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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

first day

Today Mary and Sam started school.  I honestly can't believe it!  It totally crept up on us. What a whirlwind we have had lately, geesh.

We were able to see who their teachers were last week, and we were really excited to see that they both got the teachers they wanted.  I was able to sigh a breath of relief knowing that my kids were happy and excited to start the new school year.  We have been on the opposite side of the spectrum, and it is so, so hard.

The night we got back from all of the wedding festivities, I got an email from the school saying that they had to create a new 2nd grade class, and Sam was switched over to it.  Not only was that frustrating, but he was put with a teacher that Sam was not fond of, and his best friend was put in the class Sam was originally in.  It was a huge disappointment, and it did not settle well in my mind, or in my heart.  I didn't feel good about this new teacher and class for Sam.  Sam wasn't any happier about it than I was. 

The next day (one day before school was to start...yesterday), I called the school and left messages with the principle and the secretary, begging them to switch Sam back.  I also got ahold of the secretary at one point, and she said that switching Sam didn't sound promising.  I didn't give up.  Something about it just did not feel right at all.  I knew that something needed to happen.

I prayed all day, throughout the day, and Ben prayed as well.  I just knew that Sam needed to be back in his original class, it was really weighing on me.  I was pretty nervous about it all day.

Finally, around 7:00pm, after I had started to lose hope and become extremely frustrated, I got a call from the school secretary, and they were able to put Sam back in his original class!!!! 

I knew that the Lord had heard our prayers, softened hearts, and paved the way.  Sam was thrilled to hear the news, and finally, all felt complete for my kids to start school.  I was very humbled and grateful for the answer to our prayers.

We had our FHE last night, and used it to talk about school, behavior, being an example, picking good friends, working hard, and to let Mary and Sam talk about any feelings they were having about the upcoming school year.  After the lesson, Ben gave Mary and Sam their school blessings.  It was a very neat experience to see them recognize the holy ghost touching their hearts, and to see them recognizing the council that God was giving them through Ben.  Mary especially recognized it this year, and had tears flowing down her cheeks during her blessing.  It was really precious.

The kids were so excited last night, and spent a while setting out their new clothes, getting backpacks all ready, and trying to handle the excitement and the nerves.  I remember feeling the same way, and it made me chuckle and feel those same feelings as well.

We were all up bright and early this morning, with excitement in the air.  After pancakes, getting hair just right, locating shoes, taking a few pictures (which Luke insisted on being in) and a family prayer, the kids were off to the bus stop with their friends, leaving a trail of excitement in their wake....and a VERY sad Luke who was left behind.  The poor kid just bawled!
2nd grade and 4th did this happen so fast!

I had to go to the school to get Sam set up in his new class, and to do some last minute preschool registration for William, so I soon left as well, and headed to the school.  As much as I tried, the kids did not want to ride to school with me.  They were too excited about the bus!

I happened to get there the same time Sam and Mary were getting off the bus!  Perfect timing. They came to the office with me, and then I was able to walk them to their new classrooms.

I dropped Sam off at his classroom first.  He was SO excited to be with his best friend Blake, and to have Mr. Alshie for his teacher.  He just grinned and grinned.  I told the teacher that Sam was officially in his class again, and watched as the teacher gave Sam a high five, and made him feel so welcome and special.  Sam looked so happy. It was then that I could leave Sam, and know for sure that he was in great hands.

Then, Mary and I headed to her classroom.  Mrs. Foy was so kind, bubbly and welcoming.  We requested her to be Mary's teacher, and she thanked Mary for choosing her. She hugged Mary, and gushed over her, and also invited me to come in and check out the classroom.  Mary just beamed and walked right in.  The room was FULL of crafts and projects....the exact reason Mary wanted to be in the class.  Mrs. Foy does a lot of fun projects. My heart felt content seeing and knowing that Mary was also in good hands.

On my way out, I checked in Sam's room one last time.  He had just picked out a huge lizard book (Sam's current obsession) and was sitting down at his desk...a HUGE smile plastered on his face.

I walked away from the school with a good feeling in my heart, and knowing that my kids will be alright.  As a mother, I was very happy to be feeling this way, and so grateful. 

I can't wait to see them in half an hour and hear all about it!

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