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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

soccer mom, soccer mom, i am a soccer mom

Yes, there has been a serious lack of blogging on time.  Who am I kidding, there has been for months now.

I have a great excuse this time though...I reall do.

It is called soccer.

Sam had three pracices a week, and two games a week.  (5 days a week for Sam)

Mary had two practices a week, and two games a week. (4 days a week for Mary)

William had two games a week.  (2 days a week for William)

Add it all up...11 days of soccer in a week.  Makes sense??  Nope.  But you get the idea.

Fall season is over, and I am a terrible person.  I got one picture.  Yup, just one.  I know.  For real.

Sam's team after winning their final game of the season
The good news is that Sam and Mary play on the same teams, with the same league in the spring.  Technically, they are only half way through the season.  So, I have lots of time to post more pictures.

The bad news is that William is done, and I have no pictures. crap.

played rec soccer this year
His season was a little nuts. 
They played 9 vs. 9, and at his age, they still all clump around the ball.
Basically, it is 18 kids all running in a pack, trying to just get one good kick of the ball.

Poor William got realty frustrated.
He did have two great moments, when he finally just slide tackled the pack, took out a few kids, and actually kicked the ball.
Go William!!!

He also did get some great shots on the goal a few times too.

He is really good at soccer, but he is leaning toward flag football in the spring.  We will see.

Played Club soccer with STORM.
Traveled all over the valley for games.
His team was in complete chaos and disarray the first half of the fall.  They didn't even have a real time for a while.  Sam hated it and wanted to quit.  Now, he has a team, has legit coaches, and is doing great again.  I am so proud of him for sticking to it.  I am very excited to see what his team will do in the spring.

Played Club soccer with STORM.
Traveled all over for games also.
She is the new girl on a team that has played 3 years together.  She has worked her bum off trying to catch up and learn everything.  She is still slightly behind, but she plays the whole game, every game, and has had some great plays.  She is getting good really fast, and she is really enjoying the sport.  She has an awesome coach, and some good teammates.  Again, I am excited to see how they will do in the spring.

And that's a wrap folks.

I am all soccered out at the moment.  See ya in the spring.

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