My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, November 15, 2012

last night

went a little something like this.

11:00 Luke was fussy, to I put his Binky in and he went to sleep.

11:30 Luke was fussy, so I made him a bottle. He took two sips and went to sleep.

12:00am-ish, Luke was really, really sad, so I brought him downstairs, turned on a show and tried to comfort him and me at the same time.

12:05ish  Luke threw up ALL over me, and then continued to squirm and burp and finally fall asleep.

12:30ish I put Luke back to bed thinking he is finally fast asleep.

12:45am  Luke is awake again, Ben tries to help him this time, I try to sleep.

1:00am  Luke is sad again, Ben and I both try to help him, I notice he has a fever.

1:05am  Luke falls asleep right before I can get meds in him.

2:00am  Luke is up again, and sad.  Ben gives him his medicine, we comfort him, and he falls asleep again.

3:00am  Luke is hungry.  He eats a full bottle and goes to sleep.

6:00am  Rise and shine!  Ben gets ready for work, (it is early week for him, so he "gets" to go in early every day this week).  I roll around in a half asleep stupor.

6:15am  William is awake and ready to party, so is Luke.

6:46am  Everyone is up and hungry and ready to start the day. I muster up any energy I have, and vow to do what I can to make it a good day, sleep deprivation and all.

7:30am  I try to smile and make pancakes for everyone. 10 points for effort!  As usual, William out eats everyone (three pancakes).

7:55am  I try to call the pediatrician to get an appointment for sad, sick, Luke.  They aren't open yet.

8:25am  Breakfast is over, and I tried to clean it up in a hurry while changing diapers and helping kids get dressed.

8:30amI am trying to get a crying baby into the car seat and all bundled up, Sam is frantically looking for his coat, William wants help with his boots, and Mary is struggling getting her backpack over her coat.  I am a human ping pong ball trying to help them all at once.

8:35am  I finally just wrap william up in a blanket and run him out to the freezing car. I buckle him over his blanket (that was interesting) and run back in the house to get Luke.  I run Luke out to the car, prop his bottle (bad mom) and run back in to help Sam.  Sam and Mary get in the car.  I hop in the car in my pjs and slippers, and we are off.  Yes!

8:42am  We drop Mary off at school, the car is still freezing, but hey, she is on time, and we are all frozen, but alive.

8:50am   We get home.  I unbuckle William, grab him still bundled in his blanket, and run him up the stairs and onto the couch.  Then it is back down the stairs and to the car to get Luke. I carry him up the stairs and set him down. Sam follows soon after.

9:37am   And here I am, in a drunken stupor, still in my pj's with nasty greasy hair and dark circles.  One kid off to school, one sad baby, and two boys trying to kill eachother one minute and playing like best friends the next.  I guess I better get ready soon.  It is show and tell for Sam, and guess who is bringing the guinea pigs to school today....yours truly.

Carpe Diem.


Colleen said...

Oh dear! So sorry. Having sick babies, especially barfy ones, really stinks. Literally and figuratively! I hope health and sleep returns soon for you all!

Familia Morales said...

What a night--and morning--for you! Hope your boy gets better soon.

And out of curiousity--what time does school start for you? 8:42 and she wasn't late?! My kids have been in school for over an hour already by 8:42. How nice to sleep in! That is, when you get the chance. Hope you got to take a nap.

erin d. said...

Atta Mama!