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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, November 18, 2012

fridge games?

The past few days, I have watched William discover a new game.  It is very amusing and extremely funny.

He will stomp his way into the kitchen, flick on the light like it is nobody's business, and march on over to the fridge.  He will pull the door open and then proceed to do something along these lines.

Pulling the cream cheese out of the container thingy in the door of the fridge. "Hurry guys, get out! aaaghhh"  (and then he places the cream cheese on a different shelf).

Grabbing the lemon juice "you are a bad yucky guy, we got you! You have to go right here."  (places the lemon juice where the cream cheese used to be)

Picks up the gallon of milk and shakes it. "the big scary monster is coming. Hurry up everyone, hide!"  He then re-arranges the entire fridge and everything "runs away" from the big milk monster.

Then he grabs the peanut butter..."oh no, the big monster got you. You have to go here now." (places the peanuter next to the lemon juice)  "don't be sad peanut butter, here, you can have my bottle cup juice."  He then places his cup next to the peanut butter.

And the game goes on and on and on, until I begin to worry about things rotting in the open fridge.

Once everything is where William wants it, he slams the fridge shut, flicks off the kitchen light, and goes on his way.

I sneak in a few minutes later, and proceed to put the fridge back in order.

Oh, the things kids do.  I sure love my William.

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erin d. said...

I love it! I wish we lived closer. William and Owen would be double trouble best buds, I am certain of it.