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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

sammy boy turns 9

Sam's 9th Birthday was on Saturday.

It is so crazy to have my kids get a year older.  It is always a bit of a shock to me.

My sweet, big blue puppy dog eyed, blonde haired, big cheeked Sammy Boo is now 9 years old.

He woke up to decorations, and a visit from Bop and grams Belnap.  They flew in from Alaska late Friday night, and drove up to Heber in order to spend 1/2 the day with Sammy.  Pretty cool.

He decided to go do Kneaders for breakfast.  All you can eat cinnamon roll french one declined. 
He opened his presents when we arrived home.
He got new scriptures, and a kindle. 
He was extremely excited!!!

My parents had to leave soon after that, and then Ben took Sam and the boys to get Sam a new bike. 
He has outgrown his old one, and is in desperate need of a good, solid bike.
Ben is the one to go to in the biking area, and he found an awesome bike for Sam!

When the boys got bike, everyone went outside and rode bikes.  It was a gorgeous day!!!

the bike has gears!

I stayed inside and got ready for the "movie night."

It was supposed to be Sam and a couple friends watching a movie.

It turned into Sam and 7 friends having a movie night!

The "party" was a big success.

This group of boys is such a great group.  They are all close with each other, and they remind me of the movie Sandlot.  They pack around all over the neighborhood and collect more friends as they go.  They are a tight knit group, and Sam loves to be with them.  It was very heart warming to see Sam have so much fun with them, and to see how much each of them genuinely cares for Sam.

The night was full of presents, candy, "dirt and worms" cake, a movie, and crazy boys.

Luke, Drew, Gage, Blake, Sam, Ethan, Trey, William, Luke, and Brayden (not shown) came later.

One thing that completely caught me off guard was the smell!  I put Molly to bed for the night, and when I came back out to the room full of boys, I was literally blown away!  It smelled like a boy's locker room in my house! I was astounded at the smell!

I plugged in all of my smelly things, opened windows, and even put on smelly lotion, but nothing worked.  It was unbelievable!

Blah!  Boys stink!

Sam had a great Birthday, and it was so fun to celebrate him.

He has such a tender heart and a sweet personality.
He is very smart, he is a math wiz, he is obsessed with his Traxxas RC car, he loves to jump on his bike and on snow skiis, he likes soccer, he knows everything there is to know about reptiles, he has the best giggle ever, and he is very good boy.

We love you Sammy Boy!

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Lisa said...

Sweet boy! Time keeps marching forward faster than we can comprehend! Sorry about your leg! I hope recovery continues steadily!