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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

labor day

This Labor Day was awesome!!

It all started with a long run for me.

Fall running is my absolute favorite!  I love everything about it.  The crisp air, the gorgeous colors on the mountains and in town, the excitement in the air of change, just everything.

I filled up on zipfizz, blasted my jams, and headed out.  It was an awesome run up to midway, with views of fields, old barns, mountains, rivers, bridges, everything.  I pounded out 11.5 miles, and came home happy and refreshed.
sunrise over the valley, aaahhhhh, nothing like it.

When I got home, Ben headed out with a buddy to mountain bike for a while, and I stayed home with the kids.  We cleaned the house a little, and then played outside and enjoyed the beautiful fall day.

When Ben got home, we packed up some things, met up with the Sweats (Karli and her kids) and headed out to hike in the Uinta's. 

It was a beautiful hike!  The kids were happily playing with friends, Ben and I and Karli were able to hang out, and it was a pretty day. 
hiking up to Ruth Lake

BFF's for life


Sam and Blake, best buddies

Molly and Beckham...two peas in a pod

Mary and Bailey

um, yeah.

big buddy!

Luke and Boston

doing what they do best


We totally lucked out, and were able to find a spot away from the chaos of all of the other Labor Day hikers.  That is next to impossible here in the mountains, especially in Heber with Swiss Days going on as well.

The hike was great, and after we stopped at a little café in Kamas for some dinner.

When we got home, Karli invited the kids over for "kazookie."  Basically a giant cookie the size of the pan, smothered in ice cream, and candy.  Obviously, the kids loved it!
What a great Labor Day!  I smell a tradition forming...

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