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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

all in a weeks time

Last Sunday evening, the kids and I headed back to Pocatello to spend more time with family, while all of my siblings would be able to be together.

We spent the next three days boating, playing, bouncing in the bounce house, talking, and hanging out.  The kids LOVED boating, and are very brave on the tube now.  It was hilarious to watch Mary, Sam and Ezra all on the tube screaming their lungs out.  I love to watch my children bond with their cousins and make memories with them.  I was blessed to be close to my cousins growing up, and it had a big impact on my life.  I am so happy that my kids have that too!

It was fun to watch Ryan do the ski course, he can still make it all the way through.

my crazy siblings

his wink cracks me up!

The girls had a lot of fun with loom bands, making bracelets, necklaces, snowcones and snakes.




By Wednesday, I had been juggling the kids by myself for 4 days, bouncing from one event to the next, and juggling sleep and play myself.  The kids were having a blast, which is why I decided to go to Pocatello again, but even they were wearing down. I wasn't feeling that great in the pregnancy department, and could tell all of the playing and traveling was getting to me, so we headed home.  We had a great time, but decided to get home and rest up before all of the events the rest of the week.

Thursday morning I had an OB appointment, and it ended up lasting 3 hours!  The baby is measuring too small, and she isn't moving much.  The doctor checked on me, then did a non stress test on the baby, followed by an ultrasound.

I am dilated, at a 2 or 3, which is nothing new for me (I was at a 4 with Luke for 2 weeks, and nothing happened), and blood sugar is still going fine, as long as I stay strict with my diet.  Doctor is predicting she should arrive around her due date, but who really knows.

Baby girl worried us a little with the stress test, but she looked great (yet small) on the ultrasound.  All of my fears of her turning out to be a boy were put to rest during the ultrasound, as she was very kind let me see that she is for sure a she.  We will see at the end of next week if she has decided to grow any more.

Thursday was another traveling day.  My sister went through the temple that evening, in South Jordan.  We loaded up the kids and headed down the canyon, where we dropped them off with a babysitter, and all of their cousins, and made our way to the temple.

It was really neat to be in the temple with my whole family, and to watch the very last member of my family fulfill sacred ordinances.  I was pretty frazzled the past few days leading up to the temple with worries of the baby, some family issues, and from traveling so much, and it was so refreshing and uplifting to be in the temple and to feel peace and gain perspective again.  I love being there. It was also so nice to be there with Ben.  We usually take turns going, so it was nice to look across the room and see him there.  It means a lot to me to be with him there.

The temple evening ended pretty cool with an amazing sky, complete with a rainbow, perfectly place over the temple! 

We picked up the kids soon after, and headed back home through the canyon.  It was another big day, but a day very well spent.

I am so grateful for the temple and for a family that is worthy to be together in such a sacred place.  There is nothing more important, and I pray every day that my children will all keep this goal in their hearts and strive for it.  I would love for this to be a picture of my own family someday, with all of my children.  I want nothing more.

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