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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, March 5, 2016

why, just why?

I walked into Walmart yesterday, for my usual Friday shopping trip, and there it was.
The thing every mom with small children shrinks away from in fear the second it is spotted. The evil invention of someone with no children, and no common sense decided to curse us all with. 
 The ultimate tool to make shopping as miserable and awkward as possible.
The big, beastly, heavy, impossible to turn, mile long, heavier logically possible "bus cart."
If satan invented a shopping cart.....
They come in many miserable, impossibly long shapes and sizes.
I want to cry for this lady.

for real!?!

I will give $100 to the person who finds one with both steering wheels in place, wheels that actually turn, and no pee stains by the foot rest.  This one is a winner every time.
No matter how hard I tried to cleverly place myself between the massive cart and Luke's line of vision, there was no hope.  He saw the stupid thing, and it was over.  Completely over.
I literally had to throw food over their heads just to get it in the cart.  Look how long that thing is!

The best part about pushing that massive beast of metal and plastic germ infested joke on wheels was the fact that Molly hated it, and Luke did anything but sit in it.

Why yes Luke, I am pushing this miserable contraption around, just so you can have a playground on wheels.  Geesh!

I gave them donuts in hopes of them sitting still, and Molly not crying.  That just opened up an entirely new chocolately mess of fun.


I think I knocked over 4 displays, blocked two isles at once, got either looks of pity or looks of anger, dropped Luke a few times, and probably ran over a small child or two during my fun shopping experience.

Needless to say, our Friday shopping was a disaster.

Thank you to hell on wheels.


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