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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, February 12, 2016

oh luke

Luke had his preschool Valentines party on Thursday this week, because that is the last day he has preschool before Valentines Day.

I let him pick out the Paw Patrol cards/magnets that he wanted to give his friends.  He is majorly in to Paw Patrol right now.
I think I spent almost 10 minutes trying to explain to him that he gives them to his friends, and that his friends give him valentines too.  He was totally confused and could not figure out why the Paw Patrol valentines were not all his.

The next morning, we sat at the table, and I helped him put his name on each card and get everything ready to go for his party.  I re-explained it all to him again, and I thought he was starting to get it.  We put everything in his backpack, zipped it up, and he was all set for his big party.

Later that afternoon, Molly took longer than normal to get down for a nap, so I was MIA for about 20 minutes.  I thought Luke was having some quiet time watching a show.

You would think I would know by now, that "quiet time" is actually "I should be scared because it is too quiet" time.

I came out of the room, and found Luke's valentines spread all over the table and the floor. 
These are just a few of them
Luke had ripped the magnets off of every single one, and placed them in his own Valentine Mailbox..  He was thrilled to show me that he had given himself  35 valentines, and he had already taken the magnets off.

I had no time to go back to the store, and by this point our wonderful Heber Walmart (note the sarcasm here), was completely out of any valentine stuff.

We spent the afternoon taping the magnets back on the cards, with Luke protesting like crazy.

I did cave and let him keep some for himself...the ones that were too destroyed to save.

He did end up making it to his party, with enough taped together valentines to pass around.

He came home with the biggest grin I have seen in a long time, and proudly showed me his massive bag of valentines/candy!  He literally jumped off of the last step of the bus and shouted for joy holding out his box for me to see.  It was pretty dang cute.

 He also explained to me how he put his cards in his friends boxes, and they put some in his.  He finally got it. Go figure.

I got him some lunch, turned on a show for his "quiet time," told him that he could have two pieces of his candy after he ate lunch, and I went to put Molly down for a nap.

Why, oh why, do I ever think that Luke will just sit and watch a show while I am getting Molly down.

I came out 15 minutes later, and Luke had eaten all 28 pieces of his candy.  Most of the candy was just straight sugar (Fun Dip..I HATE those things).  It was A LOT of sugar.
His lunch was completely untouched.

I just about died, because I knew what it meant for the rest of the afternoon.  I tried in vain to get him to eat his lunch, to try to get something in him to soak up the sugar, but it was no use.

I was right to be worried.  The afternoon for Luke was insane.
I did not ask him to pose for this picture.  I just snapped this mid- sugar rush.

did not ask him to do this either.  Nope, this was all Luke.

Luke spent the next 6 hours literally bouncing off the walls, the couches, the railing, the chairs, the beds, and even the table.  He turned into about 30 different animals in that time, complete with the animal noises, he didn't stop talking or making animal noises for more than 5 minutes, and he was literally bursting out the eyeballs with the biggest sugar rush known to mankind! 

The older kids literally just sat on the couch and watched Luke go crazy.  They thought it was amazing, even for Luke.  It was like watching a talking, noise making, pinball, bounce all over the place at crazy high speeds.

And then, an hour before bedtime, I walked into the room and saw this.
He looks like he literally just collapsed.  His cheeks were even still rosy from the sprints up and down the hall he had been doing just minutes before.  Quite the sleeping position!

The crash!  He didn't open his eyes again until morning.

Oh Luke.

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Lisa said...

That is too funny! At least it's over and the candy is gone! :-)