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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


My brother Devin, his wife, and their two kids live here in Utah, about an hour away from us.

We don't see each other often, because he is busy with dental school, and we are busy with life, but it is always nice to know family is close by.

Last weekend, I learned that Nichole, Devin's wife, was very sick, and Devin had a huge dental conference that he was in charge of coming up.  They were up to their eyeballs with stress.

I decided to drive down to their place, and grab Eli, their 3 year old, and keep him with us for a few days. 

I was a little worried, because Luke is already full of energy and excitement right now, and bringing in another 3 year old was a little scary.

From the second we picked up Eli, the boys were in heaven!

We went to Costco, and the boys acted like it was Disneyland.

For the next three days, I only heard from Luke and Eli when they were hungry or tired.

They played and played and played. 

It was so great!  They had the time of their lives.  They fell asleep holding hands and telling "spooky stories" each night.  They dressed up like super heros each day and only answered to Batman and Superman.

They ate like dinosaurs, only spoke in animal noises, got into everyone's stuff, and had an absolute blast!

I grew up hanging out with my cousins all the time, and they were some of my best friends.  I have always wished the same for my kids.  It has been hard with the distance between my kids and their cousins though.

It warmed my heart to watch these two cousins, in their own little boy world, having so much fun together.

Cousins rock!

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