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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

the week that kept on giving

So, the day after we discovered Molly had strep, which was just three days of her surgery, and one day after her visit to the pediatrician and the ER, I got a call from Mary's tumbling coach.

She thought Mary may have just broken her arm.

At the time I got the call, I was holding a crying Molly, who was in pain, and I was still worried sick about her.  We had just been through such a terrible past few days already, I almost laughed actually.  Is that crazy or what!  I actually almost laughed, it was just so unbelievable.

I didn't laugh though.  Good Becky.  Good crazy momma.

Instead, I loaded up the kids, and drove to the gym, praying that Mary would be ok.

When I got there, Mary seemed ok.  She was hurting, but I could tell immediately, that her arm wasn't broken.  Her wrist actually.

It was bad enough though, that we just kept the co-pays going, and went to the orthopedic surgeon the next day.

Mary has a torn tendon in her wrist and a possible stress fracture.
A broken bone would have been better, and easier to heal.  Go figure.

Mary is in a splint/brace for the next three months.  After that, she can try to tumble, with a different kind of brace for another few months.

The killer, is that in three months...she will be competing.  ARGH!

We are just hoping that she can work on her form on the trampoline (for floor), and keep working on the double mini.  Then, when she does get back on the floor, it will just be a matter of building strength.

We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Good grief!

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