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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, February 6, 2016

da bits

Wow, it has been busy in these parts this week.

Here are some "bits" from the week.

Maggie was FINALLY groomed.  It took three hours, but she looks adorable...and clean!  No more pee stained paws and sticky food face.  She can also see!  Her hair was so long around her face, that she was starting to run into things from lack of being able to see.

poor, poor Maggie

I did a lot of physical therapy, but it is really helping.  I was able to ride a spin bike yesterday!!!  I was so terrified that it would hurt, and that I would not be able to even ride the bike.  I was thrilled when I discovered that it was painless, and that I could get in an amazing interval workout.  I even had Karli swearing and everything.  When she is swearing, you know it is a great workout. :)
The stem machine.  I have spent a good amount of time hooked up to this.  It is working wonders for my leg though.

The massive heat pad/blanket.  I love this thing...especially on these freezing days.  I almost feel asleep lying under this thing today in physical therapy.

My leg is still extremely sore, and if I move it wrong, it can feel like being stabbed (the torn muscle).  It still aches terribly at night (the bone), but I can tell that each day is better than the one before.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Molly loves to draw lately.  I think it is so stinking long as it is on paper.

I did my normal Friday grocery shopping yesterday.  As I was carrying in the bags, I was very proud of how many I could get in the house at once...even with a bum leg.  I don't know why I feel so much satisfaction with this, it's not like it is a huge walk from the car to the door, but hey, simple pleasures are nice.
my hero

As I was getting Molly down for her nap today, I snapped these.
It is how she falls asleep every day for her nap, and I sing her the same songs too.
I just never realized how precious this time is, until I started paying more attention.

I will miss this

My boyfriend and I got to go on TWO dates this week!

Cintas had their Achievers club dinner.  It was at a steak house in Sandy.  It was the best steak I have ever had in my life!  The cheesecake came in a close second.  I feel like Ben's team is becoming more and more like family.  It is fun to be with them and to get to know them better and better.  I can tell they love Ben, and also admire him for his silent strength and his friendship with each of them.
I am so proud of Ben for hitting his goals and for working so hard for our family.
He even let me hold on to his arm in the parking lot, so I wouldn't slip and scream for an hour from leg pain.  What a man!

Our friends had a Valentine's party up at their cabin last night.  We had to leave right as the games were starting, but it was fun to hang out with lots of friends, and have our own "play date."  We are so blessed with a neighborhood full of great people and good friends.

Mary got a 100% on her math test this week!  She has been working so hard in math, and this was a huge deal. 

We went to Quench It (her favorite place) to celebrate.  I will buy her as many Almond Joy Hot Chocolates as she so desires, if this keeps up.  :)   

She also got the highest scores for the fitness test, out of her entire grade.  She did 61 push ups, 60 crunches, 11 pull-ups, and she held a plank for 10 minutes.  Mary rocks!

She is learning a lot this year about overcoming disappointment, reaching for the stars, trying new things, relying on the Lord, and how to be a good winner, and loser.  She was invited to New Beginnings this week.  Young Womens next year!  What the?!?!

And that about sums it up.  Oh, and the boys still do exist, believe me.  I will post more about them soon.

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Lisa said...

I do the same thing with groceries! My husband just shakes his head. :-)
So glad to hear your leg is on the mend! Way to go Mary and keep enjoying those sleepy snuggles! I'm appreciating those more too-instead of resenting the time I'm can't "get something done" I'm loving the down quiet time when my busy baby holds sill for a few moments.