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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

fall break

This past weekend was Fall Break. The kids had Thursday and Friday off of school.

Unfortunately, my natural tendency is to dread the days off of school, and to just struggle through them.

I am a major creature of habit, and so are some of my kids.  We love our schedule, our daily routine, and having a plan.

When this gets thrown off for me, and it is combined with 5 kids bored at home all day, it can quickly become a very difficult time for everyone.

I have been trying really hard lately to have more fun with the family when we have these "days off" together.  This includes weekends as well.

I decided that if I just plan more, and use the energy it takes to get out and do things, we will all be better off, and have fun as a family.  Maybe I would even start looking forward to these long breaks, and weekends, instead of dreading them.

So, for fall break, I decided to take the kids to Cornbelly's.  It is a HUGE pumpkin patch at Thanksgiving Point.  We decided to go with Karli Sweat and her kids.  As a bonus, my mom was here this past weekend helping Nichole with the twins, so we invited her and Nichole and her kids as well.

The morning was absolutely hectic trying to get ready, but it was nice to have something to fill our blank day, and for the kids to be excited to do something out of the ordinary. I stopped and Quench It and filled up on my "go juice" to ensure I had enough energy for the day.

Nichole decided to stay home with the twins, but my mom showed up with Lacey and Eli.  Between all of us there, we had A LOT of kids.  I think there were 11 to be exact.
everyone, not including the Sweats

We did the jumping balloons first.  The kids loved it!  Molly was nervous, so a sweet little girl took care of Molly during their entire turn.  What a sweet kid!

That is Luke and Eli rolling around on the balloon, while William is jumping.

Sam's flip

Luke, William, Blake and Eli
After jumping for a while, the kids got the hang of Cornbelly's, and we went non-stop the rest of the day.  Eli was so excited and distracted, that my mom and I ended up spending majority of the time trying to keep him with us, or trying to find him. It got extremely stressful at moments, but it was a really fun place!!!  The kids had so much fun!

Karli had to leave early to go back to work, so we had Bailey and Blake stay with us the rest of the day.  It made the day even better for everyone.

There was a show with these mechanical animals.  I thought the younger four would love it...apparently, it totally freaked them out!  oops

Eli and Luke loved the fire engine.

the corn sandbox was a HUGE hit with the littles

lacey and molly

Eli burying Luke

The older four kids (Mary, Bailey, Blake and Sam) did the zipline.  It was actually pretty big.  They had a blast!
Mary and Bailey

Sam and Blake...Sam is really hard to see, he is back by the green building

Sam doing a handstand in the corn

The biggest hit, by far, was the mechanical bull.  I bought tickets for the older five (William included), but William didn't want to do it.  I was going to take his place, when Luke marched up the steps and told us he was going to ride the bull!!! 

He was by far the smallest person to ride the bull that day.  It surprised us all, but he did it, and he loved it!!!  The guy controlling the bull started out slow at first, but he soon sped it up faster and faster and started spinning it more and more.  Luke hung on for a long time.  When he finally did fall off, he just brushed himself off, giggled, and hopped down.  It was adorable!

The other kids did awesome as well.  They watched their videos over and over and over again. 

We did about a million other things, and basically we went until we could go no further.  My mom and I were completely worn out, and so were the kids by the time we left.

It was a day well spent for sure!

We will definitely be back next year.

Cornbelly's was a success.

My mom came up the next with, with Eli and Lacey, and we were able to let the cousins play some more. 
And, I FINALLY learned to make "gramma jam!"  My kids are thrilled!

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