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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, October 4, 2013

swim meet...1st

When we took Mary out of gymnastics, we signed her up for tumbling and soccer.  We quickly realized though, that Mary's growth plate injury in her foot was going to prevent her from doing both of those things.

As a last ditch effort to find a sport to help ease Mary out of gymnastics, and keep her physically fit and active, I signed her up for the local swim team.

I signed her up for the pre-team actually.  No meets, twice a week, close by, perfect!

I soon learned that this swim team is actually very competitive and very good.  There is a waiting list 40 kids long to get into it. 

It has turned out to be so much fun for Mary!  She is in it with two buddies from the neighborhood, so that adds to it.

Her coaches decided to let the "Bronze Team" participate in 3 small mini-meets this season, so they can see what it is like.

Mary's first meet was Wednesday night.  She was so nervous I thought she was going to throw up.  She is so used to gymnastics meets, that she had no idea what a low pressure, easy going meet was all about.  Poor kid.

The meet turned out great!  The parents got to help hand out ribbons and time the events.  The kids were all having fun and excited.  Park City backed out last minute, so they just competed against each other.

The last time I saw Mary swim, she didn't even know what the freestyle was.  I figured she would just make her way down the lane and we would be done.

I was shocked when they blew the whistle, and Mary took off, swimming the correct way, and going fast!  I actually started laughing out of surprise.  She was way ahead, and then ran out of steam the last little bit. 

She came in 4th and 3rd for the freestyle and the backstroke.  She was happy.  I was proud of her, and she walked away saying, "Now that is the kind of meet I love!"  She really enjoyed the low pressure vibe and the fun that everyone was having.  I was happy to see that Mary is really learning a new skill, doing well at it, and enjoying herself.

Another perk..the meet was only an hour and a half!  We are used to 4 hour meets here people.  This was awesome!  Unfortunately, I was a timer, so I didn't get any pictures this time.  I will get some at her next meet.

I think this swim team deal may have just been a little great surprise for all of us.

p.s.  We took Mary to an orthopedic surgeon where she was diagnosed with a growth plate injury in her foot, due to the fast pace and demand of moving up gymnastics levels and hours so fast.  Right now, she has inserts in her shoes for the next month.  If those don't work, we have to take the treatment a little further  We are very lucky to have stopped Mary when we did.  It is painful for her, and treatment will take a while, but there will be no permanent damage.  We are very grateful for that.

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