My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I have never been one that is good with change, and yet, I need it too. I get bored easily.

Obviously, moving is a big change. A HUGE change. And when you add kids into the mix, it is quite the mountain to climb.

This move has been no different, but also different. Yeah, makes no sense, I know.

This move is the first one we have initiated. Our other moves were literally at the direction of the Lord. He told us to go, and we did.  This move was our decision, and we presented our plan to the Lord, who was just fine with it. And actually, let us know that it would be a wonderful place for us and our children, a better place.

Because we initiated the move, it has been an exciting one for us. The place we want to be, building the house we want to stay in, and hopefully our last move. I can't believe we are at this point in our lives. It is wonderful.

Thank goodness for all of these things, because they have made the move exciting. And they are what I am holding on to right now.

You see, we are in a townhome. A small townhome.  The kids are used to our big backyard, friends everywhere, and more space to roam around the house. We don't live by our ward members and the kids don't live in the district of the school they are currently going to. We are in the ward and the schools that we will be in when we move into our home.

I am used to making our house a home.  We have only upacked the necessities this time though. We do have some decor up, but it still feels weird to only be 1/2 way moved in.  We left everything that we don't really need right now in boxes. It will make the move to our new home so much easier though.

This has made the move hard.  Luckily, we are right by a park and the weather has been gorgeous! I take the kids to the park everyday to help get out some serious wiggles. If we don't get to the park, the kids are bursting at the seams and it isn't a good thing. We all start to go a little nuts.  I am pretty scared for the winter, but I am trying to take it one step at a time.

I am pretty lonely as well. I am the new kid on the block, but this time, it is not the block we will be in for long, so it is kind of hard to invest a ton into the neighborhood. The people here know we will be gone in the spring, so I don't think they care to invest much either. The people in our ward and future neighborhood are great though, and I am so excited to live by them!

The Lord has helped me a lot lately. He has inspired me to make some changes to our townhome, so that the kids have more space to play. He has helped me not to feel so lonely and has shown me that this community is amazing. I can feel in my heart and am also beginning to really see how truly incredible this place and the people here will be.  He has helped the kids make some friends here in the townhome community, and he has helped me begin to make friends in our ward. 

We signed up for a membership at the gym here, and that helps a lot as well. It is a great gym. "The Fit Stop." Cute huh.

It will also help to here during a fun time of year. It will break it up a little and help the time go faster. We have Birthday's and holiday's galore these next few months, and we are going to have a great time celebrating all of it.  We will also spend more time with family during the holidays than normal, which will be awesome.

This townhome, the lonliness, the cramped spaces, the kids with too much energy and not enough room to run, and the feeling of limbo will only feel like a small moment in time, once the house is done.

Then, we will have more room than ever before, outside and in. We will be by our ward members and neighbors that we know, the kids will live by their friends, it will be spring, sports will be starting, and we will finally be able to settle.  That is what I dream about each day, and what keeps me going through this tough spell.  It will all be worth it though, and I am going to do my best to endure this time well and enjoy the blessings we already have and are continually receiving.

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