My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, November 8, 2012

just for fun

As I sat down to type this blog post, I barely got the computer open before someone needed something.  Of course, I am mom first, and a blogger second or third or something cool like that, so I helped the kids out and then tried again.

Then I got an idea.  It probably seems, when reading these posts, that I just sit here typing away, writing these stories and experiences, without any interruptions. The kids are behaving perfectly, and completely entertaining themselves for long periods of time.  Oh, if only. 
I never mention them, or the time it really takes to do a blog post, so this time, I am going to record each time I have to stop typing, in order to do something.  Just for fun. This should be good.

You may ask, "then why bother blogging?"  Why not just be a good mom, forget the computer, and pay utter and complete attention to your children 24/7. 

(haha, I am the first one to interrupt myself. I need to plug in the computer, be right back)

Ok, to answer the before mentioned question. Well, because of this quote I found on my cousin's blog.

We write to taste life twice, once in the moment and in retrospection" Anais Nin

Love it.

(hang on, William needs a drink)

OK, I am back. On to the actual post now.

So, I sometimes have these weird moments when I all of a sudden just decide to do something.  For me, not to have planned it first is really weird. Control freak, maybe.  OK, probably. But oh well, I am who I am.

(oops, Luke dropped his bottle, just a sec.)

I am back. Oh, wait, William and Sam are arguing over a show. 

Now, I am back.  Phineas and Pherb won.  I admit, I think that show is hilarious!

So, the other day at the gym, after running 5 miles and feeling great about it, I was all excited to hop on the scale.  Bad idea, CURSES to those last 5 pounds of prego weight and the other 5 pounds that I just want to lose, that stick to me like super glue!  What is it going to take to burn you off, you stubborn waste of fat space, you!  AARRGGGHH!!

So I pouted the rest of the way home, as Ben continued to tell me I looked great and so forth (he is awesome) and then I had a thought.  If I can't exercise these last pounds off, I will eat them off. Ha!

(oh man, Luke is crying. Be back in a second, or maybe more)

yummy, I could kiss those cheeks all day.  He is properly smoochified and happily playing with his little baby toys now. OK, where was I.

Oh yes, the fat pout, and the "ah ha" moment.

So, I came up with a simple plan. I HATE the idea of strict diets, lack of balance, only eating one food group, or crazy fad things. No thank you, I will enjoy my food if that's ok with you. I will just watch it more.

I decided to seriously back off sugar and white flour, and to majorly bump up fiber, protein, fruits and veggies. You are probably thinking, well duh!  But, it is always easier to see what will help others, before yourself. And did I mention that I hate diets or anything even close to resembling them. Notice I didn't say I would completely cut anything out. Just greatly reduce. :)

(seriously!  Sam is out of toilet paper up in the bathroom. Hang on.)

I am back...oh, just kidding. Sam is here, but I didn't hear the toilet flush or the hands being washed. eewww!

Alrighty, hands washed toilet flushed, all is right in the world.

So, the next day, I decided to give it a shot.  I had no previous plans to do this, no "start date," I just kind of began eating like this.

I found some good finds like Greek Yogurt (light and fit), cottage cheese, spinach leaves with raspberry vinegar salad dressing stuff, all natural peanut butter, salmon, lunch meat and cheese rolled together with a teeny tiny bit of mayo. and so on. 

The change has been much easier than I thought. I decided not to cut carbs, because with the workouts I do, I need them, and I burn them quickly. Plus, I like them, and I am grouchy and tired and Mrs. Moody if I don't have them. Just ask my family if I should cut carbs, their shrieks of fear will convice you. I am especially awesome on fast long as you don't look at me, talk to me, or be within a mile of me.  :)

I cut out bread for the most part, but I let myself have some during cravings, I just keep it small.  Yes, I will have pumpkin bread this season, are you kidding me! I will just try to stop at one slice...try. Maybe I will give the rest to the dudes building our house. I hear that feeding them produces some great "extras" added on to the house. hehehe

(Yikes, William smells terrible. Diaper change time..ready, go! I really should start potty training him....and then I just thought about it and am laughing my crazy almost happy almost scared laugh, maybe later)

Where was I, oh yes.  I have been eating like this for almost a week now, and guess what. I lost 2 pounds already! YYEEESSS!

Oh yeah. I am happy.  I did notice that I get hungry more, so I am adding more fiber to my diet now, but other than that, I feel fine and satisfied. I still do Insanity twice a week, and run three days a week, so my workouts haven't changed.

I may add (hang on, I just heard a big crash, gotta run)

It was just boys being boys, the toy room will need a serious cleaning, but all is well.

As I was saying, I may try to add a vegetable juice type thing pretty soon. I need a juicer first though. I wouldn't mind doing that once a day, if I can handle choking down green, gritty, nasty, fad, yet very healthy, type drinks.

So, here I go. Lets see if I can banish these last  pounds for good!  Wish me luck!

(good timing, the boys are hungry for lunch) Few!


Familia Morales said...

That was hilarious to read! And I love the quote about why write.

I need to hop on the good eating band wagon. I want to exercise the extra pounds off without changing what I eat, but it just doesn't happen that way. Too bad I really like food. Good luck and congrats on the 2 lbs!

Lisa said...

Way to go--I admire you! The thought of making a 'diet' plan makes me hungry. :)
Way to do it right!