My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, October 31, 2016

cracking up

This is Molly.

And that is Molly's cute little bum.

She was watching Dora at the time, and had no idea her bum was in the wind.  It was hilarious!

There is a sweet story behind this picture though.

When I went over to Molly to pull her diaper up, I realized that her diaper was on backwards.

This is why.

I had gone to the store earlier that day.  Mary was home, and was playing with Molly, so I asked Mary if she would watch Molly for me while I grabbed some groceries.  Mary said she would.  Mary is a good girl.  I am blessed for sure.

When I got home, Molly was sitting at the table eating lunch that Mary had made for her.  She was clean as well. Mary had given her a bath, washed her hair (which is nothing short of wrestling a greased pig), put her diaper on,  dressed her, and was not feeding her! I did not ask her to do any of this.

Molly was clean, fed, and happy. 

We do not live a perfect life here in our house...and I will never pretend to do so.

But this moment...this was a moment of perfection. 

We do have those, and I cherish them.

It was a moment when I realized just how blessed I am to have my two girls. 
To have Mary, who was so thoughtful about me, and loving and nurturing toward Molly.  Who is willing to talk to me, share her feelings, her dreams, her fears, her stories.  Who is a friend.
To have Molly, who just being here on Earth in our family, is a miracle in and of itself, but to have her be so sweet, fun and lovable, is icing on the cake.

Thank you Mary....for just being you, and for reminding me that maybe, sometimes, in all of the hard work, worry, struggle, talking and lessons that we parents go through on a daily basis, good things are sinking in, and my children will spread good in the world.

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