

a boot for william

Last Monday, William came home from playing at a friends house.  He was crying and saying that his big toe hurt.  He also wasn't walking on it.

He said that he kicked a ball with his barefoot and something in his foot snapped.

I looked at it and felt it, and it looked ok to me.  I told William to take it easy the rest of the night.

William continued to limp all night, and to cry off and on.

The next day wasn't any better, so I decided to take him in to the doctor.

The doctor looked at his foot, and said that it seemed like the top of Williams foot, where the big toe bone goes up into the foot, might be broken, and ordered some X-rays.

William was not happy at all to be at the doctor, especially because his last experience, with the flu, involved shots, tests, an IV and some time in the ER.  He was really brave though.

Unfortunately, the computers in the office crashed, and we waited for 45 minutes for the X-ray to come through on the computer, so the doctor could see it.

The X-ray never came through.  Actually, one of the three did come through, but it was the one with the worst angle.

The doctor said that he was pretty confident that his foot was broken, and mentioned casting his foot.

William completely freaked out!  He absolutely refused a cast, no matter how cool the doctor and I tried to make it sound.

So, the doctor improvised with a post-op boot for William to wear.

William still was not happy to have this either, but he agreed to it.

William was so worried that kids would call him weird, or that they would tease him.  (thank you to the bullying that went on up until a month ago)

We finally got home, and William immediately hid his foot, with the boot on it, under a blanket.  He refused to let anyone see it for hours.  The poor kid.

It has now been a week, and he will now wear his boot around the family, and around certain friends.  He still refuses to wear it to school, so we let him wear his shoe, if he is careful.  (cringe)

This poor boy could really use a break!  ha, no pun intended

We are just hoping that he will be able to catch his last couple soccer games of the season.


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