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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, November 29, 2012

a magical evening

Last night was magical in our home. 
We turned on the Christmas music, filled up the mugs with hot chocolate, wrapped presents, put lights up, and decorated the Christmas tree.

The smell of the tree, the hot chocolate, the beautiful music and the lights glistening from the windows and tree, warmed our hearts and brought smiles to our faces. Even Luke seemed to catch the spirit of it all.

Because we are in a smaller place for a little while, we had to get really creative with the Christmas decor. We have way more decor than we have room for.  I ended up just handing it to the kids and letting them put it where they thought it should go.  Normally, I have certain places for everything, so it all matches and looks all OCD like.  ;)  The kids would help with some things, but not everything.

I must say that I loved the way we did it this year!  The house is exploding with Christmas decor, and it is all hodge podge and fun.  It feels so much more fun, relaxed and cozy. And the kids love it, because they did it all.  I think we may be on to something here.

We did the same with the tree.  Normally, they help decorate it, but I am there showing them where to put things, and I am there later that evening, when no one is around, re-arranging the tree to make things even. Before you begin to think I am some order freak that makes my kids miserable, let me make a disclaimer: We still have fun decorating every year, and the kids do enjoy it. I am not all beasty and stuff, but I definently "guide" the children with where to put things, and how to do things. Yes, I have issues.

This year, we just let the kids go at it.  I completely forgot to get those little wire things to hang the ornaments with, so we pulled out the yarn, and made some ourselves.  I cringed a little at the idea, but I am so glad we did it.  The tree has even more character than before!

 I only hung one ornament, and I let the kids show me where to put it.  They completely did the whole tree on their own.  William suprised me the most, and really got into it.  He hung most of the ornaments.  The smile on his face was priceless.  The ornaments he hung are mainly on one area of the tree, but I am finding myself smiling when I look at the cute cluster of ornaments hung by my chubby fingered little boy, instead of a yearning to even it out and change it.

The home just feels more magical with the children's touch all over it.  Sure, it isn't even, orderly, we decorated with multi-colored lights (a big "eek" for me), things aren't perfectly placed, and of course, a few things were broken, but our home feels more Christmasy and has more character than ever before.  Each scratch or nick holds a memory, and each decoration was placed with childlike imagination. And I love it!

The kids drew names this year, and each made or purchased a gift for eachother.  They sat and giggled and squirmed as they wrapped the gift and placed it under the tree.  Even William got into it.  He scribbled all over the tag, helped put tape all over the wrapping, and giggled the whole way down the stairs as he carried the gift to put it under the tree.
  Mary spent an entire day at school trying to figure out what Sam would like, and Sam spent a long time in the store trying to find the perfect gift for Luke.  It made me happy to see my children thinking of eachother. 

So here we are, all decked out for Christmas, presents under the tree, and excitement and joy in our hearts.  I am loving our hodge podge Christmas, and I am so grateful for my children who bring the magic into our hearts.

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Adri said...

Cute post, Becky! Merry Christmas!