My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the wedding

Friday morning was a bit nuts.  Ben had to work, and I had to get all of the kids, and myself ready, and to Salt Lake by 11:00 for my sister's wedding. 

The kids were troopers that morning, and the boys didn't even complain about the bow ties and suspenders they were asked to wear.  We got all ready,  ate breakfast, packed a bunch of stuff to help us survive the day, we got gas, got snacks, and headed down the canyon to Salt Lake. It was intense, but the kids were really good, and made it do-able.

We met Ben in Salt Lake off the exit and followed him to the parking garage, where we all met up and headed to the temple.

We got there in time to get the kids somewhat settled with a babysitter in the waiting room, and for Ben and I to find our places in the sealing room.

Again, after a rushed and crazy morning, it felt so wonderful to be in the temple, and to feel the peace and regain the right perspective again.  It is always cool to look in the mirrors and to see family members and loved ones all together in such a sacred place.

My sister was glowing and looked so pretty and mature.  It was pretty crazy for me to see my little sister getting married.  It was so right and so special though.

After the ceremony, we got our kids and then the waiting, the pictures and the wedding madness began.  It went like this for a little while, but then things settled down.

Again, our kids were very good sports for the most part.  I was proud of them for putting up with the heat and all of the pictures.  The looked absolutely adorable!  Mary looked like a beautiful little angel in her white dress and flower headband, and the boys looked so stinkin cute in their suspenders and bow ties that I could not stop taking pictures of them.

Gotta love the nose picking

My FAVORITE picture of Luke.  Melts my heart.

By the time of the luncheon, we were all starving and hot, so it was perfect timing.  It was in the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and it was cool to show the kids the building where all of Ben and I's wedding pictures were taken.

After the luncheon, we started making our way back home, and stopped at Target for school shopping on the way home.  I know, like the day wasn't big enough, but there really was no other time, and we had to get them ready for school!

We finally got home, and crashed from a big day.  Whew!

Saturday, Sam woke up with a burning fever and a sore throat.  William and Luke were also up all night with fevers.  I got a text later on in the morning from my sister in law, Juliet, saying that my brother Ryan and their daughter Lilly had just tested positive for strep throat.  I groaned outloud, and prepared for a day of sick kids on top of traveling, running errands, and getting back to Idaho for the reception. Oh, the timing.

The morning actually turned out ok though, with the help of Advil, motrin, and an awesome pediatrician who called in prescriptions for us without even seeing us.  We were able to get everything done that we needed to, and drive to Idaho once more.

We got there just in time to get the kids all dressed up one more time, take a few more pictures, and be ready for Kelsey's reception.

The reception was absolutely gorgeous!  It was in my parents back yard, and it was stunning!  The lights, and flowers, the yummy food, the colors, the music.  It was truly magical.  It was fun to see so many friends, family and neighbors that I grew up with, and to see my kids, all dressed up in their adorable clothes running around having a good time.

The "candy bar" was a favorite hang out for the kids.

Of course, because of strep throat going around,  there were moments of fevers, tears and fatigue, but everyone held out really well considering the sickness.

It was a very fun, magical night, and it ended with a dance with Ben.  We haven't danced in a long time, and it was pretty neat to dance with my best friend.  I sure love him.

Sunday we got up, hung around for a while, let the cousins get as much time together as they could squeezed out of their last day together, my dad gave us all some very good family counsel and advice, as the patriarch of the family, and then we said our goodbyes and headed home.  My family has no idea when we will all be together again, it could be years.  That thought made us all sad, but also grateful for the time we have had these past few weeks.

It was a HUGE month, and an even bigger past week and a half, but it was full of things that are most important in life.  Temples, family, time together, and making memories.

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