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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ooky Spooky Night

We had a great Halloween here in Heber.

Both Mary and Sam had Halloween parties at school. They came out of the school happy and all sugared up. It was fun to see the teachers, the bus drivers,  and even the cross walk helpers all dressed up and making it a fun day for everyone. The sense of community here is so cool.

We had our spooky dinner this year. I didn't go all out, but I did a few fun things, and it turned out pretty well!  It started the night off with a fun little something.  I think William ate the entire monster hand himself! I had to hunt down another monster and chop off his hand, so the others could have some too.

The spiders were fun to look at, but I think Ben and I were the only ones to partake of their creepy crawly goodness.  Those little "devils" were so yummy!

Then it was time to get all dressed up and head out. 


Mary was Dracula.

Sam was a Ninja.  He is already one, but he decided to wear his outfit and reveal his true identity for the night.  :)

William was a pirate. At least for the pictures. In reality, he was a 2 year old who would not wear his costume or his shoes.  At least he smiled his big cheesy grin and  said thank you when he got candy.

Luke was a cute baby for Halloween. I tried to find him a costume that matched his cute, sweet personality, but nothing came to mind. He is just cute the way he is. He had a good time just riding in the stroller drinking his bottle.

We had previously decided to stick around here and hit all of the town homes around here. I am talking about 30 homes in 10 minutes. Trick-or-Treating paradise I tell ya....or so we thought.  After knocking on about 15 doors and only finding 2 people home,  we gave the next bunch of  kids that came to our house about 10 pieces of candy each (much to their shock), emptied our candy bowl, and headed over to the neighborhood where we will eventually live.

I am so glad we did!

We immediately found people that we recognized from our ward, and the kids found some friends. It was amazing how much that neighborhood lifted my spirits and truly felt like home.  It was nice to find some familiar faces to talk to, and to walk the streets that surround what will be our home. It made Ben and I very anxious to get into our home.  We are currently waiting for the permit to be taken care of, before we can do any more with the house.  It may take another few weeks.  I am learning some serious patience right now.

The kids had a lot of fun, and got enough candy to spike their blood sugar levels for a long time to come. William was pretty funny. He refused to wear his costume or his shoes. Thank goodness the weather was nice.  After a few houses, he realized that all he had to do was say trick-or-treat, and people would give him candy.  He couldn't believe it!  He kept coming back to me and saying, "oh my gosh!"  It was hilarious!

He has already come up to me a few times today and said trick-or-treat. Sadly, I get to be the one that teaches him that it only works on Halloween night.

All in all, we had a very fun Halloween. The kids came home and crashed, and honestly, so did I. It was a big day. Today we decide if the kids want to keep their candy, or trade it in for a toy.  I am hoping for the toy, but we shall see......


Jenni said...

Alright so check this...Kyler was a vampire, Eldon was a Ninja, and Isaac was a pirate...what?? Totally the same! Made my heart do the snoopy happy dance when I saw that coincidence. So happy for the changes you guys are having. So excited to hear you are a little c
Oer to ur neck of the woods. In fact we are staying in a cabin in Heber this summer, we'll have to hike down and see you!

Megan said...

Nice! Russ was a ninja too! And Ben took the boys trick or treating to about 10 houses before Tuck started saying, "Ow, ow, my feet hurt" and everyone realized he wasn't wearing any shoes. Lol, kids are hilarious. We are so excited for you guys and your new home, I hope the wait doesn't kill ya!