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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, March 14, 2016

room re-do/re-do

The boys room has been a work in progress since, well, since we moved in.

Let's be honest.  It has actually been a work in non-progress.

I tried to make a really cool dinosaur themed room a couple years ago, but it was a no go.

Ever since then, the room has just kind of been "a work in progress," but not really.

Last month, I finally ordered some beds for the boys, made a plan, and am really excited for their room make-over!

It took me two days to turn this...
this is only half of it.

into this.
that is Luke's little bed we made on the floor.  He wanted in on the bed action too!  Ironically, he has yet to sleep in it.

It was hard work (especially with 6 kids in the house), but Sam and William absolutely LOVE their new beds.  Their mattresses are too small to cover the entire bed, so we decided to make part of the bed a storage shelf for their books, their cool lamps (coming soon), and storage for the lizard tank.

Now that the beds are done, I am starting on the really cool shelving I am making, and my dad will be coming to help with the walls, and other stuff I have in mind. 

This room is going to be amazing!!  I am so excited to post the finished product.

Coming soon....


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