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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


The past few weeks, as I have sent Mary and Sam out the door in the mornings to catch the bus, I have noticed that we are continuously missing coats, jackets and sweaters.  I open he closet to grab a jacket for Sam, and nothing is there.

They all seem to be ones that Sam has worn recently.  I have told Sam over and over again to make sure he brings his jackets, or sweaters, home with him.  I figured he was bringing them home, but they were just misplaced somewhere else.

Sam is a very smart kid, and is usually not absentminded.  This morning however, was a little nuts as a rushed the kids out the door with a prayer and a kiss, and sent them on their way.  Sam was wearing Mary's purple jacket, because we absolutely could not find any of his jackets that fit him, or Williams.

30 minutes later, as I was cleaning up from the chaos of the morning, I saw Sam's homework folder on the counter.  It was due today.  Rats!

After dropping William off at preschool, I went to Sam and Mary's school to drop off Sam's homework.  After checking in, the ladies at the office told me I could take it so Sam myself.

When I got to Sam's classroom, the class was at PE, but Sam's teacher was there.  She is the most cute, bubbly, interactive teacher, and I have grown to really appreciate her and the awesome teacher she is.  She was glad to see Sam's homework, because it meant that the class qualified for the pizza party that day.  I was glad that I decided to go ahead and bring it.  I almost didn't.

I gave her Sam's homework folder, and then as a side note, asked her if I could check the coat rack to see if Sam's missing jacket was there.

She told me that there was a box under the rack full of things that are left there.

She handed me the box, and I couldn't believe it.  Every single jacket, sweater and coat in there was ours!!!!  There were 5 total.  3 were Sam's, one was William's missing sweater that Sam must have worn one day, and one was Mary's sweater that has been missing for weeks.  I guess he wore that at one point too.

Sam's teacher about died laughing when I told her the entire box belonged to us.  I laughed right along with her, but was also a little embarrassed, because I was there in the first place because Sam forgot his homework.  It just didn't seem like Sam.  But it sure was.  I had a box of 5 coats to prove it.
This is the pile, minus one that I left at school for Sam to come home in.

As I was chuckling with the teacher and walking out the door, she said, "Oh, we have had this stray lunch box here for about a month now, any chance this is Sam's?"  I turned to look where she was pointing, and there sat Sam's lunch box that has been missing since the first week of school!  He has been using Williams since then.

I was speechless at that point.  I was really hoping the teacher didn't start thinking I was just stealing all of this stuff.  Seriously!  I began contemplating monthly visits to the school to make sure Sam's entire closet doesn't end up there.

Silly boy!

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