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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, November 12, 2012

primary program forget-me-nots

Due to our move this year, my children were able to participate in two primary programs in our church. It was a double bonus for us, because the primary program is one of our favorite programs in the church.

It has been Sam's first year in the program. Correction:  He could have been in it last year, but he decided that sitting down by us and participating in his own way (hiding his head and curling into the smallest ball possible) was the way to go. 

This year was completely different.  In our ward in Heriman, Sam marched right up there with Mary and proudly took his seat. Front and center.

Right off the bat, I knew we were in for it. Sam dug and dug and dug in that nose of his. It must have been a very well hidden booger in there, but alas, victory!  Out came the booger, and in it went, all 3 inches of it, right into Sam's open mouth.  Awesome.

Soon after, Sam decided to pat everyones head around him. It started a head patting frenzy and lots of giggles. I was sternly trying to tell him with every body language I could think of, to stop.  The crazy part, is that Mary was standing just a few rows behind him.  She was singing the songs and participating like she should have been.  She thought I was shaking my head and mouthing "stop" to her.  So Mary was looking at me questioningly.

So, I would do a thumbs up to Mary and smile.  Sam thought that was for him, so he would continue on messing around and looking at me like it was a good thing.  So, I would shake my head at him, and Mary would get all confused. 

This went on and on and on.  I am sure we were all quite the sight.

I was happy that Sam was even up there though. You have to start somewhere.  He did sing all of the songs too, and it was so cute. Both kids said their parts loud and clear.  It was great.

The program here in Heber was yesterday.  All of the kids went up to the front and Sam immediately began goofing off, so Ben went up there and talked to him.  Sam didn't like this.  So he decided to spend the entire program scowling at us with his arms folded. I am talking 45 solid minutes of scowling. That should be a record or something. He didn't sing one word to one song.  It was actually pretty funny. He did say his part though, and he even smiled for that.  Few!

Mary did her part, and her class also sang a song. She is the only girl, and she was so shy to have her voice stand out.  I was proud of her for doing it anyway, and facing the fear.

The primary in our ward here is HUGE, and they all did a great job.  There are so many cute kids.

Next year William will be in the program.  I can only imagine what will happen then.  I may have to give everyone a solid warning to prepare accordingly.

Gotta love it.

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