My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, August 29, 2014

the note

A few weeks ago, Mary decided that she wanted to get a bigger hamster, so we began the process of trying to sell her two dwarf hamsters.  Ironically, this week, one of them randomly died.  It was pretty sad, and Mary cried when she buried it, but she still held on to her quest of finding a home for the other one.

In Mary fashion, she didn't give up, and found a home for her other hamster.  She also decided that she was done with hamsters completely, and has come home from school twice this week with books about Parakeets.

Yup, Parakeets.

I have been finding these books "subtly"  placed on my bedside table, under my phone, on the stove, and in my home décor magazines. 
She has also been "subtly" dropping hints like, "hey mom, aren't birds such pretty animals."  or "Did you know that parakeets are supposed to be one of the easiest pets?"  or : " Hey mom, my friend told me that she had a parakeet once and ...."

She has also lured her friends into the scheme.  Today, I answered the door, to find her friend Bailey standing there.  She proceeded to tell me that she "found a book about Parakeets" and they she thought they were so pretty and would be a really cool pet. She also told me that a blue Parakeet, or a yellow one, would look really good in Mary's room.   hhhmmmmmm

Mary also decided that for her reading time after school, she wanted to read out loud to me.  I thought it was a great idea, and then I soon discovered that I was being read a book all about the proper care and training of Parakeets.

Finally, a few days ago, she actually asked for a Parakeet.  She very smoothly and calmly squelched every single concern or negative feedback I gave her.  There was absolutely no argument that was strong enough on my end.  This girl had done her full research, and I couldn't help but admire it. She had a very good point, and pleaded her case extremely well.

In the end, after all of Mary's research, and some talking between Ben and I, we decided today to let her have a Parakeet.  She will be completely paying for it, and has already sold her hamster and the hamster cage.

When I went out to tell Mary we had decided to let her have the bird, she grinned from ear to ear, and then matter of factly came up to me and said, "oh good, now I don't have to give you my "oreo analysis."  I am sure my deer in the headlights look said it all, because she sighed like I should know better, and then handed me a piece of paper and said, "well, you can have it anyway.  Here you go."

And this is what I got, and will definitely keep forever.

I wish I could flip it the right way, but the computer won't let me.

Basically, OREO stands for:
Opinion, Reason, Explanation, and Opinion again.

Here is what Mary wrote:
Opinion:  cute, cool and cuddly
Resins:  Ther ease to take care of.  Ther super cheep, and ease to feed.
Explinashons:  Thay will stay ther, and if you talk to a boy, it will talk.
Opinion:  Thay are rilly rilly pretty and nice.

Looks like we are off to the pet store tomorrow.

I love my little girl, and her amazing ways!

Disclaimer:  Ben and I are not push overs, and willing to get our kids anything they ask for in creative ways.  We also did our own research, spent a few days discussing it, checked things out at the pet store, and discovered that Parakeets really are good pets.  Believe me, there are plenty of things we have had to say no to, over and over and over again.

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We've had parakeets for pets before. They are not too bad. They flip seed everywhere and fluff feathers out so vacuuming around the cage is necessary. They are fun pets for kids!